Storm King Ikaruga

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Introduction: In the Omega Incident, the Hurricanes' head, Ikaruga, summoned winds so strong whole buildings collapsed. I've been following him these three years since, and he's now in Gazarak. This is our chance to draw him out.


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Gold Rank Badge.pngUnstoppableDefeat [Storm King] IkarugaGem.png x50

[Storm King] Ikaruga - Blistering Isle Gazarak (Lv.140)[1]

Blistering Isle Gazarak
Change.png to image to stats
730.764M 730,764,032 
Weakness.png Overrides:
  • Resist
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
Absorption.png Overrides:
  • Normal 
  • Water

    Skills: [Storm King] Ikaruga (Bounty)

    Aura Aura1.png Flashing Wings Crest
    • When SPD is 600 or above
      Single enemy/party member
    Aura Aura3.png Mach Force
    • When receives Weakness.png weak point damage
      Single enemy
      • Physical and Magic resistance +90%
      • SPD x2
    Environmental Effect W dry evolution.png Extreme Heatwave
    • Sun Kissed (MP consumption Adjust): MP cost down.png MP consumption -60%
    • Hot Flash (Status Effect): Start of Turn Inflicts Pain.png Pain
    • Heat Stroke (Damage Effect): Start of Turn Take 5% of max HP damage
    Battle Start Give Status Barrier.png Barrier on user with 100% damage reduction (30 time)
    Preemptive Deploy Thunder Zone during first turn of battle
    50% HP Stopper
    25% HP Stopper
    Deals damage to all enemies equal to 50% of their Max HP + Fixed 1500 damage to all enemies
    Reapplies Status Barrier.png Barrier on user with 100% damage reduction (30 time)
    Deploys Thunder Zone
    Clears all buffs and debuffs from allies and enemies
    1 32-Cylinder Steam Engine
    Storm Road
    Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
    Preemptive Buffs SPD M (+40%), Slash, Piercing, Blunt, Magic resistances M (3 turns)
    Skill Type 2 16.png Thunder Pierce 
    Preemptive Thunder-type piercing attack to all enemies + Thunder RES Down + Inflict Status Stun.png Stun
    2 Summit RoadDeals damage to all enemies equal to 50% of their Max HP
    3 Pulse DriveDeals damage to single enemy equal to 99% of their current HP + Knockback
    4 Call of Zeus
    Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder 
    Thunder-type magic attack to all enemies + SPD Down + Thunder RES Down + Inflict Status Stun.png Stun
    At the end of 12th turn Deals 99,999 damage to all enemies


    • The boss loses 1/20th of its Max HP in damage from the environment each turn.
      • This can cleverly be exploited to set off stoppers without accidentally killing the party; if using T1AF, deal more than 45% of the boss' HP without hitting stopper, while surviving the boss' attack and having more than 3000 HP in healing after said attack, such as regen, end of turn actions or Tetra. Environment damage will trigger the boss' first HP stopper at the start of next turn, averting a total party kill had it been triggered the previous turn.
    • Having everyone in the party with HP above 4500 helps the team survive the first few turns.
    1. Enemy stats research by @starry☆sky google doc