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Pisce (Rarity: 3-4★)

2000000007 command.png
How to obtain:
Astral Archive: Reach Repair Level 10, Initiate Cutscene at Spacetime Rift, & Defeat Zodiac: Celestial Sea Twinfish,


Skill Name
Ele Element 
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
MP 1
AutoRegen all party members (3 times) and Intelligence of all party members +10% (3 turns: max stack x5, +30%)
  • Regen and Buff amount increases from stats
AuraActivation condition: When W thick fog evolution.png "Phantom Mist" environmental effect is active
  • Type attack of all party members +30%
Sidekicks are characters' friends and allies or even traveling partners or other companions. Add a Sidekick to your party and they'll assist you in battle. Sidekick appears as the 5th front member and supports the battle.

In addition to assisting with auto-attacks during battle, various effects can be activated by consuming "charge", and if conditions are met, it is possible to exert "aura" that gives effects to the target.

Sidekicks can be selected from the Sidekick button shown at the tip of the Party screen. You have a limit of have 2 sidekick in a party where one is the Main Sidkick and the other is a Sub Sidekick and similiar to characters you can swap sidekick using the Sidekick button next to Attack button.

Sidekicks Ranks[edit]

Like characters, Sidekicks rank from 3★ to 5★, and by leveling up, their stats can be raised as well. Battle with them to make them stronger!

Rarity Level Unlocked abilities
3★ 50 Auto skill
4★ 60 Auto skill Aura 1
5★ 80 Auto skill Aura 1 Aura 2 Charge skill


Encounter them in the Gallery of Dreams[edit]

Certain characters have 5★ class styles that, when unlocked, add a sidekick to your party. Note: If encountered at 4★, the Sidekick will join when you class change to the corresponding 5★.

Encounter them through Events[edit]

While adventuring, you may meet Sidekicks who will join you of their own will. Talk to the Sidekick Guy on the second floor of Time's Forgotten Stop to get the latest info on where these meetings await you.


Auto Skills[edit]

Sidekicks will use skills in battle with set timing. These Auto Skills will also build up Charge. Charge is shared among all Sidekicks in the current Party.


Sidekicks have an innate type similar to how characters are grouped by weapons. There are 5 types and while unnamed defined the auto skill role of the sidekick.

  • 202000000 icon.png Magic Attacker
  • 202000001 icon.png Physical Attacker
  • 202000008 icon.png Buffer
  • 202000009 icon.png Debuffer
  • 202000010 icon.png Healer

Charge Skills[edit]

5★ Sidekicks have special skills called Charge Skills. If your equipped Sidekick has a Charge Skill, once you have enough Charge saved up, you can activate the Charge Skill on your turn. Note that using a Charge skill wil not advance the turn counter.

Aura1.pngAura2.pngAura3.pngAura4.png Auras[edit]

Auras are abilites that activate when certain conditions are fulfilled in battle. Once an Aura's conditions are fulfilled, it will last the rest of the battle. Sub Sidekick's Auras can also affect a battle, so be sure to keep them in mind when forming your parties. Enemy Auras can be stopped by defeating the caster, but Sidekicks cannot be defeated.

Main & Sub Sidekicks[edit]

A Main Sidekick will be on the frontline when you enter battle, and you can also set a Sub Sidekick as backup. The Main Sidekick can use all of their skills, but the Sub Sidekick will only activate their Aura abilities. Just like characters, you can change out your Main and Sub Sidekicks in battle.

Sidekick Growth[edit]

Sidekicks gain experience through battle. When they level up, their base stats, Potential, will increase. By adding Potential to stats given by equipment, the total value of a Sidekick's strength, Might is determined. Note, you can't use Low Class Scroll, Medium Class Scroll, or High Class Scroll to level them up.

Stats Affected By Might[edit]

Stat Name Description
ATK Physical Damage
M.ATK Magic Damage
SUP Buff Skills
OBS Debuff Skills
RES Restore Skills
SPD Move Order


Sidekick Equipment can be found or bought in your travels. Equipment can modify Sidekick stats or skills. All Sidekick equipment has the Equipment (EQP) stat, which when added to a Sidekick's Potential (POT), adds up to the Might (MIT) stat, which affects Sidekick stats.

[math]\displaystyle{ Might = (Equipment Stats + Potential) }[/math]

Enhancing Sidekick Equipment[edit]

Sidekick Equipment can be enhanced in certain locations. Enhancing can increase the power of abilities the item has. Different equipment take differing amounts of resources to enhance. The stronger the equipment, the harder it is to enhance.

The enchanter can be found in the following locations after you obtain your first equipment.

Released Sidekicks
Sidekick Equipment
Sidekick Equipment