Cradle of Time

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Aldo meets an eccentric researcher in
the Spacetime Rift who invites him
to a strange space called the Cradle of Time.

This sequestered spacetime is host
to an unusual young tree, and the researcher
wishes to observe it as it grows.

It will only take about... 20,000 years.

To help out, Aldo will use
the power of the Time Stone to leap
through time and observe the tree.


This mechanic was added in Another Eden in 3.1.700 version. Chapter 25 of the Main Story (Part 1) must be cleared.

This minigame functions like a roll-and-move board game. Your goal is to get to the end of the third board to get the tree to fully grow, but the Time Stone only allows you to advance one to five spaces, randomly determined. You can only roll the Time Stone 10 times before you are forced to reset. At the start of each map, you get to pick between the upper or lower track of spaces after your first roll. There are also undiscovered spaces indicated with a ? — landing on them will reveal what they are, and they will remain revealed in future runs.

Different spaces that you land on have different effects.

  • CradleUnknown.png Unknown, land on it to reveal its type.
  • CradleEvent.png Triggers a random event.
  • CradleHeart.png Restores the Tree's condition one stage.
  • CradleBlueClock.png Advance 1-3 spaces. Does not trigger the space you get advanced to.
  • CradleRedClock.png Go back 1-2 spaces. Does not trigger the space you land on.
  • CradleGrayClock.png Lets you continue without depleting a Time Stone use.
  • CradleItem.png Gain a random gimmick item.
  • CradleTear.png Gain 1-4 Arboreal Tears once per day.
  • CradleChest.png Obtain 30 Fragments of Attack, Life or Support, 10,000Gold.png, High Class Scrolls once per day.
  • CradleMonster.png Trigger a monster attack that reduces the Tree's condition one or two stages.
  • CradleRift.png Transports you into a track of spaces that aren't normally accessible.
  • CradleSpiral.png Advance to the next map. Stops your advancement, but doesn't deplete a Time Stone use. Get 10 Arboreal Tears once per day.
  • CradleFlag.png The 20,000 years point.

Note that only the first landing of the turn activates the space effect, e.g. if you land on a Blue clock space and it pushes you onto a Monster space, the latter won't activate.

Advancing to each subsequent map for the first time each day earns you 10 Arboreal Tears. All Arboreal Tears and Treasure Chest spaces are one-use but will restock on each new day. For a total of 20 Arboreal Tears per day, not counting teardrops spaces.

Reaching the 20,000 years point for the first time gives a one-time reward only.

Gimmick items are used to help you advance the board, but also cannot be preserved between runs.

  • 565000310.png Pendulum of Deferral: Use before rolling. Adds 2 to the roll result.
  • 565000311.png Needle of Punctuality: Use before rolling. Lets you determine the roll result.
  • 565000312.png Dove of Purgation: Negates the next monster attack. Is used automatically.
  • 565000313.png Compass Hand: Lets you embark on the central time path, which is shorter but cannot be accessed normally.

You can use Pendulum of Deferral and Needle of Punctuality in the same turn. You can't use any of them twice in the same turn.

Random Events[edit]

There are a total of 4 random events.

Feel a Presence[edit]

You feel a presence. You can follow it, or ignore it. Following it leads to one of the possible outcomes: it was a cat (gain a random item), a monster (tree's condition worsens, or uses up Dove of Purgation), or it was your imagination (no effect).

Time Stone is Reacting[edit]

Time Stone is reacting to something. You can touch it or ignore it. Touching it advances time forward or backwards.

Collectioner Visit[edit]

A Collectioner visits you and and gives you a gimmick item of your choice.

Fortune Teller Visit[edit]

A Fortune Teller visits you and tells you what your next roll will be. You can attempt to change it, but if you fail, there is a chance of time moving backwards. Next roll will stay the same in that case.

The chances to change the next roll are as follows:

  • Change to 1 - 90%
  • Change to 2 - 80%
  • Change to 3 - 70%
  • Change to 4 - 60%
  • Change to 5 - 50%

Note: the current number will receive 100% chance instead.

You can still modify the distance you will travel using Pendulum of Deferral and/or Needle of Punctuality. Considering the chance of moving back in time in case of failure, using Needle of Punctuality may be a safer option than trying to change your next roll with Fortune Teller's help.


Early (0-6,400)[edit]

  • CradleBlueClock.pngCradleChest.pngCradleTear.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleItem.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleTear.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleItem.pngCradleSpiral.png (16 spaces)
  • CradleItem.pngCradleTear.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleItem.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleTear.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleChest.pngCradleSpiral.png (16 spaces)

Mid (6,400-13,200)[edit]

  • CradleRift.pngCradleItem.pngCradleHeart.pngCradleChest.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleTear.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleChest.pngCradleSpiral.png (17 spaces)
  • CradleTear.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleItem.pngCradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleChest.pngCradleTear.pngCradleSpiral.png (14 spaces)
  • CradleBlueClock.pngCradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleSpiral.png (17 spaces)

Another Spacetime[edit]

Landing on the Rift space on the upper path sends you to another map, which is shorter. If you complete it, you reach Late map. Note that landing on the Rift space consumes the Time Stone use.

  • CradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleItem.pngCradleSpiral.png (11 spaces)

Late (13,200-20,000)[edit]

  • CradleChest.pngCradleItem.pngCradleTear.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleHeart.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleChest.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleFlag.png (17 spaces)
  • CradleItem.pngCradleTear.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleChest.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleChest.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleFlag.png (14 spaces)
  • CradleTear.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleChest.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleItem.pngCradleGrayClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleEvent.pngCradleBlueClock.pngCradleRedClock.pngCradleItem.pngCradleMonster.pngCradleTear.pngCradleChest.pngCradleFlag.png (17 spaces)

Map Analysis[edit]

The following table shows the amount of each type of spaces per path.

Path CradleEvent.png CradleHeart.png CradleBlueClock.png CradleRedClock.png CradleGrayClock.png CradleItem.png CradleTear.png CradleChest.png CradleMonster.png CradleRift.png
Upper 2 0 1 1 1 4 2 2 2 0
Lower 2 0 1 1 1 4 2 2 2 0
Upper 2 1 1 1 0 4 2 2 2 1
Middle 2 0 1 0 1 3 2 2 2 0
Lower 2 0 2 1 1 4 2 2 2 0
Another Spacetime 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 6 0
Upper 2 1 2 1 1 3 2 2 2 0
Middle 2 0 1 0 1 3 2 2 2 0
Lower 2 0 2 1 1 4 2 2 2 0

Map Designs[edit]

Choosing different time paths not only affects gameplay, but also changes the area in which the tree grows. The further you get on the path, the more elements from respective area will appear in surroundings.
Reaching new map resets the surroundings, and using up time stone charges or re-entering the area them together with the tree.

Paths and their respective areas:

  • Early, upper path - Ratle
  • Early, lower path - Derismo Highroad
  • Mid, upper path - Baruoki
    • Another spacetime - doesn't change, the sky turns dark blue
  • Mid, middle path - Zarbo
  • Mid, lower path - several biomes (e.g. Charol Plains, Forest of Forgetfulness/Rippling Forest, Karek Swampland)
  • Late, middle path - Unigan
  • Late, lower path - Rinde

Rewards and Awards[edit]

For reaching 20,000 years point for the first time, you'll receive a Norm. Att.+30% Badge. After that there won't be any rewards for reaching 20,000 years. The goal after first finish is to collect 1000 Arboreal Tears from CradleSpiral.png and CradleTear.png spaces, that reset daily, to receive all listed next rewards.

Requirement Reward
Arboreal Tear Rewards
Gather 5Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x40
Gather 10Job rank item.png Prayer Script x3
Gather 20Destiny mei item.png (Bow) x1
Gather 25Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x40
Gather 30Gold.png x10000
Gather 40Destiny ten item.png (Lance) x1
Gather 45Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x40
Gather 50Exp item.png High Class Scroll x5
Gather 60Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x40
Gather 70Destiny mei item.png (Staff) x1
Gather 80Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x
Gather 90Gold.png x10000
Gather 100Destiny ten item.png (Staff) x1
Gather 110Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x40
Gather 120Ability orb 3.png Jadeite of Life x1
Gather 130Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x40
Gather 140Gold.png x10000
Gather 160Destiny ten item.png (Ax) x1
Gather 180Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x40
Gather 200Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x40
Gather 220Destiny mei item.png (Sword) x1
Gather 240Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x80
Gather 260Gold.png x20000
Gather 280Destiny ten item.png (Hammer) x1
Gather 300Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x80
Gather 320Ability orb 3.png Jadeite of Support x1
Gather 340Gold.png x20000
Gather 360Destiny mei item.png (Staff) x1
Gather 380Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x80
Gather 400Destiny ten item.png (Sword) x1
Gather 400Destiny ten item.png (Lance) x1
Gather 400Destiny ten item.png (Staff) x1
Gather 400Destiny mei item.png (Katana) x1
Gather 400Destiny mei item.png (Bow) x1
Gather 400Destiny mei item.png (Fists) x1
Gather 420Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x120
Gather 440Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x120
Gather 460Destiny ten item.png (Katana) x2
Gather 480Gold.png x30000
Gather 500Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x120
Gather 520Ability orb 3.png Jadeite of Attack x1
Gather 540Gold.png x30000
Gather 560Destiny mei item.png (Lance) x2
Gather 580Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x120
Gather 600Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x120
Gather 620Exp item.png High Class Scroll x10
Gather 640Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x120
Gather 660Destiny ten item.png (Bow) x2
Gather 680Gold.png x30000
Gather 700Job rank item.png Chant Script x1
Gather 720Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x160
Gather 740Gold.png x40000
Gather 760Destiny mei item.png (Ax) x2
Gather 780Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x160
Gather 800Job rank item.png Prayer Script x15
Gather 820Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x160
Gather 840Destiny ten item.png (Fists) x2
Gather 860Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack x160
Gather 880Exp item.png High Class Scroll x20
Gather 900Gold.png x40000
Gather 920Destiny mei item.png (Hammer) x2
Gather 940Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life x160
Gather 960Job rank item.png Prayer Script x15
Gather 980Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support x160
Gather 1,000Destiny ten item.png (Sword) x1
Gather 1,000Destiny ten item.png (Ax) x1
Gather 1,000Destiny ten item.png (Hammer) x1
Gather 1,000Destiny mei item.png (Sword) x1
Gather 1,000Destiny mei item.png (Katana) x1
Gather 1,000Destiny mei item.png (Fists) x1