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The Grasta mechanic is introduced in v2.0.100, after the player completes 1 q.png Main Story Chapter 48. It allows the player to further customize their units, giving them new (usually passive) abilities.


  • 1 q.pngChapters 50 and 1 q.pngChapter 55 unlock the 2nd and 3rd grasta slots for all characters respectively.
  • The fourth grasta slot will be available to characters who have 200 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png.
  • Like any equipment, you must equip them to use them. Grastas must first be "activated" to be equipable, and then "awakened" to gain their passive ability (some are obtained already in their activated or even awakened form).
  • 1 q.pngChapter 55 unlock Valor Chant Grastas which by burning extra Memoirs, you can obtain a Special Grasta which creates a pseudo Lv4 Valor Chant. Requires the character to have Valor Chant Lv3.
  • 1 q.pngChapter 60 unlocks True Valor Chant Grastas. The difference between Valor Chant Grasta and True Valor Chant Grasta is that True Valor Chant Grasta requires 3 Valor Chant Grastas and will have 3x the stats of the Valor Chant Grasta.
  • 1 q.pngChapter 70 unlocks the ability to enhance grastas with ores. For some grastas, this introduces the ability to share with Personalities and allow the effect of grastas to affect characters outside of the the grasta holder in the party. See Enhancements for more details.
    • The "Upgrade" effect shown in the grasta tables refers to usage of Ability orb processing addition item.pngDormant Ore.
  • Tier 1 Grasta can be farmed in the overworld with a very low drop rate against specific enemies.
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 grasta can be farmed in Another Dungeons as purchasable in Present Garulea Continent (Another Dungeon) and Antiquity Garulea Continent (Another Dungeon) and as completion rewards in certain Another Dungeon unlocked by competition of the 1 q.png main story.
  • Tier 3 Grastas are considered unique so look to the Location for each grasta to see how to obtain them. In addition, Tier 3 Grastas can not be broken down for materials.

How it works

Basic Mechanics page to edit

At first, a Grasta has no ability, and cannot be equipped. To enable the effects of a Grasta, the player must visit a Cat Hokora, which can be found all across the present-era Garulea Continent.

There are three functions at a Cat Hokora: Bind, Separate, and Rescind.


The main means of unlocking Grastas' abilities. You must invest Grasta pieces and Git to upgrade the Grasta. There are two levels of a Grasta upgrade -- Activation and Awakening. Activation enables the Grasta's stat bonuses and lets you equip it to a character; Awakening enables an additional passive ability. You can Awaken an equipped Grasta without needing to take it off.

There are three types of Grasta pieces for an upgrade -- Fragments, Crystals, and Jadeites. Fragments are commonly found from monsters defeated all across Garulea, including its Another Dungeons. Crystals are commonly obtained from Horrors in the Another Dungeon, or from Separating Awakened mid-tier Grastas. Jadeites are incredibly rare and only obtained as rewards or from trading within the Another Dungeon.

Grastas come in four varieties -- offense, recovery, support, and special. Offense Grastas consume Attack pieces, Recovery Grastas require Life pieces, and Support Grastas use Support pieces. All types can be found from monster drops or in chests scattered around the continent (except Support, which can be obtained only in Past and Future, not Present). Not all Grastas are made equal; some bestow stronger abilities and/or better stats at the cost of requiring more components and Git to upgrade.

Some unique Grastas are obtained in their already-awakened state, so they can be equipped right away for full benefit without needing to expend any resources.

Tier Activation Awakening
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x20
  • Gold.png50,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x40
  • Gold.png100,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x40
  • Gold.png100,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x100
  • Gold.png200,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x100
  • Gold.png150,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x300
  • Ability orb 2.pngCrystal x30
  • Ability orb 3.pngJadeite x1
  • Gold.png300,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngSpecial Fragment x20
  • Gold.png50,000 Git
  • Ability orb 1.pngSpecial Fragment x40
  • Ability orb 2.pngSpecial Crystal x10
  • Gold.png100,000 Git


You can destroy your unequipped Grasta to recycle them into components. Activated and Awakened Grastas can be destroyed for more components. Unique Grastas, which possess a golden rim, can never be destroyed this way.

Tier Base Activated Awakened
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x4
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x26
    (Net gain 6)
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x70
    (Net gain 10)
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x10
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x55
    (Net gain 15)
  • Ability orb 1.pngFragment x165
    (Net gain 25)
  • Ability orb 2.pngCrystal x10
    (Net gain 10)
  • Ability orb 1.pngSpecial Fragment x20
  • Ability orb 1.pngSpecial Fragment x60
    (Net gain 40)
  • Ability orb 2.pngSpecial Crystal x10
    (Net gain 10)
  • Ability orb 1.pngSpecial Fragment x80
    (Net gain 20)
  • Ability orb 2.pngSpecial Crystal x10

Note that the net gain for separating Medium tier grasta is max when you separate Awakened grasta. For Special grasta, instead, is far more efficient to separate their Activated version


Unequip Grastas from a character. Before v2.3.200, you could only rescind all Grastas at once, and this came at a cost of 100,000 Git per Grasta removed. This function is now free, and you can rescind individual Grastas.

Hokora Pilgrimage[edit]

After completion of Chapter 53 and in v2.13.500 onward, an event with Nyanjiro at the Cat Shrine Hokora lets you unlock the ability to Bind/Separate/Rescind Grasta from your Grasta menu without needing to be at any Cat Hokora. You'll also be told to speak to the shrine maiden who tells you of the hokora pilgrimage.

See Bellwarden's Grace for hokora pilgrimage.

Valor Chant Grastas page to edit

The Bonfire[edit]

If you've completed Chapter 55, excess Tomes can be discarded at the bonfire in the Cat Shrine to produce special Grastas that upgrade a character's Valor Chant. They are equipped in the fourth special Grasta slot, which is unlocked after the completion of Chapter 57. Generally, 10 copies of a 5-star Tome or Psalm are needed to make a Valor Chant Grasta. For Another Styles, you need 5 copies of their Treatise. Other 5-star characters who upgrade without using Tomes or Psalms will instead gain three copies of their VC Grasta through other methods, such as hidden quests. Any 4-star Tomes can be recycled for 2 Special Fragments apiece, and you can only acquire Special Crystals by separating activated VC Grastas.

Most Valor Chant Grastas only extend the duration of Valor Chant effects, but certain characters such as Claude (Another Style) gain increased Valor Chant modifiers. The actual effects of the Valor Chant Grasta can be found on the character's individual page and on the All Valor Chant collection.

True VC Grastas[edit]

After partial completion of Chapter 60 where Altena has joined Aldo and his friends and having learned the tutorial of the bonfire, return to Angal Settlement to trigger a subquest. Head to the Cat Shrine Remnants, and you'll be sent to gather Cat Shrine Charms scattered all across Future Garulea. They appear as white gleaming spots, and each can hold anywhere between 1 to 5 Charms. Once you've collected all 88, return to the Cat Shrine Remnants and speak with Nyanjiro's spirit, and he will rebuild part of the Cat Shrine.

Shrine Sparkles Full.png Shrine Sparkles Full.png

From that point on, you can visit the Cat Shrine Remnants to exchange three unequipped, fully-Awakened copies of a Valor Chant Grasta for a True Valor Chant Grasta. The True Valor Chant Grastas grant an increased stat bonus but retain the same effects as its normal Valor Chant Grastas.

Enhancements page to edit

Grasta Enhancements[edit]

Upon starting Chapter 70, you gain the ability to enhance fully awakened Grastas with Nekomasa's assistance along with items called ores. Enhanced Grastas will appear orange, and each Grasta only has capacity for one enhancement. Enhancing an already enhanced Grasta will erase the old enhancement without any refunds - however, if you have Ability orb restoring item.png Reversion Ores, you can Revert an enhanced Grasta to regain the ore used on it. Valor Chant Grastas cannot be enhanced.

There are two types of Grasta enhancement and each uses its own type of ore: dormant and specialized (also known as augmented or add effect). Ability orb processing addition item.png Dormant Ores are more common and they will enhance the existing Grasta's effect or give it a new one - the effect is dependent on the Grasta (see 'Grastas' table linked below, specifically the 'Upgrade' lines). Ability orb processing reinforcement item.png Specialized ores grant a specific ability or effect to the Grasta.

After completing Chapter 70 and from v2.13.500 onwards, speak to Nekomasa in Itoise to unlock the ability to enhance your Grasta from the main menu without needing to travel to Itoise.

To view the collection of Grasta Ores, see the Grasta Ores page.

Personality Grastas[edit]

For some grastas, Ability orb processing addition item.pngDormant Ore introduces the ability to share with Personalities and allow the effect of grastas to affect characters outside of the the grasta holder in the party. These grasta can only be equipped by a character who has the personality defined on the grasta name. The community refers to characters holding 3 of the following grastas as "Grasta Mule" or "Grasta Slave".

  • Use the Shareable filter under the Grasta pages to identify which grasta fall under this category.
    • Currently only some T3 Attack Grastas and all of the T1 Support Grastas fall under this category.
  • Under each Character page, under general information, Overlapping 2+* shareable Personality is shown so that you may understand who is the best character to act as supporting character.
  • There are no grasta currently tied to a element personality.
See Personality Grasta Recommendations for more insight.


Lists of all grastas in the game broken down by type:

Grasta VC
Valor Chant

Recommendations on Grasta

Grasta Setups Progression

As you progress through the Main Story, the optimal grasta setup changes. Below list the optimal grasta setups you should strive for depending on the latest Another Dungeon you have unlocked.

1. Present Garulea Continent and its Another Dungeon (PGAD) are unlocked

  • Elemental grastas of Tier 1 or Tier 2 and Tier 3 are unlocked (except Shade,Thunder,Crystal elements). Any of them can be used at this point to increase damage as a filler.
  • Unique Tier 3 Elemental and Full HP grastas from PGAD will be the most useful here and later.
  • These grastas effects combine by addition. (also additive with any source of Type Damage+ from other gear) [1]
Elemental grasta setup examples:
Element T1 + T1 + T1 1 + (+10%) + (+10%) + (+10%) Multiplier x1.3 (+30%)
Element T2 + T2 + T2 1 + (+20%) + (+20%) + (+20%) Multiplier x1.6 (+60%)
T3 Full HP + Element T3 + T2 1 + (+30%) + (+30%) + (+20%) Multiplier x1.8 (+80%)

2. Antiquity Garulea (Another Dungeon) (AGAD) is unlocked

  • The most usefull grasta in game - Pain or Poison (Weapon) Tier 2 (P/P grasta) becomes accessible from AGAD with farming and shop. Any Elemental T1 or T2 should be replaced with P/P grasta.
  • Each of these directly multiply your damage. (from any source, including also from gear, and Pain stacks also with Poison) [1]
  • Notably 1 slot of T3 Element or Full HP can still be used in best setup at this point.
Pain/Poison mixed setups with T3 elemental/full hp - P/P Status must be applied to enemies
P/P T2 x [T3 Full HP + Element] (1+30%) X [1 + (+30%) + (+30%)] Multiplier x2.08 (+108%)
P/P T2 x T2 x [T3 Full HP] (1+30%) X (1+30%) X [ 1 + (+30%) ] Multiplier x2.197 (+120%)
P/P T2 x T2 x T2 (1+30%) X (1+30%) X (1+30%) Multiplier x2.197 (+120%)

3. Future Garulea (Another Dungeon) (FGAD) is unlocked

  • Pain and Poison T2 can still be farmed here.
  • Upgrading grastas with Ores is unlocked. Dormant, Rose with Thorns, Last Stand and Insult to Injury ores are unlocked to be farmed and bought from shops in FGAD.
  • Tier T3 Elemental and Full HP and Personality grastas upgraded with Dormant Ore start to share effects on whole party even when equipped on units in reserve. (Shares and Mules).
Pain/Poison base Shares Calculation and Result
P/P Status must be applied to enemies - Conditions of Shares must be applicable
P/P T2 x T2 x T2 x [T3 Full HP + Element] (1+30%) X (1+30%) X (1+30%)
X [1+ (+30%) + (+30%)]
Multiplier x3.5152 (+252%)
P/P T2 x T2 x T2 x [T3 FullHP + Ele + 2x Personality] (1+30%) X (1+30%) X (1+30%)
X [1+ (+30%) + (+30%) + (+25%) + (+25%)]
Multiplier x4.6137 (+361%)
Upgrade base P/P setup with Ores - Conditions of Ores must be applicable.
P/P T2 x RoseWithThorns
x T2 x LastStand (3 enemies)
x T2 x InsultToInjury (weak)
x [T3 FullHP + Ele + 2x Personality] (1+30%) X (1+15%)
X (1+30%) x (1+60%)
X (1+30%) x (1+10%)
X [1+ (+30%) + (+30%) + (+25%) + (+25%)]
Multiplier x9.338 (+833.8%)

4. Underworld (Another Dungeon) (UAD) is unlocked

  • Bulls eye Ore is unlocked to multiply damage by +50%
  • Weak Point Strike is acquired from story, to multiply damage on Weak by 50% (or earlier from Trials)

5. Hollow Layer and Omegapolis (Another Dungeon) (OAD) are unlocked

  • Unique Tier 3 Elementals (Shade) are available to be used as Shares when upgraded
  • Unique Tier 3 <80% Low HP +40% can be bought from OAD to be used as better Shares option when upgraded, to replace Tier 3 Full HP +30%
Pain/Poison base Shares Calculation and Result
Upgrade same P/P setup with Bulls Eye and Low HP Share
P/P Status must be applied to enemies - Conditions of Ores and Shares must be applicable.
P/P T2 x RoseWithThorns
x T2 x LastStand (3 enemies)
x T2 x Bulls Eye (No AF)
x [T3 LowHP + Ele + 2x Personality] (1+30%) X (1+15%)
X (1+30%) x (1+60%)
X (1+30%) x (1+50%)
X [1+ (+40%) + (+30%) + (+25%) + (+25%)]
Multiplier x13.34 (+1234%)
  1. 1.0 1.1 see Damage Formula/Multipliers page for further details.

Damage Dealer Characters Recommendations

There are no strict guidelines on how to maximize damage - everything depends on the conditions involved in a particular fight - but there are some general rules of thumb:

  • It is recommended to use full Pain.png Pain and/or Poison.png Poison grasta if you can apply that status effect to the enemies. See List of characters who can enable inflict pain and/or poison. You can mix and match the types if you can inflict both of them.
    • If you can't use Pain or Poison whether because the enemy has a Status Nullify.png status nullify or has some other counter to Pain/Poison, the second best grastas to use on (DPS) damage dealer characters are elemental grasta that match the character's frequently used elemental damage skills.
  • Grasta can also increase stats by activation which can help skills that are heavily dependent on a certain stat.

Support Characters Recommendations

  • If you have no guaranteed way to inflict pain/poison, equipping Pain/Poison grasta enchanted with Ability orb processing addition item.pngDormant Ore will increase your chance of inflicting that particular status though it should noted that this will not a "guarantee" infliction of pain/poison.
  • Use sharable grasta on party members that are meant to be in the reserves for the majority of the battle. Using multiple characters with common personalities so that grasta effects can be shared to multiple party members.
    • Enhance if Max HP or Enhance if Low HP are good considerations depending on your ability to keep the team HP above/below 80% throughout the battle.
  • Don't neglect T1 grastas! Pay close attention to the Upgrade effects and how you may use that to your advantage, e.g. the T1 version of the debuff resist grastas can be upgraded to be shared by allies (equipping 7 of the T1 type on a couple of "grasta carriers" - aka mules - is sufficient to provide 100% resistance), whereas the T2 version would take away a slot that could otherwise enhance damage further on your main DPS
  • Consider using Life and Support Grastas to help augment the team.
  • Falcon's Blessing can help with giving support characters higher priority on Turn 1.

Ores Recommendations

First main reason to use ores is to increase damage of main damage dealers even more. So list of main damage increasing ores is:

  • Rose with Thorn. Multiplies damage by 15%. Always works. At the cost of increasing MP consumption +50%.
  • Bullseye Multiplies damage by 50% but only outside of AF.
    • No effect: Inside Another Force
  • Last Stand Multiplies damage by 30%-60% in rarer cases with 4-5 enemies can be 90-120%
    • No effect: When 1 enemy.
  • Insult-to-Injury Multiplies damage by 10%. When hits enemy's Weakness.png weakness.
    • No effect: Enemies aren't weak to attacks of character with ore.
    • Better option: Using one of Weak Point Strike grastas, upgraded with Dormant Ore multiplies damage by 50%. In comparison, Pain or Poison upgraded with this ore x1.3x1.10=x1.43 is just 43% damage multiplier.
  • Rage/Bind/Pain/Poison Enhance Multiplies damage by 50% If character with this ore is inflicted with corresponding status.
    • Rare use cases. When enemy with fixed rotation inflicts some status on team.
    • Notably Pom can inflict Pain and Poison on team, and Levia AS can inflict poison.
  • Combo Rate increases your Combo number inside Another Force faster. Each attack's damage is multiplied by Combo.
    • No effect: Outside of Another Force.
    • Use cases: On all grasta ore slots, not used for utility or for better options.

Second reason to pick ore is when character is support or team needs to survive some boss rotation better. Few notable ores for such use:

  • Nine Lives for a Status Hold Ground.png Hold Ground status effect.
    • No effect: When HP is not full. Works once per battle.
  • Occasional PWR/INT/SPD- -25% to corresponding enemy stat with 50% chance on attack
    • Other non-attack option: Equipping debuff skill from Power of Curses, Wisdom of Curses, Curse of Speed Life Grastas
  • Improve Restore Skill Improves restoration skills by 20%. Combines with other such equipment effects additively.

Personality Grasta Recommendations

After Main Story Chapter 70, the ability to share grasta effects with Personalities and allow the effect of grastas to affect characters outside of the the grasta holder in the party. These grasta can only be equipped by a character who has the personality defined on the grasta name. The grasta must be enchanted with Ability orb processing addition item.png Dormant Ore. The community refers to characters holding 3 of the following grastas as "Grasta Mule" or "Grasta Slave". Below are the offensive gear

Grasta Name Effect with Dormant Ore Conditions
Offensive Personality Grasta
T3 Almighty Power (Personality) Type attack +25% No effect: Character is not of the same personality as the grasta.
T3 Darkshade (Weapon Personality) Shade damage +30% No effect: When using an attack that is not Shade and is not of the same weapon personality as the grasta.
  • Character with Kaleido to Shade can take advantage of this effect
T3 Power of Inferno/Rapid/Gale/Quake/Void (Weapon Personality) Corresponding Element damage +30% No effect: When using an attack that is not corresponding element and is not of the same weapon personality as the grasta.
  • Character with Kaleido to corresponding element can take advantage of this effect
    • Kaleido cannot change to non-type (Void)
T3 Enhance if Low HP (Weapon Personality) Damage +30% when HP ≤80% No effect: When HP is above 80% and is not of the same weapon personality as the grasta.
T3 Enhance if Max HP (Weapon Personality) Damage +30% when HP Max No effect: When HP is below 100% and is not of the same weapon personality as the grasta.

Below are the defensive gear and unlike the offensive, these provide +15% debuff resistance against different kinds of debuffs and do not require the character to have a matching personality as the grasta holder. Generally, if you can stack 7 of the same type of grastas on a party, you will get 100% resistance for the full party. The grasta must be enchanted with Ability orb processing addition item.png Dormant Ore.

Grasta Name Effect with Dormant Ore
Defensive Personality Grasta
T1 Proficiency Debuff Resistance PWR/INT/SPD/END/SPR/LCK/Critical debuff resistance
T1 Type Debuff Resistance: Type/Elemental debuff resistance
T1 Physical Debuff Resistance Physical/Slash/Pierce/Blunt/Magic debuff resistance

Other Things to Note

  • Keep an open mind about your available options, for both support and even DPS roles - e.g. you may use some grastas purely for their stats, or perhaps damage isn't as crucial as other factors for an aspect of a particular fight
  • Note that characters may need to fulfill different roles across multiple fights, so necessitating swapping out grastas between battles is normal & expected. Using Ability orb restoring item.png Reversion Ore to swap ores may be needed when you have limited grastas.

Dungeons that drop Grastas