Straw Dummy Cultivation

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Straw Dummy Cultivation is the system introduced in 2.2.1 with the release of 2.0 Goddess of Time - Volume 2 and is solely related to the Strawboy character obtained in Chapter 58.

What Does Cultivation Do?[edit]

Strawboy uses the "rebirth" mechanic, where the player can reset his stats and adjust his specializations for their team. To reincarnate Strawboy, he must be at least level 60. Reincarnating not only allows the player to change his specializations, but also increases his starting level (to a max of 60) to reduce the amount of grinding for subsequent reincarnations. Reincarnating Strawboy after he's reached level 80 increases his Guiding Light by 1, making him a Light battery for Another Dungeons that doesn't require a lot of Keys to max out.

How to start?[edit]

Through the events of Chapter 58 you will be tasked with collecting several items in order to grow your first Strawboy. This usually results in the Null-type Blunt Strawboy from using both Zami Water and Zami Soil, although this combination isn't specifically required to proceed. From then on you can level up your Strawboy and reset it at level 60-80 as you see fit (keeping in mind that level 80 gives +1 light), ideally reincarnating him at every element and role combination to fully unlock his Ability Board.

You perform reincarnation in the Straw Dummy Shell Palace by tapping on the flowerpot at the center of the place. You must have Strawboy at level 60 or higher, on top of a Vortex Turtle's Egg. The Egg can be obtained from fighting Vortex Turtles in the Sea Grotto.

Where's the Sea Grotto?[edit]

There is a door to the right of the counter of the Shell Palace. Enter it and you will also obtain the ability to quick-travel to the Sea Grotto. Travel further in and you'll reach the area where you can fight the two Vortex Turtles.

You'll also notice a number of frozen chests. These unlock as you reincarnate Strawboy in different class and element combinations. See the Additional Rewards section below for more details.

How Can This Affect Your Straw Child?[edit]

Strawboy has several different Classes, Skills, Elements, and Resistances that each of those classes could have. These are determined by the Soil, Seed, Water, and Fertilizer respectively that is used when it reincarnates. Only the Soil and Water items are required to reincarnate. Strawboy actually has 25 different forms to unlock in order to fully unlock its ability board as well as some rewards so it should be the primary objective to unlock each of these first.

Ingredient Water.pngZamiWater.pngGadaroWater.pngKuruchi CoveWater.pngDragon God's SwampWater.pngShip Graveyard
Soil.pngGadaro Null - SlashFire - SlashEarth - SlashWind - SlashWater - Slash
Soil.pngTalgana Mountain Trail Null - PiercingFire - PiercingEarth - PiercingWind - PiercingWater - Piercing
Soil.pngZami Null - BluntFire - BluntEarth - BluntWind - BluntWater - Blunt
Soil.pngFuneral Cavern Null - MagicFire - MagicEarth - MagicWind - MagicWater - Magic
Soil.pngHokishi Forest Null - HealerFire - HealerEarth - HealerWind - HealerWater - Healer

The fertilizer will alter the type of resistance obtained from Strawboy's Ability Board, while the seed can either give a stat bonus or an ailment/element resistance. The bonuses given by fertilizer and seed are removed on reincarnation, so it's best to not use them until you intend to field Strawboy in combat.

When you reincarnate, any equipment and Grastas equipped to Strawboy are removed.

Where Do You Find These Items?[edit]

Soil and water are found in blue sparkles in the world and have an extremely quick respawn time (~5 seconds). They are in specific locations and are marked with a hand icon on the minimap. If the hand icons do not appear, progress further in the story.

Soil locations:

  • Gadaro (east side, below the tavern)
  • Talgana Mountain Trail (next to the northernmost cat)
  • Zami (southeast corner)
  • Funeral Cavern (first dungeon map "Upper Level Entrance" - directly left of the entrance)
  • Hokishi Forest (west side)

Water locations:

  • Zami (beach in the northwest)
  • Gadaro (the well on the west side, directly west of the inn)
  • Kuruchi Cove (middle of the map)
  • Dragon God's Swamp (immediately left of the entrance)
  • Ship Graveyard (First map - from the entrance, go left then up)

Seeds and fertilizer can be purchased and obtained at the shop. With each reincarnation of Strawboy, you receive a Reincarnation Stamp, and the Straw Dummy manning the shop will award you with a free seed. As you reach more reincarnation milestones, the quality of your free seeds will improve, and the shop's stock can also expand to provide greater varieties of seeds and fertilizer. Some sidequests may also reward you with seeds that can't be found in the shop.

How Do You Track Which Class & Element Has Been Completed?[edit]

In the Sea Grotto, there are markers for each class. On each marker is the color symbol for each element reincarnated for that class. The color symbol of the corresponding element will light up if you have reincarnated Strawboy for the given combination.

Class Markers:

  • Magic Fist Marker (Top Right) - Magic (Funeral Cavern Soil)
  • Piercing Fists Marker (Middle Left) - Piercing (Talgana Mountain Trail Soil)
  • Living Fist Marker (Middle Right) - Healer (Hokishi Forest Soil)
  • Slashing Fists Marker (Bottom Left) - Slashing (Gadaro Soil)
  • Bashing Fists Marker (Bottom Right) - Blunt (Zami Soil)

Element Indicators:

  • Pale Blue / Gray (Top) - Null (Zami Water)
  • Green (Middle Left) - Wind (Dragon God's Swamp Water)
  • Yellow / Brown (Middle Right) - Earth (Kuruchi Cove Water)
  • Red (Bottom Left) - Fire (Gadaro Water)
  • Deep Blue (Bottom Right) - Water (Ship Graveyard Water)


Acquirable Fertilizer and Seeds[edit]

Purchaseable Cultivation Only
Fertilizer Seeds Seeds
Name Price Name Price
Poison Res. 50,000Gold.png Mystery Seed25,000Gold.pngBind Res.+40 Seed Earth Res.+20 Seed PWR+20 Seed
Stun Res. 50,000Gold.png Poison Res. +2025,000Gold.pngBind Res.+50 Seed Fire Res.+20 Seed PWR+25 Seed
Bind Res. 50,000Gold.png Stun Res. +2025,000Gold.pngConfusion Res.+40 SeedWater Res.+20 Seed PWR+30 Seed
Rage Res. 50,000Gold.png Bind Res. +2025,000Gold.pngConfusion Res.+50 SeedWind Res.+20 Seed PWR+40 Seed
Slash Res. 50,000Gold.png Rage Res. +2025,000Gold.pngDarkness Res.+40 Seed Physical Res.+20 SeedSPD+20 Seed
Piercing Res. 50,000Gold.png Slash Res. +1525,000Gold.pngDarkness Res.+50 Seed Type Res.+20 Seed SPD+25 Seed
Blunt Res. 50,000Gold.png Piercing Res. +1525,000Gold.pngPain Res.+40 Seed END+20 Seed SPD+30 Seed
Sleep Res. 50,000Gold.png Blunt Res. +1525,000Gold.pngPain Res.+50 Seed END+25 Seed SPD+40 Seed
Pain Res. 50,000Gold.png Sleep Res. +2025,000Gold.pngPoison Res.+40 Seed END+30 Seed SPR+20 Seed
Confusion Res. 50,000Gold.png Pain Res. +2025,000Gold.pngPoison Res.+50 Seed END+40 Seed SPR+25 Seed
Stone Res. 50,000Gold.png Confusion Res. +2025,000Gold.pngRage Res.+40 Seed INT+20 Seed SPR+30 Seed
Darkness Res. 50,000Gold.png Stone Res. +2025,000Gold.pngRage Res.+50 Seed INT+25 Seed SPR+40 Seed
Fire Res. 100,000Gold.pngDarkness Res. +2025,000Gold.pngSleep Res.+40 Seed INT+30 Seed   
Earth Res. 100,000Gold.pngFire Res. +1050,000Gold.pngSleep Res.+50 Seed INT+40 Seed   
Wind Res. 100,000Gold.pngEarth Res. +1050,000Gold.pngStatus Res.+20 Seed LCK+20 Seed   
Water Res. 100,000Gold.pngWind Res. +1050,000Gold.pngStone Res.+40 Seed LCK+25 Seed   
    Water Res. +1050,000Gold.pngStone Res.+50 Seed LCK+30 Seed   
    Slash Res. +3050,000Gold.pngStun Res.+40 Seed LCK+40 Seed   
    Piercing Res. +3050,000Gold.pngStun Res.+50 Seed      
    Blunt Res. +3050,000Gold.png       

Adjusted EXP Table[edit]

Strawboy requires half the EXP normal characters need. The table below is provided so that you can visually keep track of it since he increases his base level each reset. Once you reach level 60 on every reset you only need 37 High Class Scrolls, 6 Medium Class Scrolls, and 7 Low Class Scrolls to fully level Strawboy to Max level.

Level EXP needed to Level EXP needed to Max Level EXP needed to Level EXP needed to Max Level EXP needed to Level EXP needed to Max Level EXP needed to Level EXP needed to Max
1 1052824504521397982800579941210520258874996162888818231930
2 3552824494022444362796600142224426256769796265908517603042
3 7502824458523494302792156543238990254525536369038016943957
4 12902824383524547802787213544254216252135636472277316253577
5 19752824254525604872781735545270102249593476575626515530804
6 28052824057026665502775686846286648246892456679085514774539
7 37802823776527729692769031847303854244025976782654313983684
8 49002823398528797442761734948321721240987436886332913157141
9 61652822908529868752753760549340248237770226990121412293812
10 76232822292030944322745073050359534234367747094034011392598
11 932228215297311024832735629851379681230772407198085210452258
12 1126228205975321110292725381552400687226975597210227479471406
13 1344328194713331200692714278653422551222968727310660298448659
14 1586528181270341296032702271754445276218743217411106957382630
15 1852828165405351396322689311455468860214290457511567466271935
16 2143228146877361501562675348256493303209601857612041815115189
17 2457728125445371611732660332657518606204668827712530023911008
18 2796328100868381726852644215358544768199482767813032082658006
19 3159028072905391846922626946859571789194035087913547981354798
20 35516280413154019727726084776605997891883171980 - -

Recommended EXP Strategies[edit]

Equipping Strawboy with the following equipment can help to reduce the overall grind that is needed.

  • If you own a Stellar Awakened character with max Lv100, you can obtain the 2x EXP until Strawboy is Lv75.
    • If you own only 5★ character(s) at Lv80 as your highest character level, you can obtain the 2X EXP until Strawboy is Lv60 though it should be noted that after Strawboy has 60 Destiny ten item.png, this bonus will no longer apply as Strawboy reincarnates at Lv60.
Equipment EXP MOD Pro Cons
Weapons 202000006 icon.png
Daybreak Fists 30% Level 1 Equipment Real Money Cost
Apprentice's Fists 10% -
  • Level 31 Equipment
  • Auction House Minigame
Armor 216000003 icon.png
Catqueen's Chain 20%-35% Level 1 Equipment
Daybreak Necklace 30% Level 1 Equipment Real Money Cost
Badge 282000001 icon.png282000002 icon.png282000003 icon.png
EXP Badge 5-50% Can equip 2 at 120 Destiny ten item.png -
Grasta Ability orb.png
Self Improvement Grasta
with Dormant Ore
40% -
Self Improvement Grasta
with Individual EXP+ Ore
50% -

Post Main Story Chapter 104: Can run a single Phase Shift in Omegapolis (Another Dungeon) with increased enemies from Space Stabilizer++ and 4 runs in Toto Theater World (Another Dungeon) Magical Forest can raise Strawboy from Lv60 to Lv80

Additional Rewards[edit]

Each Class of Strawboy will also be able to unlock 5 chests for each combination of element(and null)+class (thus requiring all 25 to obtain all possible rewards). Your final reward for reincarnating in all elements in a single class is a Tier 3 Strawboy-exclusive Grasta.

The Straw Gloves can also be obtained by your first Healer class if you make a Healer before any Magic class. In this case the first Magic class you make will reward the Vortex Turtle Egg instead.

Slash Piercing Blunt Magic Healer
1 Element Vortex Turtle Egg Vortex Turtle Egg Vortex Turtle Egg 1. Straw Gloves >>> 2. Vortex Turtle Egg
2 Elements High Class Scroll x3High Class Scroll x5High Class Scroll x5High Class Scroll x5High Class Scroll x5
3 Elements 150,000 Gold.png150,000 Gold.png150,000 Gold.png150,000 Gold.png150,000 Gold.png
4 Elements High Class Scroll x5High Class Scroll x10High Class Scroll x10High Class Scroll x10High Class Scroll x10
5 Elements MP Consumption-Power of MindNormal Attack UpPower of Sorcery MindHealing Power

Once you have reincarnated Strawboy in each of the 25 attack type and element combinations, the back room of the Sea Grotto unlocks, allowing you to access Seed Cultivation. There, Mystery Seeds can be planted and to grow into seeds that you cannot obtain from the shop - usually high-stat ability seeds or high resistance seeds. It takes 30 minutes for a mystery seed to fully grow.


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Witness Reincarnate the Strawboy 5 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Observer Reincarnate the Strawboy 10 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Informant Reincarnate the Strawboy 15 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Student Reincarnate the Strawboy 20 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Specialist Reincarnate the Strawboy 25 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png Straw Dummy Walking Encyclopedia Reincarnate the Strawboy 30 times. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png The Snow Country Straw Dolly Become allies for the first time with the restore type straw dolly. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png The Low-Class Ninja Straw Dolly Become allies for the first time with the magic attack type straw dolly. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png The Brawny Straw Dolly Become allies for the first time with the blunt attack type straw dolly. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png The Piercing Attack Straw Dolly Become allies for the first time with the piercing attack type straw dolly. Gem.pngx10
Copper Rank Badge.png The Self-indulgent Straw Dolly Become allies for the first time with the slash attack type straw dolly. Gem.pngx10
Silver Rank Badge.png The Extreme North Straw Dolly Become allies with the straw dolly that has restore and all types. Gem.pngx20
Silver Rank Badge.png The High-Class Ninja Straw Dolly Become allies with the straw dolly that has magic attack and all types. Gem.pngx20
Silver Rank Badge.png The Hero Straw Dolly Become allies with the straw dolly that has blunt attack and all types. Gem.pngx20
Silver Rank Badge.png The Raging Straw Dolly Become allies with the straw dolly that has piercing attack and all types. Gem.pngx20
Silver Rank Badge.png The Liberated Straw Dolly Become allies with the straw dolly that has slash attack and all types. Gem.pngx20