Speed Control

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Speed is broken down into 3 tiers and go in the following order for Turn Order.

  1. Preemptive
  2. Default
  3. Delayed

Speed also reduces the "cooldown" a character has when casting a skill during Another Force. This page focuses more on speed control outside of Another Force. See that page for details during Another Force.

To ensure a certain character go first in the same speed tier, you can use the following calculation where you use the highest SPD to identify the minimum SPD you need to be to out-speed them [math]\displaystyle{ Max SPD \times 1.1 \div 0.9 = Min SPD }[/math]

It should be noted that in a given Battle Turn, within a specific tier, there is a RNG of ±10% for SPD for both characters and enemies.

If a skill does not have the keyword of Preemptive or Delayed, and is not considered a Passive skill, or Charged, it is considered to be on the default speed tier.

End of Turn works with the speed tier but at a different Turn Order.


Outside of characters' skills being Preemptive, there are a couple of ways to enable Preemptive. Below are a list of equipment that can enable this. It should be noted that the equipment that enable this only apply for 1 turn.

Ambush Tactics & Falcon Badge/Grasta Explanation[edit]

This covers the Mechani Weapons Set, Falcon Badges, and Falcon Grastas If equipped by a character, Ambush Tactics and Falcon effects allows the first move by the character in battle to be Preemptive

  • Effect not consumed in Another Force (AF)
    • End-of-turn (EoT) moves after Turn 1 AF ends will consume this effect and become preemptive EoT moves
    • If no EoT move is used by a character, the first move in Turn 2 will consume this effect instead
  • Effect consumed by frontline character moving to reserve or switching with backline character
    • Effect not consumed by reserve character here
  • Effect not consumed if remaining in reserve
  • Effect consumed if moving to frontline without switching with another character
  • Effect consumed by skills with innate priority
  • Effect consumed by but does not have any effect on skills with reverse priority
  • St change action priority down.png Delay ignores the Preemptive effect given by equipment so moves would be considered Delayed

The other way to enable Preemptive to skills that don't have Preemptive.

Character(s) Skill & Effects
Skill Type 2 4.png Wind Pierce 
MP 22
Wind type piercing attack on a single enemy (M)
  • St change action priority up.png First Strike: Preemptive action to all party members (3 turns)
    • Will not override Delayed moves
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
MP 20
Grant St change action priority up.png First Strike: Preemptive action to all party members (1 turn)
  • Will not override Delayed moves


Action order127 el up.png Eagle Eyes, which increases any damage if acting after enemy, can take advantage of this speed tier as it generally allows it to be the last move of the turn excluding End of Turn Attack. See here for details.

Currently, there is only 1 method to enable Delayed to skills that don't have Delayed.

Character(s) Skill & Effects
Skill Type 1 8.png Water Slash 
MP 40
Water type slash attack on all enemies (L)
  • St change action priority down.png Delayed action to all party members (1 turn)
    • Will not override Preemptive moves
  • Give Action order127 el up.pngEagle Eyes to all party members (1 turn)
    • +60% damage if enemy moves before user.
  • Give Status Barrier.png Barrier to all party members that reduces damage by 50% (1 time, 1 turn)
  • When in Another Zone: Power and Intelligence of all enemies -25% (current turn only).

Delayed No Damage Multiplier[edit]

Moves like Petalfall and Monde Enlisant, have a multiplier on the condition that if the defined target hadn't been damaged this turn, which require that not only do you not damage the target but the target does not self-inflict damage against itself (or an enemy does damage against the target). However there are cases where certain damage does not break this condition and are listed down below.

  • 0 damage from other party members against the target
  • Attacks that are Absorption.png by the target
  • Attacks that reduce the target's MP do not count
  • Attacks that are considered to be before "5: Enemy and party preemptive actions" in Turn Order
  • Attacks that are considered to be after "7: Enemy and party delayed actions" in Turn Order


By default, there are many reasons to increase/decrease speed and below lists some equipment that modify the Speed stat. This list is not meant to be exhaustive but to give a good idea of the range you can adjust to.

Equipment Equipment Type Range
Speed Equipment (Overview)
Increase Speed
Aceto Vita (Reforged) & Hecate's Shadow (Reforged) Weapon +30-50
Lunar Weapons Set Weapon +30
Prometerium (Reforged) Weapon +20-40
Plasma Weapon Set Weapon +20
Prismatic Weapons Set Weapon +20
Pitch-Dark Bracelet Pitch-Dark Necklace, & Pitch-Dark Ring Armor +20
Fire Spirit Bracelet, Water Spirit Bracelet, & Sylph Bracelet Armor +20
Dream Ring & Cruel Angel's Necklace Armor +20
Lost Night Bracelet Lost Night Necklace, & Lost Night Ring Armor +15
Stamped Bracelet Stamped Necklace, & Stamped Ring Armor +25-35
Falcon Weapons Set Weapon +15
Anti-Lightning & Anti-Shade Armor Set Armor +10
Speed Badges Badge +1-50
Decrease Speed
Indomitable Weapons and Armor Set Weapon/Armor -30
Heavy Duty Badge Badge -30
Soothing Bell Sidekick Gear -100
Giant's Badge Badge -100