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Stellar Awakening
Stellar Awakening
Stellar Awakening

Stellar Awakening unlocks a hidden power available to some 5★ characters. Characters that can be Stellar Awakened gain access to the Stellar Board from the Character Details Page, which enables new skills, passives, and stat bonus, and change the level cap from 80 to 100.

Characters with Stellar Awakening :

Unlocking Stellar Awakening[edit]

Unlocking Stellar Awakening
Starchart Usage

Stellar Awakening is only available to specific characters and is Style-specific, meaning that each style (NS, AS, ES) must go through Stellar Awakening separately to benefit from it. For older character styles, there have been cases where the entire skillset of the character has been improved.

To unlock Stellar Awakening, each character needs 3 points in their Awakening Gauge for that Style, which can be obtained in several different ways:

  • Encountering the 5★ version of the Style from the Gallery of Dreams will add 1 Point.
    • Encountering the Style at 4★ will NOT add any points
  • Using an Allcosmos or Style-specific Starchart will add 1 Point.
  • If you already own the 5★ version of an older character Style (released before V3.3.100) for which Stellar Awakening is added in an update, their Awakening Gauge will start with 1 Point.
  • Encountering a Stellar Awakened 5★ Style via a Pick-Up Bonus Encounter for that style will immediately fill the Gauge by the full 3 Points.

Free Characters[edit]

Free Characters (e.g. Aldo) need Style-specific or event-specific Starcharts obtained through other means (such as Astral Archive) to fill their Awakening Gauge. Free Characters can NOT use Allcosmos Starcharts to fill their Awakening Gauge.

Style Specific Starcharts[edit]

Character Styles released before V3.3.100 (November 24, 2023), for which Stellar Awakening is available will have 2 Style-specific Starcharts available to purchase from the Nopaew Emporium for 400 Another dungeon token.pngTsubura's Gems each.

  • Any extra Style-specific Starcharts can be burned at the Bonfire for an extra 10 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png generic item based off the associated character.
  • For characters released during or after V3.3.100, currently there is no method to get their style-specific Starcharts.

Allcosmos Starchart[edit]

Allcosmos Starcharts are available through Monthly Trials. 1 Allcosmos Starchart can be used to fill the Stellar Awakening Gauge of a Gallery of Dreams character by 1 point without needing to use a Style-specific Starchart or encounter that character again in the Gallery of Dreams.

  • 1 is currently available per month to all users for free by completing the "Win 100 Battles" Trial of a Warrior, and more may be made available to paid subscribers in the future.

Allcosmos Fragments[edit]

At the Nopaew Conservator, you can exchange 10 Allcosmos Fragments for 1 Allcosmos Starchart.

Allcosmos Fragments can only be obtained through clearing the the Trials of Heaven and Trials of Land which are only given to players subscribed to the Guide of the Heaven and or Guide of the Land subscription plans.

  • You can get 6 Allcosmos Fragments if subscribed to both subscription plans.
  • You can get 12 Allcosmos Fragments if subscribed to both subscription plans with an active period of 2+ months of being subscribed.

Voice Lines[edit]

When a character is Stellar Awakened, they will obtain new voice lines. Characters must be in the frontline of the active party for their voice line to play. Below are the following situations where you can hear these voice lines:

  • When activating Stellar Burst
  • When beginning and winning a battle with another Stellar Awakened character.
  • When adding/removing a character into a party
  • When the party is idle
  • When food is consumed
  • When resting at an inn (Not applicable to all inns)
  • When talking to a cat or swapping cats
  • When posing for sightseeing locations
  • When receiving something from Lynx delivery service

Skillset Adjustments[edit]

For character styles released before V3.3.100, the release of their Stellar Awakening will sometimes have their base skills improved. The changes will also be applied to skills modified by the manifest and true manifest as well if applicable.

Pick-up Bonus[edit]

Cerius unlocking his Stellar Awakening during Pick-up campaign

When you encounter a 5★ character copy of a "Pick-Up Bonus target character" within the period of a Pick-up Bonus Encounter, the character will be immediately Stellar Awakened and their Stellar Board will be unlocked.

In addition, when you encounter a 5★ character copy for characters who have already been Stellar Awakened, you will receive more Light/Shadow points, or Light/Shadow granting items for the relevant type (from 16 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png to 26 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png).

5★ Target Character Pulled Pickup Bonus No Pickup Bonus
Awakening Gauge Increase
Released after Nov 24, 2023 (≥ V3.3.100) +3 +1

Stellar Board[edit]

After unlocking Stellar Awakening, you can use Stellar Points (SP) to purchase level cap increases, new skills/passives, or permanent Stat increases. SP can be obtained via Light/Shadow Bonuses when the character reaches certain Light/Shadow thresholds (see below).

Stellar Points and Stellar Board Maximization[edit]

Stellar Points unlock nodes. A stellar awakened character get 20 Stellar Points at 15, 30, 50, & 80 increments of Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png

  • You must have the 5★ version of the character to see the Stellar Board.
    • The character must be Lv80 to unlock the stellar skill node
  • A total of 80 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png is required to fully unlock the Stellar Board.
    • If focusing on just skill and passives, you can obtain with 15 Stellar Points. However it should be noted that a character only get their first 20 Stellar Points when they have 15 Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png.
  • Unlike with Ability Points, Stelar Points are unique to the style so spending points on 1 style will not affect the Stellar Points for other styles.
  • There is NO way to reset activated nodes so if you need more Stellar Points, you must have the character hit the next threshold requirement of Destiny ten item.png/Destiny mei item.png to get more points.
  • A character will not receive any additional Ability Points past Level 80.
Maxed Stellar Board of Aldo

Nodes are separated into different categories.

Explaination Node Amount
Max Level (+5) 4
Stellar Skill 1
Stellar Skill+ 1
Ability (Passive Skills) 3
Ability+ (Improved Passive Skills) 3
All Stats+ 4
Defined Stat+ 6
HP/MP+ 6
Total: 28

Nodes' cost is determined by their position. First two closest to center (defined stats, stellar skill, abilities and first 2 increasing max level) cost 1 SP each, third ones (stellar skill+, abilities+ and other 2 increasing max level) cost 3 SP each, and the rest cost 5 SP each.

Recommendation on Spending Nodes[edit]

  • The 20 Stellar Points threshold should be aimed towards getting the Stellar Skill, Passives, and their related upgrades as this will strengthen your character abilities.
  • The 40 Stellar Points threshold should be aimed towards getting the Max Level Nodes as the stats increases from Lv 80-100 will generally be more than what the other stats nodes provide.
  • The 60 Stellar Points threshold varies depending on how the character will be utilized.
    • HP: If survival is a concern, increasing HP can be helpful.
    • MP: If using Mp physical127 el up.png Singular Focus or Status Mental Focus.png Mental Focus, increasing the MP is a good way to increase damage potential.
    • Stats: If the character is dependent on a particular stat for skill or looking to improve all stats.
  • The 80 Stellar Points threshold will unlock everything on the Stellar Board.

Stellar Skill[edit]

The Stellar Skill is a unique skill that can be obtained only from the Stellar Board and can be equipped similar to other skills. The Stellar Skill has 2 levels, the base form and the upgraded form. This skill has extra benefits when used in Stellar Burst and will be highlighted when using Stellar Burst.


3 passive abilities can be obtained. Similar to the Stellar Skill, each ability has 2 levels: the base form and the upgraded form. Abilities are divided into 3 types and all characters can obtain 1 of each.

  • Passive unique to the character to assist their base kit.
  • Stellar Burst Activation Bonus are activated when Stellar Burst is activated and there is a Light or Shadow Flux. This passive usually lasts for the current turn only.
  • Stellar Burst Gauge Fill Bonus can provide increased Stellar Burst Gauge Fill rate depending on your ability to fulfil the requirements during the turn.

Stellar Burst[edit]

Light/Shadow Gauge (Stellar Burst)
Stellar Burst Preview

When a Stellar Awakened character is in the party, a light/shadow gauge will be displayed in battle. The stellar Burst Gauge can be filled in the following ways

  • Battle Start Depending on the number of Light/shadow allies in the frontline
  • During battle, based on when Light/Shadow character take actions.
  • Note that as long as the Gauge is shown, even characters who are not Stellar Awakened can contribute to the Gauge.

Once the Light / Shadow Gauge is full, you can perform a Stellar Burst. You can then select skills and those will activate without spending a turn.

  • The Stellar Burst can be activated as long as at least 1 Stellar Awakened character is active in the frontline.
    • If all Stellar Awakened characters are KO or in the reserves, the Stellar Burst can not be activated.
  • Up to 4 Stellar Awakened characters can participate in a Stellar Burst.
  • While you can use any skill during Stellar Burst, the Stellar skills obtained from the Stellar Board will be empowered.

Stellar Burst has the following rules:

  • Will not increase Another Force Gauge
  • Will not influence the EX Gauge
  • Moves used within Stellar Burst outside of AF will consume MP
  • Can be initiated while Another Force is active.
    • Another Force will be temporarily halted while the Stellar Burst activates
    • Stellar Burst used in Another Force cannot be canceled.
    • Stellar Bursts do not increase Combo% but skills will be calculated based on Combo% when used in Another Force
  • Moves used during Stellar Bursts happen simultaneously

Building Stellar Burst Gauge[edit]

  • At Battle Start, the gauge will be prefilled a value (12.5% max) per each unit in the frontline with same type as their alignment (Destiny ten item.pngLight or Destiny mei item.pngShadow). There is no check on the amount of Light/Shadow each unit has.
  • The Gauge is increased by 2.5% for each allies' action
    • The increased type will be based off the character's alignment
    • Switching to the reserves will not increase the gauge however, switching a reserve character to the frontline and activating their Valor Chant will increase the gauge
    • Multi-moves skills and Lunatic - Copy will not provide extra increase to the gauge.
    • End of Turn actions will not contribute to the gauge.
    • Stellar Burst Gauge Fill Bonus upgraded ability will double the user's charge rate (5%) when active.

Light / Shadow Flux[edit]

Light Flux Shadow Flux Light & Shadow Flux

Depending on whether your Gauge primary stores Light or Shadow energy, The Stellar Burst will enter the Light or Shadow Flux. Some Stellar burst passives will activate if Light or Shadow Flux takes place.