Wanderer in the Binding Night/Edge of the Vortex

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Edge of the Vortex
Episode Wanderer in the Binding Night Edge of the Vortex 3.2.100.png
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Gem.png x504 q.png
Noahxis AS VC Lv3
Release Date Sept 15, 2023


An attacker, a cut-off signal, the memory of a face. In the midst of chaos, Noahxis looks for a glimmer of light.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Look for Noahxis Arat: Maze Village Noahxis will leave the party.
Head to the memory device Arat: Maze Village Relic Stockyard -
Listen to Noahxis's message Arat: Maze Village Relic Stockyard Your movement freedom will be restricted for a while
Analyze the situation Time Laboratory - Observation You will control Noahxis only. Map access is disabled.
Look for a way back to Arat Time Laboratory - Observation -
Follow the other Garnet Time Laboratory -
Check in on the village Arat: Maze Village You will regain use of Aldo and party. Map access is still disabled.
Fight to protect Arat Arat: Maze Village You regain movement freedom. Map access is enabled.
Noahxis rejoins the party
Unlocked Noahxis (Another Style)
Time Laboratory has been added to Spacetime Rift Records Room (038)
Get Noahxis's Personal Armor Time Laboratory - Medical Using the Records Room, go to the Medical room and select the purple glow on the bed
Interacting with purple glow where Noahxis (Another Style) was standing will allow you to fight the Warped Final Calamity to get Noahxis (Another Style)'s True VC Grasta