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Timetwisted Maze[edit]


The Timetwisted Maze is an area and a new mode presented in game update Ver. 2.13.100. It is unlocked by starting Apocrypha: Wanderer in the Vortex, shortly after arriving in Arat: Maze Village.

The Maze is a unique roguelike game mode, where your delving party consists of 4 characters from your roster, divided into new #Character Types, and you have to complete 20 randomly-generated floors. Very little is saved from maze runs - every new run starts you with the party at level 1, with no equipment, and with the same starting inventory. #Gimmick Items and runes skills found in the Maze will not carry over into subsequent maze runs. A few #Mechanics such as #Charms and #Saving a Rune can be used to make subsequent maze runs easier.

This minigame mode is fully divided from the main game. The only rewards that carry over to the main game are #OOPArts - randomly generated Weapons and Armor. Excess OOPArts can be sold for Dig Medals that can be used to purchase items from the (non-restocking) Dig Medal merchant. Of note is that he has 3 Chant Scripts and 20 each of Red and Green Keys in stock.


  • Unlike Another Dungeons, you do not need to spend Key Cards to play the Timetwisted Maze.
  • Another Dungeon Insurance from subscription will not apply.
  • If your party is wiped out within the Maze, you will lose all OOPArts that you've collected. If you saved a Rune at any earlier point in the run, you still retain that rune.
  • By defeating bosses, you gain access to chests that contain main prize - OOPArts. Bring them out of the Maze and have them Appraised to convert them into equipment that you can use in your normal adventure.
  • Equipment gained from OOPArts may have different stats and effects despite having the same names.
  • Maze rewards and exchanges:
    • You receive three OOPArts after defeating each boss in the Maze. OOPArts can be Appraised to convert them into equipment. Unwanted equipment can be sold for Dig Medals.
      • Dig Medals can be exchanged for high-rarity OOPArts from Klein, or be exchanged for other items at the Dig Medal merchant at the top-right corner of the Village. The Dig Medal merchant will not restock his items.
    • Time Coins are earned from Escaping the Maze, and how much you earn depends on which floor you're leaving from.
      • Time Coins are primarily exchanged for #Charms at the merchants at the Maze entrance.
      • Time Coins can also be exchanged for Dig Medals with the Dig Medal merchant, with an exchange rate of 1 Dig Medal for 200 Coins.

Character Type[edit]

First thing player is asked to do is to select team of 4 characters to explore the maze. All characters in the player's roster are divided into 5 archetypes:

  • SUP - support type, fastest speed, the only type that can deploy Zones. Class specific heals and buffs of party stats with higher numbers than other classes able to. Class specific single target magic attacks that apply break or buff party critical rate.
  • TEC - technician type, another fast support type. Class specific physical single target attacks to apply resist debuffs, poison and pain on enemy and buff party stats.
  • ATK - attacker type with middle speed. Main damage dealer type, with class specific physical single target attacks with additional conditional damage multipliers. Can deal from x1.3 to x2 more damage than other classes with attack skills.
  • DEF - defence type with slow speed. Class specific skills are resist buffs and physical attacks on all enemies with stat debuffs.
  • MAG - magic type with slow speed, Class specific elemental magic attacks on all enemies, only type that does elemental damage.

Your characters cannot use their usual skills in the Maze. Instead, their skills are determined by the Maze Runes that you equip to them. Some Runes are only exclusive to a character archetype. Each character starts with 2 Skill Rune slots and 2 Passive Rune slots. Additional Skill Rune slots are unlocked at levels 25 and 50, while additional Passive Rune slots are unlocked at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40.

Other things to note about characters:

  • Once you've decided on a party for a Maze run, you cannot change the characters in that party until you complete that run by Escaping from the Maze, defeating the 20F boss, or getting wiped out.
  • Each unit's VC and stat growth is tied to their type and weapon class. For instance, Staff SUP characters have better heals but weaker physical damage than Hammer SUP characters.
  • Characters start each run from level 1 (5 or 10 with #Charms equipped) and max level is 80.
  • Equipment, Grasta, Light/Shadow bonuses, Lunatic abilities, or the characters' maingame passives, will not apply in a Maze run.

Unique character choices:


Before starting a run, you can equip up to 3 Charms to enjoy permanent buffs for your run. This includes increasing starting levels, party damage, experience and flares that drop from enemies etc. You cannot use two charms of the same type at the same time. You cannot switch Charms while a Maze Run is active.

Charms are sold for Time Coins by 3 NPCs just outside of Maze enter Vortex. Each next shop with better charms is only unlocked when the previous shop has 3 or less charms left.

You need a total of 1300 Time Coins to buy out the first merchant.

Charm Effect Cost
Champion's Charm I PWR +10% 100
Sage's Charm I INT +10% 100
Null Charm I Null Phys Atk +10% 100
Elemental Charm I Type Atk +10% 100
Durability Charm I Phys Res +10% 100
Protection Charm I Type Res +10% 100
Fleet Charm I SPD +10 100
Growth Charm I XP +10% 300
Riches Charm I Arcana Flares +10% 300

You must have bought at least 6 charms from the previous merchant to access this shop. You need a total of 4700 Time Coins to buy out this merchant.

Charm Effect Cost
Champion's Charm II PWR +20% 300
Sage's Charm II INT +20% 300
Null Charm II Null Phys Atk +20% 300
Elemental Charm II Type Atk +20% 300
Durability Charm II Phys Res +20% 300
Protection Charm II Type Res +20% 300
Fleet Charm II SPD +15 300
Growth Charm II XP +20% 500
Riches Charm II Arcana Flares +20% 500
Kickstart Charm Starting party level 5 800
Trapbreaker Charm Halve disarming MP cost 800

You must have bought at least 8 charms from the previous merchant to access this shop. You need a total of 8200 Time Coins to buy out this merchant.

Charm Effect Cost
Champion's Charm III PWR +30% 500
Sage's Charm III INT +30% 500
Null Charm III Null Phys Atk +30% 500
Elemental Charm III Type Atk +30% 500
Durability Charm III Phys Res +30% 500
Protection Charm III Type Res +30% 500
Fleet Charm III SPD +20 500
Growth Charm III XP +30% 800
Riches Charm III Arcana Flares +30% 800
Get Rich Quick Charm XP -30%; Arcana Flares +50% 800
Ascetic Charm XP +30%; Arcana Flares -50% 800
Jumpstart Charm Starting party level 10 1500

Maze Structure, Monsters and Bosses[edit]

The Maze has a total of 20 floors, and is divided into 5 sectors, each with three randomly generated floors and a boss floor. The boss for each sector is randomly selected from two possible options, except for the final boss.

  • Goblin Caves. Bosses: Abbetos with Plums or Chimera.
  • Thundering Caves. Bosses: Thunder Striker, Golem or Cristobalga (Crystal dinosaur).
  • Underwater riffs. Bosses: Kraken or Hydra.
  • Future Wastes. Bosses: Goblin King with goblins or Red Dawn.
  • Time-twisted vortex: Boss: <Last Boss>

Monster encounters generate on fixed positions and can be seen on the minimap. You cannot run from any encounter you initiate, but you can navigate around potential encounters. Monster drops (experience and Arcane Flares only) will increase as you go deeper into the Maze.

It is possible to exit maze before each boss. In every floor before the boss room, player can choose to exit the maze in case they feel they are too weak to face it.

You face a Boss on every fourth floor. By defeating the Boss, you get access to three chests with #OOParts, a Rune Saving Orb, and the opportunity to leave the maze with your loot in tow or continue going deeper. If you've made it to the 20th and final floor, you get your OOPArts and your Rune-Saving Orb before facing the final boss, since defeating the final boss ends your run in your victory.

While you're in the Maze you have an indicator in the top left corner. It starts blue but changes over time to red, advancing only with the party's steps in the Maze (as opposed to real-time). If you spend too long meandering in a floor, you will be thrust into an unavoidable battle with a horror. Horrors can be defeated with some preparations. You can delay the Horror's approach with magic circles that may be found around the floor. The Horror's approach is reset when you move to a new floor.

Some mob battles will also contain a Jade or Azure Escapee - special mobs that give extra XP / Arcane Flares respectively. They have no offensive power but have high defense, and may randomly flee the battle. It's best to burst them down in a first-turn Another Force to reap the rewards.

Exiting the Maze[edit]

There are 4 options to stop a Maze run and return to main gameplay:

  • Quit - player can leave maze and forfeit all progress anywhere by pressing exit button.
  • Escape the Maze - This option appears at the portal that would lead to the boss room. It also becomes available after defeating a boss. Escaping the Maze this way ends the run but you retain any OOPArts you acquired on the way.
  • Dying - same as quitting, but from losing in a battle. (it is possible to reset app in time)
    • WARNING: When Quit, Escape or Death If player exits the maze BEFORE registering Rune on floor 4 (at least) after killing boss, rune will not be saved and will not carry over to next run.
  • Suspend - Maze run will be suspended until player comes back to continue from where they left off. No rewards are given until the run is ended through any of the other three options.
    • This option is present anywhere from the menu and from the light pillar after defeating each boss.
    • To continue - continue options should be chosen in Maze Enter Menu.

Exiting the maze by any means will grant player with fixed amount of Time Coins based on the floor there were currently on. #OOPArts will be kept only if player escaped or completed floor 20.


Each floor may randomly contain traps, indicated by purple glowing spots on the floor. You can disarm them at the cost of 10MP from each character, but if any character has less than 10MP, you will fail to disarm it.

Treading on a trap will trigger one of the following effects. If you have a Time Charm, the trap will spring with no effect, and the Time Charm will be consumed.

  • 10%/20%/50% of Current HP DMG
  • Teleport player somewhere else on the current floor
  • Reduce #Arcane Flares
  • Remove a random #Gimmick Items from your inventory
  • Bring the horror encounter closer

Maze Equipment[edit]

Maze equipment drops on monster floors and consists of two types:

All this equipment is only can be used in current run and will be lost when you restart the dungeon.

Arcane Flares[edit]

A currency to be used exclusively in the Maze, and cannot be carried over from one run to another. Arcane Flares drop from fights and are used to buy and sell #Maze Runes by interacting with a Shop NPC, or used to upgrade #Maze Runes to +5 through a Upgrade NPC.

Shop and Upgrade NPCs will only appear from floor 5 onwards (after the first boss).

Gimmick Items[edit]

  • Treasure Key - Unlocks rare chests for strong Runes. Not all rare chests need keys to open - some may be guarded by a strong encounter.
  • Time Charm - Protects you from the effects of a Trap when you walk into one.
  • Holy Spring Water - Tap on a mob and select this item to erase it. You will not get any rewards by destroy a mob this way. Best used in the lowest sections where the mobs are toughest, and if you want to make a break for the floor exit.
  • Discount Ticket - Use at a merchant to halve his prices.
  • Restock Ticket - Use at a merchant to reroll his available Runes.
  • Vitality Orb - Usable at the start of a floor, or before any encounter or boss fight. Restores half your party's HP/MP. Best used before a tough fight.
  • Second Sight Orb - Usable at the start of a floor, revealing the full minimap for all of its sections. Best used at the lowest floors of your intended run if you want to save time and beeline to the exit portal.
  • Waning Orb - Applies PWR/INT/SPD Down (M, 3 turns) debuffs for an encounter. Best used on bosses and synergizes well with [ATK] Prey (Type) Runes that scale based on number of debuffs on a target.

Other Sparkle Items[edit]

  • Medicinal Herb: Restores 10% or 20% of the party's max HP.
  • Holy Water Bottle: Restores 10% or 20% of the party's max MP.
  • Blue Magic Circle: Delays the Horror's approach.
  • Green Magic Circle: Erases all mobs on the current floor section. No rewards are gained this way.
  • Level Orb: Each party member gains 3 levels.

Maze Runes[edit]

Runes are your main source of skills while in the Maze. They can be obtained from chests, purchased from merchants, or collected from defeated Ammonites in the third section of the Maze. You always start each run with the generic Runes Cut In, Punch Out, Impale, and Emergency Aid, on top of the one Rune you saved from a previous run, if any.

Rune Upgrades[edit]

From the 5th floor of a dungeon onwards, you may find an old man who offers to upgrade your Runes. Each Rune can be upgraded to a +5 state at maximum, and you must exchange 1500 Arcane Flares and one other Rune for each upgrade stage. The quality or type of Rune you're sacrificing in the upgrade process has no effect on the result, so your unused Tier I Runes are ideal upgrade fodder. The only exception is, when you sacrifice a rune that's the same (type and quality) as the one you're strengthening, this results in upgrading the rune 2 levels at once.

Saving a Rune[edit]

Each boss floor contains glowing white ball used to save one #rune from your inventory. That Rune will be added to your Maze inventory at the start of a new run. Only ONE Rune can be carried over, regardless of how deep you go. You must defeat the boss to access the saving function.

Ability Runes[edit]

Passive Runes can be used by any character.

Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
(does not stack)
MP consumption +50%, Damage up
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
50% 35% 20%
Strengthen When Pain More damage when enemy has pain
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
30% 20% 10%
Strengthen When Poison More damage when enemy has poison
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
Target Vitals Physical Critical Rate increase
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
50% 35% 20%
Evil Eye Physical Critical Damage increase
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
30% 20% 10%
Falcon First move in battle becomes preemptive
[Upgrade]Cannot be upgraded
Normal Atk to All Changes Normal Attack to AOE,
increases damage of basic attack
[Upgrade +5]2x damage effect%
30% -
Enhance Normal Attack Increase damage of basic attack
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
50% 40% 30%
Almighty Type Attack up
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
30% 20% 10%
Deftness Attack up on weakness
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
Vow of Invincibility Gain AF meter after battle
[Upgrade +5] 2x effect %
15% 10% 5%
Banquet of Invincibility Gain MP after battle
[Upgrade +5] 1.5x effect %
4% 3% 2%
Cup of Invincibility Gain HP after battle
[Upgrade +5] 2x effect %
9% 6% 3%
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
Target Leg Chance to apply SPD down on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach 50%
50% 35% 20%
Target Arm Chance to apply PWR down on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach 50%
30% 20% 10%
Target Head Chance to apply INT down on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach 50%
Armor Break Chance to apply Physical resist down on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach 50%
30% 20% 10%
Purification Chance to apply Type resist down on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach 50%
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
Pain Touch Chance to apply pain on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach stated %
100% 80% 50%
Poison Touch Chance to apply poison on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach stated %
Stun Touch Chance to apply stun on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach stated %
50% 40% 30%
Sleep Touch Chance to apply sleep on attack
[Upgrade +5] Chances reach stated %
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
Durability Physical Resistance %
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
15% 10% 5%
Protection Type Resistance %
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
Robustness Status resistance
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
40% 25% 10%
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
30 15 5
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
40 20 10
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
500 300 100
[Upgrade +5] Stat x2
20 15 10
Rune Name Passive Description T3 T2 T1
Bless Increase flares received after battle won
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%
30% 20% 10%
Rapid Growth Increases EXP received after battle won
[Upgrade +5]2x effect%

Skill Runes[edit]

Skill Runes provide your characters with skills to use in battle. Most skills are exclusive to certain character archetypes.

ATK Only Skill Runes

These skills are all single target attacks, and only usable by the [ATK] type class.
All of them come in 3 variations, Bash(Blunt Type), Slash(Slash Type), Thrust (Pierce Type).

Skill Prefix Skill Description T3 T2 T1
All Out When at 80% HP or above, Damage x 1.5 (L) 10MP (M) 5MP (S) 2MP
Adversity When at 80% HP or below, Damage x 1.5
Break When enemy has pain or poison, Damage x 1.3
Prey Increase damage when enemy has debuffs, Max 4/damage x 2
[Upgrade +5] Damage x2

TEC Only Skill Runes

These skills are all single target attacks, and only usable by the [TEC] type class.
All of them come in 3 variations, Bash(Blunt Type), Slash(Slash Type), Thrust (Pierce Type).

Skill Prefix Skill Description T3 T2 T1
Heroic Heals Party (L) 450 15MP (M) 300 10MP (S) 150 5MP
Drum Party PWR and INT increase for 3 turns 20% 10MP 15% 5MP 10% 2MP
Armor Debuff Type and Physical resistance 20% 15% 10%
Rampant Applies pain and poison
[Upgrade +5] 100% chance to apply
[Upgrade +5] Effect/% x2 (Except rampant)

SUP Only Skill Runes

These skills are only usable by the [SUP] type class.

Skill Prefix Skill Description T3 T2 T1
Song of Rest Restore all party members
[Upgrade +5] 2x heal effect
(L) 10MP (M) 10MP (S) 10MP
Song of Recovery HP Regen 3 turn and status cleanse
[Upgrade +5] 2x heal effect
(L) 10MP (M) 10MP (S) 10MP
Song of Rage Party PWR/INT/SPD increase,3 turns
[Upgrade +5] 2x buff effect
25% 10MP 20% 10MP 15% 5MP
Critical Strike Single Target Magic, party Physical and Magic Critical Rate Buff, 1 move
[Upgrade +5] 2x buff %
10MP (M)
10MP (S)
Vital Strike Single Target Magic and applies break status
[Upgrade +5] 100% chance to apply
(L) 10MP (M) 10MP (S) 5MP
Roaring Bash Stance Sets Blunt Zone
[Upgrade]Cannot Upgrade
10MP -
Dazzling Slash Stance Sets Slash Zone
[Upgrade]Cannot Upgrade
10MP -
Piercing Flash Stance Sets Pierce Zone
[Upgrade]Cannot Upgrade
10MP -

DEF Only Skill Runes

These skills are only usable by the [DEF] type class.
All of them come in 3 variations, Bash(Blunt Type), Slash(Slash Type), Thrust (Pierce Type).
All attack skills are (S) multipliers, but higher tier runes actually do more damage

Skill Prefix Skill Description T3 T2 T1
Equipment Attack enemies and debuffs PWR
[Upgrade +5] Effect% x2
20% 5MP 15% 5MP 10% 2MP
Rattle Attack enemies and debuffs INT
[Upgrade +5] Effect% x2
20% 15% 10%
Asylum Form Inflict Rage on all enemies and buffs self with physical resistance
[Upgrade+5] Rage application % 2x of physical resistance
40% 5MP 30% 5MP 20% 5MP
Refined Form Regen MP for 5 turns
[Upgrade]Cannot Upgrade
4 5MP 3 5MP 2 5MP
Guard Form Team Type and Physical Resistance Buff
[Upgrade +5] Effect% x2
20% 5MP 15% 5MP 10% 5MP

MAG Only Skill Runes

These skills targets all enemies and are only usable by the [MAG] type class.
All of them fall into the Jutsu (Magic Type) category.

Skill Prefix Skill Description T3 T2 T1
HellFire AOE Fire Magic (L) 15MP (M) 10MP (S) 5MP
Cascade AOE Water Magic
WindBlade AOE Wind Magic
EarthBreak AOE Earth Magic
Splitting AOE Pierce Physical Attack, scales off INT
Crushing AOE Slash Physical Attack, scales off INT
AOE Blunt Physical Attack, scales off INT
Hell AOE Magic, scales off current MP (max 2x damage)
[Upgrade +5] Damage x2

Universal Skill Runes

These skills can be used by anyone. No T3 generic Skill Runes exist.

Skill Prefix Skill Description T2 T1
Emergency Heal Single Target Slash Attack
[Upgrade+5] 2x heal
(S) 10MP (XS) 10MP
Cut In Single Target Slash Attack
[Upgrade+5] 2x Damage
(M) 5MP (S) 2MP
Impale Single Target Pierce Attack
[Upgrade+5] 2x Damage
Punch Out Single Target Blunt Attack
[Upgrade+5] 2x Damage
Attack Stance Party Power Buff,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
20% 5MP 10% 2MP
Magic Stance Party Int Buff,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
Guard Stance Party Physical Resistance Buff,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
20% 5MP 10% 2MP
Protect Stance Party Type Resistance Buff,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
Weakening Curse All enemies PWR Down,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
20% 5MP 10% 2MP
Slowing Curse All enemies INT Down,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
Softening curse All enemies Physical Resistance Down,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
20% 5MP 10% 2MP
Empty Curse All enemies Type Resistance Down,3 turns
[Upgrade+5] 2x effect
Curse of Poison Single target poison application
[Upgrade+5] 100% chance
Curse of Pain Single target pain application
[Upgrade+5] 100% chance
Coward's Curse Single target break application
[Upgrade+5] 100% chance
Draw Attention Single target rage application
[Upgrade+5] 100% chance

Free Character: Noahxis[edit]

Requirement for Noahxis to join is to clear 3 of his quest marker dialog-events in Arat. Events appear when player collects enough of virtual points acquired from defeating bosses in Maze.

  • +1 point for Floors 4 and 8 bosses.
  • +2 points for Floor 12 bosses.
  • +4 points for Floor 16 bosses.
  • +8 points for Floor 20 boss.

Noahxis's events become accessible at point thresholds:

  • 1st event - 5 1 point
  • 2nd event - 15 8 points
  • 3rd event - 45 14 points

The Detonators that Noahxis has on hand (that affect the strength of his first basic attack and his Enlil Cycle skill) are dependent on how many Time Coins you've spent with the Charm merchants, and are acquired from Klein (the OOPArt merchant). You get 1 Detonator if you've spent 100 Coin, 2 Detonators if you've spent 300 Coins, 3 for 600, 4 for 1000, 5 for 2000, 6 for 4000, 7 for 6000, 8 for 8500, 9 for 11000, and the 10th and final Detonator for 14000 Coins spent. You can fulfill the expenditure total just by buying out all three Charm merchants at the Maze's entrance.

Noahxis's skills also gain additional effects based on your Maze completion record.


Many strategies exist to help with clearing sections of the Maze, though if you want to reuse them you will need to find the necessary Tier III Rune, upgrade it to +5, and save it for future runs. Depending on your luck with obtaining Runes mid-run, you can mix and match different strategies (but can only preserve one for your next run).

Item use[edit]

Refer to #Gimmick Items

50% AF Gain[edit]

Use Vow of Invincibility Runes to get combined 50% AF gauge after each fight. However, a Vow of Invincibility III +5 only restores 30% AF so you only get AF every second fight at best, so you have to gather extra Vow Runes. With this setup you can AF every single mob encounter.

Also there are 3 bosses that can't be "just AF"-ed: Floor 20 Boss depletes AF bar partly at start, Floor 16 Goblin King and Floor 12 Kraken have 50% HP stoppers.

100% Critical rate[edit]

  • Vital Strike III +5 grants its user a passive 100% crit rate.
  • [SUP] Critical Strike III +5 allows a guaranteed crit for your entire team but for 10MP cost.

Both options work. Notably any critical rate allows easy access to more than doubled damage numbers from start, and also makes all Evil Eye runes that you find usable by default to stack up even more damage easily. Critical Strike, being a magic attack, allows your Support character to exploit weaknesses to magic, but you may need to supplement with Banquet of Invincibility Runes so that you don't burn out your MP.

Normal attack AOE[edit]

A Normal Atk to All +5 Rune permits a unit's basic attack to hit all enemies and sweep through mobs at no cost, and is best used on an ATK-class character. This synergizes with Enhance Normal Attack Runes to crank the damage even higher, and with Overload Runes you also ignore the increased MP consumption outside of boss fights. Combine with SPD+ or Falcon Runes so that you can outspeed mobs on the lower floors. Bear in mind that you still need good attack skill Runes for fighting bosses.


[SUP] (Attack Type) Stance Stance runes cannot be upgraded, so once you get one that suits you, you can use it right off the bat without needing to optimize it through upgrades. The Zone rules for AF apply, and once you have your preferred Stance Rune you can build your team around it. However, you will need to be mindful of the Skill Runes you pick up, especially if you intend to use the Stance in a boss fight.

Ammonite Farming[edit]

On floors 9-11, the Ammonite is a common mob which is weak to everything but will generate Runes over time. In turn 3 it creates a Tier I/II Rune and on turn 6 it upgrades to Tier II/III. Rotate units to reserve and back and kill the mob only after seeing a message about "rune" or "stronger rune" appearing.

Farming Runes this way lengthens your Maze Runs but you can also gain powerful Runes to sell or to optimize your setup. This is best done if you're aiming to do a 20 floor run.

Skipping later floors[edit]

It is mostly enough to get characters to level 40 to unlock last ability Rune slot and have 1 stacked ATK character combined with upgraded buffs, debuffs and break applied from other characters to kill any boss. The final boss has 700,000 HP, so if you have the ability to inflict that much damage in a very short time, you can afford to beeline for the floor exits and avoid all further encounters unless your path gets blocked. You usually hit Level 40 around floor 11-15, and any encounters you initiate may be primarily for gaining more Arcane Flares to polish off your setup.

Horrors hunting[edit]

Horrors are hard fights that designed to kill unprepared players who took their time while running around a floor. Usually, it is time-consuming to intentionally get into a Horror fight, but if the Horror indicator is red and you're feeling confident, you can lap the floor a few more times to trigger the fight. Defeating the Horror will yield a large amount of XP and Arcane Flares, and two Tier II/III Runes.

Most of horrors also have a gimmick that makes killing them easier.

  • Floor 1-3: ~23K HP (7768 exp /3000 flares)
    • 1t does nothing, 2t buffs, If stunned after buff - loses 99% HP, 3t+ four 3-4k damage ST attacks. (use AF to stun or kill in turn3)
  • Floor 5-7: ~60K HP (12495 exp /3600 flares)
    • Wont move for the first 2 turns.
  • Floor 9-11: ~135K HP (15304 exp /5000 flares)
    • If you inflict ailments on it, it will immediately cure those ailments, but also lower its PWR/Phy.Res/Type.Res
  • Floor 13-15: 1000 HP (19073 exp /6250 flares)
      • Constant 100% damage barrier: Can only be killed with Poison and Pain, which is easy due to low HP.
  • Floor 17-19: ~330k HP' (22842 exp / 7500 flares)
    • 100% damage barrier in first 2 turns: 1t does nothing, 2t+ Preemptive - sleep & kill 1 unit each turn, if sleep fails, unit survives

Maze Run efficiency[edit]

If you care only for Time Coins, the most efficient method is to beeline for the the 7th floor, ignoring as many fights as you can, then Exiting the Maze at the pre-boss portal. The 4th floor boss is simple enough that you should be able to beat it with your basic skills. You will only get Stone OOPArts most of the time but they can be exchanged for a token income of Dig Medals.

If you are more thorough with your runs and don't mind spending a little extra time per run, you can go to beat the 8th floor boss and then Exit. Compared to the above, you expend a little more time and effort for 6 OOPArts per run, some of which may be Bronze or even Silver.

Ideal Charms to use for this setup include the Kickstart/Jumpstart Charm (for an early advantage), Growth Charm (to speed up leveling), and Null Charm (significant physical power boost).

Tips and Tricks[edit]

  • Team Setup: It's best to have a team consisting of a mixture of character types - ATK/DEF/TEC/SUP is a well-balanced mixture of damage and support that will see one through most encounters. MAG characters are not very good due to their low speed and dependence on Skill Runes to do proper damage. For F4 and F7 runs, a team of 1 SUP and 3 ATK (one to match each starting rune) has been found to be the most efficient. For F20 runs, SUP, TEC, and 2 ATK; SUP, 2 TEC, and ATK; and SUP and 3 ATK have all found advocates in the community.
  • Spend while you can! Your Arcane Flares don't contribute to your end-of-run rewards and are lost after completing a run. Don't be afraid to purchase Runes or upgrade to improve you performance.
  • Resetting Shop: Rune merchants offer a random selection of runes and this is determined the first time you access them. The game will not autosave until you've closed the shop menu and returned to the field, so you can forcibly close and re-start the app while in the middle of browsing the shop so that you can reroll the merchant without using any Restock Tickets.
  • Resetting from a Disaster: To prevent losing hours of progress from getting killed, you can forcibly close and re-start the app, which brings you back to the moment before the fight. However, if you're about to get wiped out, you must kill the app in the middle of the death animation, as the game will autosave right after a party wipe without any "Continue" prompts.
  • Using a Discount ticket, then using the Restock ticket will still keep the Discount in effect. save your tickets for 1 big shopping spree!
  • Your generic attack runes (like those at the start of your run) are the only non-[ATK] Runes that inflict more damage when upgraded. Consider investing in them if you need additional attack options for your non-ATK characters.
  • ALWAYS reach the first boss and beat it to register your rune to not lose it.


OOPArts are received from Time Twisted Maze in Arat. You need to appraise them in Arat to use them as equipment. OOPArts come in different grades, Stone/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Jewelled. Higher rarity OOPArts have a higher chance of being appraised as better equipment. Still, even the medium-quality equipment stands out for having a level requirement of 1 but stats on par with level 50+ weaponry, making them great for players who are still progressing through earlier story arcs.

You gain three OOPArts after defeating the boss on the 4th/8th/12th/16th/20th floor of the Maze. Deeper floors have a higher chance of yielding high-rarity OOPArts. You must escape the labyrinth properly at the prompts before or after the boss room to get them added to your inventory. If you get wiped out at any point in the Maze you lose all OOPArts you had on hand.

Each unique equipment obtained from appraising OOPArts has a few static passive abilities and a few randomized ones drawn from a small pool of possibilities. The best randomized passive for weapons by far is the "Enhance When Max Hp +10%" passive. However, equipment stats are always random. They have 4 grades - Moderate/Advanced/Artifact/Relic, with Relic-grade stats being near-max stats. At best, Maze equipment can outclass even the strongest weapons you can obtain from beating superbosses.

Note that Maze equipment do not count towards Records completion so you cannot advance any Collection Awards with them.

OOPArts Drops,Equip Levels and Grades[edit]

OOPArt Lv 1 Equips Chance Min Grade Max Grade Lv 60 Equips Chance Min Grade Max Grade Floors Drop
Stone Very High Moderate Artifact Very Low Moderate Moderate 4-12
Bronze High Moderate Artifact Low Moderate Advanced 4-16
Silver Medium Moderate Relic Medium Moderate Relic 8-20
Gold Low Advanced Relic High Advanced Relic 12-20
Jewel Very Low ??? Relic Very High Advanced Relic 16-20

Level 60 OOPArts Max Stats[edit]

Sword 195 41
Katana 202 50
Ax 209 28
Lance 195 41
Bow 178 64
Fist 196 49
Hammer 178 135
Staff 41 195
Armor Type PDEF MDEF
Bracelet 195 177
Necklace 177 177
Ring 162 195

OOPArts Effects[edit]

Weapons Attr 1 Attr 2 Attr 3 Attr 4 Random Attribute
Level 60 Moonshade Enhanced Combo Rate Random PWR/INT +10 MP Consumption -5% / No effect Enhance when max HP(10%)
SPD +15
MP regen 5
Spinal Critical Damage 10%
(Magic critical damage for staff)
Enduring Type Attack 15%
Level 1 Vital HP +300 Random - - Git +20%
EXP +20%
MP +30
Swift SPD+10
Crush PWR/INT +10
Stable Physical Resist 10% MP Consumption -5% Random - Prof.Debuff Resist 25%
Type Debuff Resist 25%
Phy. debuff Resist 25%
Medical Continual HP regen (35%) HP restore 10% after battle
Status resist 20%
Restoration effect 30%
Deepfang 30% critical rate
(Magic critical for staff)
Random Elemental +25%
(i.e. Wind 25%/Fire 25%)

Armors Attr 1 Attr 2 Attr 3 Attr 4 Random Attribute
Level 60 Glimmer Critical Damage 10% Random Type debuff resist 15% Continual Regen / No effect HP +200
SPD +10
Glorious Type resist 10%
Level 1 Greenleaf Status resist +30% SPD +10 Random - HP restore after battle 10%
MP Regen 5
Hero's PWR/INT/SPD debuff resist 25% PWR+10
Feather SPD +10 Random - - Restore increase 30%
MP +30
Solid HP+300

Mobs summary[edit]

20 floors of Maze are divided into 5 groups of 3 floors and a boss floor. Mob levels start from lvl2, 12, 22, 32, 42 respectively, while red or chest guard encounters will generate mobs that are 3 levels higher. Each subsequent floor of group adds +3 levels, and the Experience and Arcane Flare yield increases according to the table below.

Floor Mob lvl Exp Flare Exp Flare Exp Flare
per mob Flare Gem Exp Gem
1 2 267 100 205 1500 2050 100
1-2 5 573 100 441 1500 4410 100
2-3 8 880 100 677 1500 6770 100
3 11 1187 120 - - - -
4 Boss 4333 500 +880 exp for Abbetos' Plum
5 12 992 180 992 1875 9920 180
5-6 15 1228 180 1228 1875 12280 180
6-7 18 1464 180 1464 1875 14640 180
7 21 1700 225 1700 1875 17000 180
8 Boss 6474 900
9 22 2134 225 - 2500 - 250
9-10 25 2417 225 2014 2500 20140 250
10-11 28 2700 225 2250 2500 22500 250
11 31 2983 270 2486 2500 24860 250
12 Boss 11534 1250 checked for Kraken
13 32 3078 250 2565 3125 25650 300
13-14 35 3361 250 2801 3125 28010 300
14-15 38 3644 250 3037 3125 30370 300
15 41 3928 300 3273 3750 32730 300
16 Boss 15304 1600
17 42 4021 320 3351 3750 33510 375
17-18 45 4304 320 - 3750 - 375
18-19 48 4588 320 3823 3750 38230 375
19 51 4871 400 4059 3750 40590 375
20 Boss 0 0


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Timetwisted Maze
Copper Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Maze - 4th LevelTraversing the Maze - 4th LevelGem.png x10
Copper Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Maze - 8th LevelTraversing the Maze - 8th LevelGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Maze - 12th LevelTraversing the Maze - 12th LevelGem.png x50
Silver Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Maze - 16th LevelTraversing the Maze - 16th LevelGem.png x50
Gold Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the Maze - 20th LevelTraversing the Maze - 20th LevelGem.png x100
Copper Rank Badge.pngAppraisal RookieAppraise your first OOPArtGem.png x5
Copper Rank Badge.pngAppraisal BeginnerAppraise 10 OOPArtsGem.png x10
Copper Rank Badge.pngAppraisal NoviceAppraise 30 OOPArtsGem.png x10
Silver Rank Badge.pngAppraisal MinorAppraise 60 OOPArtsGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngAppraisal VeteranAppraise 100 OOPArtsGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngAppraisal MajorAppraise 200 OOPArtsGem.png x20
Gold Rank Badge.pngAppraisal ExpertAppraise 300 OOPArtsGem.png x50
Gold Rank Badge.pngAppraisal SpecialistAppraise 500 OOPArtsGem.png x50
Gold Rank Badge.pngAppraisal MasterAppraise 700 OOPArtsGem.png x50
Gold Rank Badge.pngAppraisal FreakAppraise 1000 OOPArtsGem.png x100