Wanderer in the Binding Night/A Cardinal Flower

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A Cardinal Flower
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Cochlea Castle Town
Release Date July 14, 2023


Nona invites Aldo to visit her home, Cochlea, But they find something unthinkable while exploring.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Let Nona show you around Cochlea. Cochlea Castle Town -
Look for shredded thread in Cochlea Castle Town. Cochlea Castle Town Watch two cutscenes
Return to Cochlea Castle. Cochlea Kingdom 1F -
Jump into the dimensional rift. Cochlea Kingdom - Nona's Room Battle with Lv110 Time Anti-Spiral
Witness the end in the castle garden. Cochlea Kingdom - Garden East -
Talk to the queen after quest competition Cochlea Kingdom - Throne Room Witness a special cutscene
Interacting with purple glow in Nona's Bedroom will allow you to fight the Original Time Anti-Spiral to get Nona (Another Style) VC Grasta