Tome Location List

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The following are locations of class tomes to upgrade characters to higher rarity.

Treatise, Codex, Opus List

Full List[edit]

Tome Characters Location(s)
Abyssal Devotee Tome
Adept Fencer Tome
Admiral Tome
Agent Tome
Aima-Arravones Tome
Alchemist Tome
Amazon Tome
Ameretat Tome
Angelic Record
Aqua Ruler Tome
Arc Knight Tome
Areth's Diamond Tome
Armiger Tome
Assassin's Fist Tome
Bard Tome
Battler Tome
Berserker Tome
Bishop Tome
Blacksmith Psalm
  • Heroes of Bygone Days and the Engraved Oath
Blazing Sword Record
Boyne Lord Tome
Brave Storm Psalm
Brawler Psalm
Brionac Tome
Carmilla Tome
Channeler Tome
Citrinitas Tome
Crimson Knight Tome
Dark Knight Tome
Demon Reaper Tome
Divinator Tome
Diviner Tome
Djinn Tome
Drago Mirage Tome
Dragon Bearer Psalms
Dragon Ruler Tome
Dragoon Tome
Druid Tome
Dual Persona Tome
Elementalist Tome
Elven Knight Tome
Empress Crowe Record
Empress Tome
Enma Tome
Era Blaster Tome
Eternal Swordsman Record
Flame Lord Tome
Flare Witch Psalms
Forerunner Tome
Galeforce Tome
Geomancer Tome
Golden Flower Cat Tome
Gratinel Psalm
Gray Hound Tome
Griffin Lance Tome
Grim Reaper Tome
Grimoire Tome
Hierophant Tome
Holy Sword Record
Hrungnir Tome
Indra Tome
Inspector Tome
Isaiah Tome
Judgment Tome
Juggernaut Tome
Kagutsuchi Tome
Kingpin Tome
Kommandeur Tome
Lapin Tome
Lazuli Medea Tome
Legendary Swordsman Record
Libero Tome
Libette Tome
Lila Blitz Tome
Lord of Spirits Record
Lovely Chef Tome
Magister Tome
Mal’akh Tome
Marksman Tome
Master Fencer Tome
Melodist Psalm
Mercenary Tome
Mighty Maiden Tome
Minstrel Tome
Monk Tome
Murasame Tome
Mystic Tome
Negotiator Tome
Nemesis Tome
Ninetails Fox Tome
Noble Maiden Psalm
  • Cat Shrine Main Building (x5)
  • Cat Shrine Underground (x5)
Octofighter Tome
Oracle Tome
Paladin Tome
Patriarch Tome
Phalanx Tome
Princess Psalm
Protector Tome
Rakshasa Tome
Rune Knight Tome
Sanctus Tome
Shadow Lord Tome
Sirenaria Tome
Skadi Tome
Slayer Tome
Sniper Tome
Soul Bringer Tome
Sovereign Psalm
Stormbreaker Tome
String Puller Tome
Sun Goddess Tome
Sword Master Tome
Thorny Woman Record
Titan Tome
Troubadour Tome
Utsutahime Tome
Vanguard Tome
Walkure Tome
Warlock Tome
Warrior Tome
Watatsumi Tome
White Knight Tome
Wizard Tome
Wu-Shu Tome
Xeno-Legion Psalm