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About Another Eden Wiki[edit]

This Wiki is community, non-commercial project, so we need community contributions to add new things and fix errors. The wiki is open to edit to anyone without registering an account so you are free to do something without asking or invitation. Do not be afraid to try or to change something - there are logs of each page version, so even major changes can be reverted easily. Key pages are protected so that the site does not break completely.

If you want to ask questions about how to, there will usually be someone available to answer in the [Discord community server], #wiki channel.

What can I do to help?[edit]

  • Fix errors and typos.
  • Add new pages for new instances of things in game.
    • Read further through this page for editing basics.
  • Flag any unwanted pages, such as spam, with {{delete}}.
  • Visit Category:Wiki maintenance to help fill up missing details and correct any misinformation.
  • The wiki currently needs contributors to fill up Lore pages for each character. It's a writing task which can be easily performed.

{{Character buttons|name={{#titleparts:{{PAGENAME}}|1}}}}

  • Contributors to general lore would be appreciated.
  • Add missing values on skills and other mechanics which have yet to be clarified.
  • Change non-standard skill descriptions to standard searchable phrases for character filter to work better. Instructions are in the notice on skill pages ex.:Windy Wall
  • Add missing location pages. Category:Location Template:Location
  • Fill in procedure details for the Main Story.
  • Make, upload and attach enemy sprites. See how to save and upload sprites.

How To...[edit]

Next will be a small FAQ about how basic things work:

Create New Pages[edit]

Everyone can create a new page. For this you need to press some Red Link (non-existing page) somewhere. Start from putting your desired pageName into search bar and search it. If there will be no exact results with that pageName, then there will be red link to press to create new:

 Create the page "pageName" on this wiki! See also the search results found.

Press that red link or any other red link you will see in wiki, to open new page edit box.

Still Unsure?[edit]

Want to add something new, but don't know how it works? Find an existing similar page, like enemy or weapon, press Edit, copy everything, create New page with new name, paste there, change names and values, save.

Edit An Article[edit]

On all pages that you can edit there is:

  • Edit Button in top-right corner of page (click the pencil in the top-right corner, if you're on mobile)
  • Alt+Shift+E on keyboard

Due to how some sections exist within templates, it's best you avoid clicking on "edit section" links instead of "edit page".
Default source editor allows you to do basic text formatting with just buttons without knowing about HTML.
If you want to know about more advanced things, look for tutorials in Help about MediaWiki or Google them.
New pages occasionally need to be pushed a second time after creation in order for it to be registered on other pages.

Page Broken?[edit]

Sometimes, after you make a small change, the page "breaks", and images get replaced with long lines of code text, and refreshing doesn't seem to help.
Don't panic, you didn't break the page.
It's a very common occurrence due to how things are automated.
To fix it, look to the top-right corner of the page, next to the Edit link:

  • Purge Cache
  • Icon with cogwheel next to edit pencil icon if on mobile.

Logged in users can click the Purge Cache directly
You can also force a purge by adding this to the back of the page URL: &action=purge (or click History and change history in the URL to purge
Most after-edit page errors can be resolved with Purge Cache. Purging the cache can also force a page to update with the latest edits.
If purging the cache didn't work, there might be something more behind the error. Do seek help.

Wiki Structure[edit]

Wiki consists of:

  • Individual Pages with info for everything that has Name in game, as is:
    • Each Character has a page
      • Each Skill of each character has a page
    • Each Weapon\Armor has a page
      • Each Material has a page
    • Each Item (Tomes, Scrolls, Item, etc) has a page
    • Each Enemy has a page
    • Each Fish has a page (exception: all fish numbers are stored in Template:FishList/data page)
    • Each Another Dungeon has a page
      • Each AD page contains list of Tomes(Classes) it can drop.
    • Each Episode has a page
    • Each Story part has a page
    • Each Side Quest has a Subpage on Side Quests/QuestName
    • Etc.
    • If some distinct thing in-game doesn't yet have an individual wiki page it's only because someone hasn't added it yet. You are welcome to be that person.
  • All individual pages use Templates to standardize formatting
    • Also templates store all info from individual pages into database.
  • Wiki Database where everything is stored in different data-tables from individual pages through templates.
  • Bigger pages with tables, that are:
    • Automated and cached
    • Show some filtered amount of rows we want to show from database.
    • Can randomly show broken output after any change on that page
      • Purge Cache in this case
  • Category tree to help you find something.

Template Basics[edit]

Wiki uses a lot of templates, that's how we automate formatting on same types of pages. A template is a page with predefined formatting and predefined set of arguments that defines several elements, and makes it easier to record and display information. You have to put {{template name|argument=value|arg2=value2}} inside some page, write down few names or values in parameters, save page and standard formatting with lots of predefined tables\text\pictures\links will apply to that place where you placed template name.

  • Enemy page is just 1 small template:
{{Enemy|id=104010081_sprite|name=Aqua Garnet|type=Manifest|minLevel=??|maxLevel=|weaknesses=None|resists=Fire, Wind
|nullifies=None|absorbs=None|locations=Spacetime Rift|drops=None|skill=}}
  • Weapon page is also just 1 small template:
|obtain=Spacetime Rift
|manifestation=Deliverance Sword,Holy Saber}}

Useful Templates[edit]

  • Template:Icon produces most of the small icons you want to use on some pages. Example: {{Icon|gem}} Gem.png
  • Template:Row can add a row to some tables without using the standard wiki tables syntax. Makes it possible to use in some other template. {{Row|column1-text|column2-text|column3-text}}