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The following is Upcoming Content mentioned in official Another Eden livestreams[1][2][3][4] which is expected to be released at a later date.

An estimated time, with update interval of 15 days after last known update date, has also been included on when to expect the content to be released, however, this timeline is entirely speculative and should not be taken as law.

  • For the first seven days of each month, there is a paid banner known as Seven Days Encounter where there is a rate up for 3 defined characters.
  • Future generally defines things mentioned as upcoming content from Another Eden livestreams or from interviews that don't have a clear release date.

Version Content New Characters Release Date
  • Cat Related Content
  • Episode: Wryz Saga III
?? March 2024
  • Stellar Awakening: Tiramisu
  • Manifestation: Tiramisu
  • EXP Content
  • Main Story: Chronos Empire Strikes Back Volume 3
  • Main Story: Chronos Empire Strikes Back Volume 4
  • QOL updates: Grasta Organization, Badges and Badge Recycling