Turn Order

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Battles generally follow the following order within each turn, but exceptions exist. Note that Another Force is not included in this list to keep things simplified.

  1. Start of battle
  2. Enemy start-of-turn actions; Bag Baddies "# more turns"
  3. Party start-of-turn actions (in order of character placement: left to right)
  4. Sidekick Charged Skills and Stellar Burst
  5. Enemy and party preemptive actions (in order of speed, with RNG ±10%)
  6. Enemy and party normal actions (in order of speed, with RNG ±10%)
  7. Enemy and party delayed actions (in order of speed, with RNG ±10%)
  8. Party preemptive end-of-turn actions (in order of speed, with RNG ±10%)
  9. Party end-of-turn actions (in order of speed, with RNG ±10%)
  10. Party/Enemy Regen
  11. Buffs, debuffs, statuses end of turn (including recovery from status); End of Flash Zone or Awakened Zone
  12. Pain/Poison damage
  13. Enemy end-of-turn actions
  14. Party other end-of-turn effects: party heal/buffs/stacks based on no. of moves/actions; most Song effects excluding attacks
  15. Environmental end-of-turn effects: status apply etc.
  16. Waves of [Zone] energy fill the area
  17. All status status icons disappear temporarily, HP/MP recovery for party reserve members, turn switching for singing
  18. Go back to No. 2 if all enemies are not defeated, otherwise go to No. 19
  19. End of Battle action (After victory in battle effect)


  • Preemptive end-of-turn actions can be only executed using Falcon Grasta or Falcon Badge on a turn where Another Force was used.
  • No. 14 (party end-of-turn actions) example: Pizzica's Oratorio can be used to cleanse Kikyo (Another Style)'s stun from Overdrive ending if Kikyo is placed to the left of Pizzica.
  • Note that the end-of-turn actions from no. 8 is done before recovery from status (e.g. stun, sleep, etc) so such actions may be skipped if the character is afflicted with such statuses, while that of No. 13 is done after recovery from status.
  • In Battle Simulator, upon defeating the last enemy in a wave, the next wave starts and all remaining actions are skipped, continuing instead from No. 10 (Regen).
  • Flash Strike Stance may be overwritten by another zone by the enemy in some cases, but may overwrite enemy zones in others.
  • Counters follow in order of character placement: left to right

Counting Rules[edit]

When some effect of some buff or stack is based on number of %some_type% moves/actions/attacks count in same or previous turn, there are some generic rules that apply for such counting:

  • Conditions apply to the precise moment of effect deployment - things like "when in %some% zone", "when %something%"
    • #3 in Turn Order for Start of Turn effects
    • #14 in Turn Order for End of Turn effects.
    • Order of previous deployments of zones/conditions in counted turn is not taken into account.
    • Moves happen inside or outside required Zone - is not taken into account.
  • Double moves from Awaken crystal.png Copy status are counted twice
  • Repeat moves from "Attack again" skills are counted as much as they repeat.
  • Attacks from St cooperation attack.png Link are counted as an additonal move.
  • End-of-Turn, counters, knocked back or dead allies' moves are not counted.

Examples for when moves are counted while considering the moment of activation:

  • Counting Earth moves for End of Turn or Start of Turn condition "When in Earth zone":
    • Moves counted: Earth moves happen without zone or in any other zone, and then Earth Zone is deployed next by enemy or by next moves/vc before #14(for EoT) of current turn or #3 (for SoT) of next turn
    • Moves are not counted: Earth moves happen in Earth zone, but Earth zone is removed or changed or ends at #11 before #14 or before #3 of next turn.