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Badge Trading
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Badge Trading is a feature that became available in v1.2.5. This feature allows players to trade unused badges for various items.

This feature is permanently unlocked after obtaining 200 Badges and talking to the Odd Robot NPC found in an unmarked house in Nilva (above the Inn). After unlocking the feature, players trade in 10 automatically selected badges for a chance at various items. The system prioritizes badges with the least total stats, and if the badges have the same stats, the badge with the lower main stat will be prioritized. Any badge equipped on a character will be exempt from trading.

A second robot becomes available after obtaining 100 Ability (EXP increase, status resistance, etc.) Badges. The automatic selection of badges here prioritizes status resistance badges with the lowest resistance percentages first. These badges will be selected before any experience or Git increase badges are included, even if the experience or Git badges have a lower percentage than the status resistance badges. An exception to this includes badges that provide immunity to a status ailment, which are not selected until all other applicable badges have been traded.

Tip: To prevent the appearance of some badges like status resist badges that are always before EXP badges, equip them on your characters - equipped badges will not appear in list.

In V3.1.700, there some Quality of Life implementations.

  • Badges can be locked by accessing the Items -> Badges, to ensure that they are not given to the robots.
    • Many Guaranteed Badges have an auto lock that can't be disabled.
  • By default, there is a choice selection screen when giving badges to the robot, but you can use the Choice to use the old method of badge selection.

Drop Table

The following tables are lists of all items and the chance of obtaining them, sourced from the official Another Eden Ultimania book[1].

Job rank item.png Tomes and Scripts

Total: 10.6%

Item Chance
Job rank item.png Murmur Script 8%
Job rank item.png Prayer Script 2%
Job rank item.png Chant Script 0.5%
5 star Tome (1 of 10) 0.1%
Drops only first 10 VH Tomes
Chance to get particular Tome:
Job rank item.png Admiral Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Aqua Ruler Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Dragoon Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Geomancer Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Hierophant Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Kagutsuchi Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Minstrel Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Paladin Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Sun Goddess Tome 0.01%
Job rank item.png Titan Tome 0.01%
  1. Square Enix (2018). Another Eden World Ultimania. pp. 366.