Wanderer in the Binding Night/Blackbird

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Suggested Level 80
Start Location Arat: Maze Village
Gem.png x1004 q.png
Release Date July 14, 2023


Noahxis is lost in thought in Arat. What truly lies at the end of his piercing, cold gaze?


Quest Step Destination Notes
Check around Arat Arat: Maze Village -
Check around Arat a little more. Arat: Maze Village - Relic Stockyard -
Make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Arat: Maze Village - Timetwisted Maze Entrance -
Collect everyone and share your decision. Arat: Maze Village Battle Lv140 SD-148
Interacting with purple glow next to Some Guy will allow you to fight the Original SD-148 to get Ability orb undividable.png Almighty Power (Avenger)