Wanderer in the Binding Night

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Wanderer in the Binding Night
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Bonus 3.1.200.png

Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Reward Character Nona (Another Style), Noahxis (Another Style)
Dungeon Mysterious Vortex - Warped Cochlea
New Mechanic Tactical Battle
Release Date Jul 14, 2023
Japanese Name 彷徨える少女と白夜の綴糸


A cyclical story that began from a single whirl
has become a tempest that threatens all.
What awaits beyond the recurrent spacetime is
a future desperately seeking to return to the past.
And the true form of the White Night―
At this end of this winding, twisted path,
a choice, a promise, and a wanderer.

Quest Line

Chapter 1 page to edit
Shot Down
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Bonus 3.1.200.png
Suggested Level 80; See Difficulty Setting
Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Gem.png x204 q.png
Nona VC Lv3
Release Date July 14, 2023


Aldo and friends seek a way into Cochlea,
the center of the giant time vortex.
A new lead appears before them.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Chase after Sesta. Arat: Maze Village Battle with Lv?? Porcelain Guardian
Proceed into the vortex. Arat: Maze Village -
Reach the vortex depths. Dimensional Vortex Depths -
Investigate the Chaos-shrouded Cochlea Castle. Warped Cochlea -
Follow Nona deeper into Cochlea Castle. Warped Cochlea - 5F West -
Investigate the castle more. Warped Cochlea - 5F Use the gravity controller in SE of Warped Cochlea - 5F to proceed
Follow the Queen, who has become the Vessel of Chaos. Warped Cochlea - 4F East -
Await the Vessel Queen in the barrier control room. Warped Cochlea - 2F Ladder can be found in Food Storage on 3F West
Ladder can be used in Hall on 2F East
T3 Power of Gale grasta is behind horror 2F East
Order your thoughts. Warped Cochlea - 1F AnnexT3 Darkshade Grasta can be found near horror on 1F Annex
Face off against the Vessel Queen. Warped Cochlea - 1F Activate elevator on 1F for quick travel to 4F & 5F
Find the Queen in the deepest Chaos. Warped Cochlea - Garden You won't be able to switch maps for a while. Battle with Vessel of Chaos
Warped Cochlea & Dimensional Vortex Depths will be removed from the map and become inaccessible. Will not be in the record room at this time.
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Faceless Parents
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Bonus 3.1.200.png
Suggested Level 80; See Difficulty Setting
  • You must clear Shot Down
  • App must be updated to version 3.1.200.
Start Location Cochlea Castle Town
Gem.png x204 q.png
Release Date July 14, 2023


Cannonfire rains on Cochlea.
An unfamiliar battleship has appeared.
Aldo rushes to stop the bombardment.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Cross the sea towards the battleship. Cochlea Castle Town -
Chase the man in protective gear. The Sanctuary - Hallway 1-
Head toward Biosciences. The Sanctuary - Biosciences -
Assault the cannons' fire control room. The Sanctuary - Biosciences -
Converse with the research chief via broadcast. The Sanctuary - Fire Control -
Escape the broadcast room. The Sanctuary - Boardcast You will be unable to switch maps for a while; Minigame need to be completed to get to next point
Head to Medical. The Sanctuary - Hallway 2 -
Head for a storeroom. The Sanctuary - Shelter Play the minigame again. Can get Butchery Badge, Unlife Badge, & Heavy Duty Badge
Get through the civilian shelter. The Sanctuary - Shelter
Breach the security room. The Sanctuary - Shelter Battle with Agateram; Play the minigame again.
Prepare to talk to Crete. The Sanctuary - Hallway 3 Choose "Wear the protective suit". If you choose the other option, you will see Bad End
Talk to Crete in the lab. The Sanctuary - R&D In R&D, there is a switch to unlock the evaculation tunnel
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The Final Promise
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Bonus 3.1.200.png
Suggested Level 80; See Difficulty Setting
Start Location The Sanctuary
Gem.png x204 q.png
Release Date July 14, 2023


A dimensional tear rips apart the Sanctuary. A voice is audible from the other side...


Quest Step Destination Notes
Proceed beyond the White Night Cocoon. White Night Cocoon - Layer 1 Battle with Fallen Knight, Fallen Guard, & Fallen Dragon
Proceed beyond the closed wall. White Night Cocoon - Layer 3 -
Think of how to proceed. White Night Cocoon - Layer 2 -
Challenge the Cocoon's rejections. White Night Cocoon - Layer 2 Tactical Battle minigame. Miyu will give a tutorial. 3 Teams
Proceed into the White Night Cocoon. White Night Cocoon - Layer 3 -
Proceed deeper into the White Night Cocoon. White Night Cocoon - Layer 5 -
Follow the Needle Path. White Night Cocoon - Needle Path Tactical Battle minigame. 4 Teams
Find the White Night Time Layer's observer. White Night Cocoon - Rejection -
Find the mechanism on the Pin Path. White Night Cocoon - Sewing Room Tactical Battle minigame. 4 Teams
Reach the White Night Time Layer's observer. White Night Cocoon - Resonance Battle with Lv?? >>spoiler<<Bound Goddess Nona
Obtain key item Thread Scrap
Another Dungeon: Warped Cochlea has been unlocked
Warped Cochlea has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
Dimensional Vortex Depths can be accessed by going to Warped Cochlea and going back
The Sanctuary has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
White Night Cocoon has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
Nona leaves the party
You will not be able to use the playback machine at Arat: Maze Village Relic Stockyard or start the True Endings of prior Apocrypha without Nona
True Ending
What is this thread? Aldo's Bedroom Have Aldo as a frontline party member in the active party and select the purple question icon. Afterwards, click the small white glow on Aldo
Follow the thread? Mayor's House -
Follow the thread! Moonlight Forest Heart -
Follow the thread and recall!  ??? -
Nona rejoins the party. Unlock Nona (Another Style)
Battle for the Cocoon 1 has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
Battle for the Cocoon 2 has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
Battle for the Cocoon 3 has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room
A Cardinal Flower page to edit
A Cardinal Flower
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Cochlea Castle Town
Release Date July 14, 2023


Nona invites Aldo to visit her home, Cochlea, But they find something unthinkable while exploring.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Let Nona show you around Cochlea. Cochlea Castle Town -
Look for shredded thread in Cochlea Castle Town. Cochlea Castle Town Watch two cutscenes
Return to Cochlea Castle. Cochlea Kingdom 1F -
Jump into the dimensional rift. Cochlea Kingdom - Nona's Room Battle with Lv110 Time Anti-Spiral
Witness the end in the castle garden. Cochlea Kingdom - Garden East -
Talk to the queen after quest competition Cochlea Kingdom - Throne Room Witness a special cutscene
Interacting with purple glow in Nona's Bedroom will allow you to fight the Original Time Anti-Spiral to get Nona (Another Style) VC Grasta
Blackbird page to edit
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Gem.png x1004 q.png
Release Date July 14, 2023


Noahxis is lost in thought in Arat. What truly lies at the end of his piercing, cold gaze?


Quest Step Destination Notes
Check around Arat Arat: Maze Village -
Check around Arat a little more. Arat: Maze Village - Relic Stockyard -
Make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Arat: Maze Village - Timetwisted Maze Entrance -
Collect everyone and share your decision. Arat: Maze Village Battle Lv140 SD-148
Interacting with purple glow next to Some Guy will allow you to fight the Original SD-148 to get Ability orb undividable.png Almighty Power (Avenger)
Edge of the Vortex page to edit
Edge of the Vortex
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Edge of the Vortex 3.2.100.png
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Gem.png x504 q.png
Noahxis AS VC Lv3
Release Date Sept 15, 2023


An attacker, a cut-off signal, the memory of a face. In the midst of chaos, Noahxis looks for a glimmer of light.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Look for Noahxis Arat: Maze Village Noahxis will leave the party.
Head to the memory device Arat: Maze Village Relic Stockyard -
Listen to Noahxis's message Arat: Maze Village Relic Stockyard Your movement freedom will be restricted for a while
Analyze the situation Time Laboratory - Observation You will control Noahxis only. Map access is disabled.
Look for a way back to Arat Time Laboratory - Observation -
Follow the other Garnet Time Laboratory -
Check in on the village Arat: Maze Village You will regain use of Aldo and party. Map access is still disabled.
Fight to protect Arat Arat: Maze Village You regain movement freedom. Map access is enabled.
Noahxis rejoins the party
Unlocked Noahxis (Another Style)
Time Laboratory has been added to Spacetime Rift Records Room (038)
Get Noahxis's Personal Armor Time Laboratory - Medical Using the Records Room, go to the Medical room and select the purple glow on the bed
Interacting with purple glow where Noahxis (Another Style) was standing will allow you to fight the Warped Final Calamity to get Noahxis (Another Style)'s True VC Grasta
Tactical Battle page to edit

Tactical Battle[edit]

In Tactical Battle, form 3-4 parties to do battle with many enemies. When you start a Tactical Battle, the Organize Party screen will open. Here you can choose characters to participate in the battle. Certain characters are Required Characters, and must be fielded. If you have not encountered any of the required characters, they will appear as Guest Characters. When a Tactical Battle ends, Guest Characters will leave your party.

Difficulty Setting is applied here, but there are no rewards for completing it at a higher difficulty level.

Battle Flow[edit]

A Tactical Battle has Win Conditions and Lose Conditions. When either set of conditions is met, the Tactical Battle will end. The battle begins with the Ally Movement Phase. Once all allied units have made their moves and you initiate End Phase, the Enemy Movement Phase begins. When all enemies have made their moves, the phase ends. Tactical Battles proceed by alternating ally and enemy movement phases until win or lose conditions are met.


When you initiate an attack, or when an enemy attracts, a battle begins. In Tactical Battle, the battle will end after 2 turns have passed. If both parties survive, the enemy unit will carry over HP damage, and enemies will begin the next battle with their HP reduced. If a party member is KO, they will be removed from the party after the battle.

First Strike[edit]

The side that initiate an attack gains a First Strike bonus. The unit that is the victim of a First Strike is Status Stun.png Stunned and cannot act for the 1st turn of the battle. Enemy can initiate First Strike too.

Unified Strike[edit]

If you initiate an attack and there are other allied parties within attack range of the target, a Unified Strike will begin. During a Unified Strike, your party's stats will be buffed in battle. Enemy can initiate Unified Strike too.

Command Skills[edit]

There are special skills that can only be used during Tactical Battle. These command skills include HP Restore, stat boosts, and other useful effects. The command skills available to you will change based on the weapons types equipped by the characters in your parties.

Command skills have limited uses, and when a skill's uses reach 0, you cannot use that skill anymore. Each command skill has a fixed number of uses, but if several characters in a party can use the same skill, the skill will stack accordingly. Keep in mind that command skills buff and debuffs cannot be stacked with each other. If you have a stat boost command skill active and use a new buff-type command skill, the existing stat boost buff will be overwritten.


Certain specific characters can use Blitz abilities in Tactical Battle. Blitzes are more powerful than command skills, but can only be used when the Blitz Gauge is full. The Blitz Gauge fills at the start of the ally movement phase and when you defeat enemies in battle. Remember, Blitzes that give you buffs or apply debuffs will not stack with similar effects from command skills. If you have a Blitz buff active and gain a new buff effect, your current buff effect will be overwritten.

Life Points[edit]

Enemy units have stacks Skill stack power type4.png called Life Points (LP). If an enemy unit has 1 Skill stack power type4.png or more LP then when it total HP reaches 0, it will be healed to full and lose 1 Skill stack power type4.png LP. When an enemy unit with 0 LP is reduced to 0 HP, that unit will be destroyed. Enemy units can have up to 10 Skill stack power type4.png LP. You can confirm their remaining LP in the Status view or by checking their stats in the field.


To unlock a dialog, simply achieve or perform the unlock requirement. In the Menu, there is an option to rewatch unlocked dialogs.

During the story battle, in order the keep any dialog as unlocked, the relevant characters must still be alive when the battle is won. Unlocking a dialog and then having that character die will revert the dialog back into "??????" in the Menu. Take note that for 3rd battle, there are several dialogs that require 2 characters to be present at the same time; some require both to be in the same party, which others simply need both to be in the battle.

Once the main quest is concluded, all three Tactical Battles will be permanently replayable in the Records Room. It will be much easier to unlock dialogs in the Records Room because once you have it unlocked, simply use the "End Tactical Battle" option in the Menu - the dialog will stay unlocked.

(In the table below, to read the conversation, click on the dialog button to expand the section)

No Name Unlock Requirements Dialog
Tactical Battle Conversations
Battle for the Cocoon 1
001 A Debt to RepayObtained at the Start of Phase 1
  • Miyu: Don't push yourself too hard there, Orleya!
  • Orleya: I'll try, but this is one fight I don't want to lose.
  • Orleya: It was because of Nona I was able to see my grandpapa again!
  • Orleya: And that is a debt I intend to repay. In full!
  • Miyu: Well then, you have my full support!
002 Princess PowerObtained at the Start of Phase 2
  • Miyu: To think, one day an adventurer without a memory, and the next, you’re a queen!
  • Nona: I know right? Look at us, just a pair of queens! Though I found myself running out of castles more than staying in them!
  • Miyu: Castles are nice and all, but with so much to see in the world, how could you ever stay for long?
  • Nona: Exactly! Let me rephrase what I just said, we’re a pair of princesses on a mission!
  • Miyu: Indeed, remember the fun we had at the Thundering Fortress?
  • Nona: Do I ever. So, what do you say? Ready for one last mission?
003 Rejection SensitivityObtained at the Start of Phase 3
  • Orleya: (We’re on the same team, I much would like to get to know her better...)
  • Orleya: (“Let’s do our best, okay?” Yes, that’s it! That’s what I’ll say.) Excuse me?
  • Sesta: What does girl want?
  • Orleya: I... Let’s ffaahhh...
  • Nona: Orleya? You okay?
  • Sesta: You look as if you’ve fainted standing up!
004 The Biggest SisterWin a battle with Sesta
  • Nona: Sesta! You’re hurt!
  • Sesta: Sesta is big girl. This is nothing.
  • Nona: Even big girls feel pain!
  • Nona: Now, let me dress those wounds. Go on, show me.
  • Sesta: Sesta is grateful. Sesta may be big girl, but Nona is bigger.
005 A Howling RideUse Sesta's Blitz, Divine Wolf Roar
  • Sesta: Whew...
  • Miyu: I’ve never seen a wolf that big before!
  • Nona: Isn’t it just amazing?! Heh. You know, when people say nice things about Sesta, I can’t help but feel proud.
  • Miyu: It’s like something you’d see from a fairy tale. Do you think I could ride her?
  • Nona: Ride...her? I uh... Hmm... I’m sure you could catch a ride, but I’m not so sure it would be on her back.
  • Miyu: What do you mean? Where else would I... Oh.
006 Ride the LightningUse Orleya's and Miyu's Blitz, Ride the Lightning
  • Orleya: If we work together...
  • Miyu: There’s nothing we can’t do!
  • Miyu: Heh. We’re even finishing each other’s sentences.
  • Orleya: Now, let’s finish the fight!
007 Respect Well MetWin a battle with Orleya and Miyu
  • Miyu: I still can’t get over being able to fight along side you, Orleya.
  • Orleya: Don’t say that, Miyu! I’m just a normal person that happens to be your friend!
  • Miyu: While you are my friend, if little Miyu could see me fighting along side you, she would be quite jealous!
  • Orleya: Little Orleya would feel the same way, about you, I mean.
  • Orleya: That I finally found someone who I can fight side-by-side with on the battlefield.
008 Unsuspecting PowerUse Aldo's Blitz, Another Charge
  • Nona: I didn’t know it could do that! Ogre Rancorem is amazing!
  • Aldo: And then there’s you, who try and wake it up by tickling it, or shouting at it... You’re the amazing one, Nona.
  • Nona: Aw! You sure know how to make a girl blush, Aldo.
  • Aldo: That... wasn’t a compliment.
Battle for the Cocoon 2
001 Teacher to StudentObtained at the start of Phase 1
  • Nona: Thank you both for saving me! Really lucky to have you on my team.
  • Alma: I... Well you are my student so it’s only natural for a teacher to help her pupil, right?
  • Lele: Oh Alma stop bein’ so stuffy! She told me she really, really wanted to repay you for what you did for her!
  • Alma: Lele! I told you not to mention that!
  • Aldo: Heh, never change Alma. You’re just as dependable a friend as you are a teacher!
002 The Real WarObtained at the start of Phase 2
  • Claude: So this is the true battle to save Cochlea, it would seem.
  • Claude: As someone who has the weight of a kingdom on their shoulders, I know Nona’s plight as if it were my own.
  • Claude: So, as the King of Kelkale, and as your friend I shall give you my all!
003 Alma's WayObtained at the start of Phase 3
  • Alma: That Nona! I can’t believe she ran off and fought something this dangerous without me!
  • Alma: If it wasn’t for you all, everyone in the guild would have been lost, and Master’s soul gone for eternity...
  • Alma: So this time, I will lend my power to you. Time to repay what I owe you!
004 Calming AdviceWin a battle with Orleya
  • Orleya: No matter how many times I do it, I can never do away with my pre-battle nerves.
  • Claude: Nervous warriors are poor performing warriors! If you have the jitters, then I recommend Kelisthenics!
  • Orleya: What... is Kelisthenics? Does it help with getting nervous when talking to people?
  • Claude: Of course! It improves blood flow, which makes the body relax! Now just raise your hand and...
  • Aldo: Guys, can we save the exercise class for later?
005 Royal RequirementsWin a battle
  • Nona: Huff...huff...
  • Sesta: Sesta thinks Nona uses to much of her energy. Nona should not exert herself so much. It is dangerous.
  • Claude: One must be careful not to carry the weight of others when they are more than capable of sharing the load.
  • Claude: It is the duty of a leader to take the hands of those willing to lend them.
  • Nona: You’re right... Everyone is here because they want to help, after all!
  • Nona: You know, I think I’ve got my second wind! Come on, everyone let’s get out there and give it our all!
006 Double TroubleUse Alma and Lele's Blitz, Alchemy and Sorcery
  • Lele: Woohoo! I landed my special attack!
  • Alma: Heh, we’ll show em’ that when alchemy and sorcery work together, there’s nothing we can’t do!
  • Lele: Yeah! Next time I’ll go all KABLAMO! And then WAPOW! And blast them all to smithereens!
  • Alma: Hold your horses, Lele. We have to strike a perfect balance to make this work!
007 Fleeting ReunionsUse Claude's Blitz, Dragon Flag
  • Claude: Great Grandfather... I thank you for your support...
  • Claude: You give your power unto me with vigor in which I am eternally grateful for.
  • Claude: And as the once and future king, it would be disrespectful not to meet that vigor with haste!
008 Bonded BowUse Claude's Blitz, Duon Helios Replica
  • Nona: So what’s it like to wield this Duon Helios?
  • Claude: It’s not as powerful as the real thing, but it strangely feels right in my hand...
  • Nona: Well, it was made by your emotions, after all!
  • Claude: The original is my bond to my country, and this is my bond to you and our fellowship. I will use it well.
009 Promissio ArgentauriUse Alma's Blitz, Golden Memories
  • Alma: Was that... Father?
  • Alma: Or an illusion... Or perhaps something else?
  • Alma: Well, if you are here somehow, then let me show you the alchemist I’ve become!
010 A Morphing MarvelUse Sesta's Blitz, Divine Wolf Roar
  • Alma: I... can’t believe it. You can just... change your form whenever you like?
  • Alma: Well, I suppose if I concocted some kind of method of disassembling flesh on an atomic level and reassembling it...
  • Alma: But then what to do about the soul...
  • Sesta: If girl wants to know, Sesta can separate into tiny Sesta bits.
  • Alma: Sesta bits? Ah you know what, forget I asked! This is getting weird.
  • Lele: Oh, I know! Can ya transform into a kitty cat?
  • Alma: Lele, stop!
Battle for the Cocoon 3
001 All Together NowObtained at the Start of Phase 1
  • Nona: All these friends we’ve met during our adventure, Aldo. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Aldo: Every choice we made had meaning.
  • Nona: And I treasure them all.
  • Nona: Which is why I’ll fight to protect this world. All these memories, all our friends, everything in this White Night time layer!
  • Aldo: Me too, Nona. Me too.
002 Citizen NonaObtained at the Start of Phase 2
  • Tsukiha: Nona needs friends? Well she came to the right place.
  • Tsukiha: For her, you know I’ll do my best. Nona and Aldo are my citizens, after all!
  • Tsukiha: Now let’s clean up this mess and get back to Ro... Or Suzaku will kill me!
003 Finding Your NicheObtained at the Start of Phase 3
  • Mariel: I’ve come to realize that maybe I am not able to help in so many ways...
  • Mariel: But that doesn’t mean I have to give up.
  • Mariel: If I can be of help here, then I will follow my heart, and help in ways only I can!
004 Getting the NerveObtained at the Start of Phase 4
  • Yakumo: ......
  • Kumos: Why so grim, Yakster? Aren’t ya gonna do the ol’ Yakumo scream?
  • Kumos: Oh, I get it. You’re trying to act all cool and collected for the ladies! That’s it, isn’t it? Wow you are lame.
  • Yakumo: ...Shut up.
  • Kumos: I’ll be your wingman, so go ahead and give it a shot. If you don’t try at least you’re gonna end up like that loser boss of yours!
  • Yakumo: ...SHUT UP, DAMN IT!
005 Tsukiha Scout: OrleyaWin a battle with Tsukiha (Orleya must be present in the battle)
  • Tsukiha: Wow, you are good! You should become one of my citizens!
  • Orleya: ...M-Me? Your citizen?! I already...
  • Tsukiha: Don’t worry about all that! Everyone is welcome in my country! And besides, we need someone like you!
  • Orleya: I have a country, please don’t be so pushy!
  • Orleya: I do appreciate the compliments though... I could get used to that.
006 Tsukiha Scout: AlmaWin a battle with Tsukiha (Alma must be present in the battle)
  • Alma: Concoction complete! This is why you never give time to an alchemist!
  • Tsukiha: Oh wow, so that’s alchemy?! Hey, I know! You should become my citizen and teach my people alchemy!
  • Alma: It...It’s not that easy, you know! You can’t just sit someone down and be like “Okay, here’s alchemy!”
  • Tsukiha: Sure but what if I sat there and listened for a really long time? And it’s settled, congrats on becoming a citizen!
  • Alma: Hey! You can’t just hand out citizenship to people when they haven’t agreed to taking it!
  • Alma: ...I’ll think about it.
007 Tsukiha Scout: ClaudeWin a battle with Tsukiha (Claude must be in the same party)
  • Tsukiha: Well now that we’ve fought side by side, you’re officially a citizen of my kingdom!
  • Claude: Quite brave of you to ask a king that question. Besides, I was about to ask you to join my kingdom!
  • Tsukiha: Then how about we trade! I’ll join yours if you join mine!
  • Claude: That is... an interesting idea to say the least. Perhaps we should sit down and talk about this more after the battle is done.
  • Tsukiha: Okay! And until then, I’ll show you fight like you’ve never seen! You’ll make up your mind in no time!
008 An Impressive WomanWin a battle with Sesta
  • Sesta: ......
  • Yakumo: (Jeez... You’d think she’d be happy because we won. You can cut the tension with a knife over here.)
  • Yakumo: (Do I have to say something? I really don’t want to. Feels like a meeting where we’re all about to get chewed out.)
  • Sesta: Man has a problem?
  • Yakumo: I-I’m good...
  • Kumos: Aw Yakkety Sax, that all you gotta say to such a beautiful, yet extremely dangerous woman? Where’s your manners, man?
  • Kumos: Sorry Sesta sweety, my pops here has a case of the Yakumondays. To make it up to you, how about we go out for some drinko?
  • Yakumo: I hope she eats you.
009 A Perfect PairWin a battle with Yakumo (Orleya must be present in the battle)
  • Orleya: Whew... Glad that’s over...
  • Yakumo: ......
  • Orleya: Eep! Sorry! Did I bump into you?! Are you okay?!
  • Yakumo: I-It’s fine.
  • Orleya: (You know, I don’t feel much anxiety when I talk to him.)
  • Yakumo: (She’s the only one that doesn’t feel all threatening.)
010 Nona and KumosWin a battle with Nona
  • Kumos: Yo Nona! I hear we both were born the same way!
  • Nona: What? Ah, well I suppose we were both born due to the power of phantoms, so I guess you’re right?
  • Kumos: Then that makes us siblings, right? Come on big sis, bring it in!
  • Sesta: Nona is Sesta’s sister.
  • Kumos: Is that so?! I can tell by the murderous, stabby look your eyes that you’re serious.
  • Yakumo: Would it kill you to be serious for a change?
011 Piqued InterestWin a battle with Yakumo (Alma must be present in the battle)
  • Kumos: Hah! And take the trash out with ya!
  • Alma: What is this... A doll? Homunculus? Do you have a soul? I’m dying to know but I can’t just inspect you can I...
  • Yakumo: Who, Kumos? Inspect him, dissect him, do whatever you want.
  • Alma: I appreciate that, but don’t you care what happens to your child? What kind of parent are you anyway?
  • Yakumo: (Ugh. Why how is this on me all of a sudden?)
012 The Mark of a HeroWin a battle with Mariel (Orleya must be in the same party)
  • Orleya: That takes care of that!
  • Mariel: Wow, you truly live up what they say in the stories!
  • Orleya: You know, Miyu mentioned that as well, am I that famous?
  • Mariel: Absolutely! In fact, you’re even more heroic in person!
  • Orleya: Really? I still can’t believe it... Well, if I have a reputation to uphold, then uphold it I will, and then some!
013 Blinding LightWin a battle with Yakumo (Claude must be in the same party)
  • Claude: So you two know Aldo?
  • Yakumo: Huh? Uh...
  • Yakumo: (What is up with this guy? He’s dressed like money, but gives off this air of greatness, like he’s the company founder or something.)
  • Kumos: What’s the matter Yakumo, feeling small? Don’t forget, you’re the head of the Dust City Division!
  • Kumos: He’s a King, you’re the Chief, same deal. What do you say My Liege? We cool?
  • Claude: Indeed. Good to be fighting by your side. I’m Claude von Kelkale, the king of Kelkale!
  • Yakumo: (Kumos doesn’t let up huh, even in the face of a king. Can’t believe he was born from me.)
014 The Not ForgottenUse Mariel's Blitz, Pure Cradle
  • Mariel: Was that... Marie? Why is she... There’s no way she could be...
  • Tsukiha: She a friend of yours? I should make her a citizen!
  • Mariel: Who? Marie? Well, I guess...
  • Mariel: Heh. I mean I suppose at the end of the day she would have been happy for the invite!
  • Mariel: Marie, wherever you are, I hope you and the children are smiling.
015 Tsukiha and SuzakuUse Tsukiha's Blitz, Twin Flame Dance
  • Tsukiha: Suzaku! Nice of you to join me!
  • Tsukiha: Hey, where'd you go?
  • Tsukiha: You said we'd be together forever! Why'd you have to go and leave? When I find you, I'm gonna punch your lights out!
  • Tsukiha: So I better make sure I win this, so I can go back home and keep that promise!
016 Just a JobUse Yakumo's Blitz, No Tomorrow for You
  • Kumos: Hahaha! Boom, your dead! With all these bad guys around it feels wrong not to go a little crazy, right?
  • Yakumo: Hey stupid. Don't go too crazy, we got work tomorrow, remember?
  • Kumos: Hey, our friends called us here to fight, and if it makes us feel good to win, I consider that a bonus.
  • Yakumo: Friends? Those guys? Yeah, right...
  • Kumos: Get over yourself, Yakumo. You wouldn't be here if you didn't think somewhere in that cold dead heart of yours they were friends.
  • Yakumo: I'm throwing you in the trash when we're done, you know that right?
017 Spinning RejectionBeat Time Anti-Spiral
  • Sesta: Sesta sense a great strength in that monster. Like monster was given power from outside force...
  • Aldo: You mean the big spider?
  • Sesta: Monster did not send Nona any power when it was defeated. Maybe monster ran away...
  • Aldo: Doesn't matter. Let's press ahead.
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Cochlea Castle Town Seal[edit]

After completing Chapter 2, there is a sealed house in Cochlea Castle Town (next to the castle entrance) that you can unlock. If you are between the end of Chapter 3 and the True ending, you will not be able to attempt this.

  1. Go into Castle and up to the Cochlea Kingdom - Queen's Room and tap on the left bookcase.
  2. A conversation between Aldo and Nona about the Queen's favorite flower will take place.
  3. In Cochlea Castle Town, you can now rotate 5 pedestals that are scattered around the map. Match the direction with the corresponding icon on the seal.
  4. The seal will disappear once you have correctly rotated all 5.
  5. Inside the house, there is a chest with a Jadeite of Life.

Accessing Dimensional Vortex Depths after Chapter 1[edit]

Go to the Records Room at Spacetime Rift and go to 032: Warped Cochlea. Going back from this map will take you to Dimensional Vortex Depths, and not the Spacetime Rift.


HP tooltip
SPD Level
Affinities Locations
350100301.png Agateram  ?-320
The Sanctuary

HP tooltip
SPD Level
Affinities Locations
Bound Goddess Nona 196-352
Quest Boss
White Night Cocoon - Resonance
Fallen Dragon
White Night Cocoon
Fallen Knight
White Night Cocoon
Fallen Guard
White Night Cocoon
Darkfallen Unclean Serpent
White Night Cocoon

Weapons & Armor

Redbound Weapon Set[edit]

Name Stats Obtain / EffectsMaterials
211000571 ui.png
202000000 icon.png
175 - MAt
21 - Atk
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211010721 ui.png
202000001 icon.png
175 - Atk
21 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211020621 ui.png
202000002 icon.png
182 - Atk
30 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed (% per turn, max 10 stacks) (3%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211030561 ui.png
202000003 icon.png
189 - Atk
8 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211040591 ui.png
202000004 icon.png
175 - Atk
21 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211050571 ui.png
202000005 icon.png
158 - Atk
44 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211060551 ui.png
202000006 icon.png
176 - Atk
29 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)
211070681 ui.png
202000007 icon.png
158 - Atk
115 - MAt
60 - LVL
Crafted at the Blacksmith.
  • Redbound (+10)
    • Damage increased according to turns passed ([3% x turn], max: +30%)
    • Absorb inflicted damage (2%)


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Copper Rank Badge.pngMemories Shot DownClear the Episode Quest "Shot Down"Gem.png x10
Silver Rank Badge.pngEntrusted HopeClear the Episode Quest "Faceless Parents"Gem.png x10
Gold Rank Badge.pngThe Girl Who Became A GodClear the Episode Quest "The Final Promise"Gem.png x50
Gold Rank Badge.pngThe Outstretched HandReunite with NonaGem.png x50