First Knight and the Holy Sword/Bonus

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Enhance Special Attack (Miglance)[edit]

After Chapter 2, you can purchase bouquets from a girl in Uruala for 100 Git apiece. Lay them out at each grave on the north end of the map. The girl only stocks 3 at a time, but replenishes within 15 minutes. Once you've laid bouquets in front of all 11 graves, return to town and ring the bell in the center (tap the bell - it does not have a marker). The old man will reward you with this special Grasta.

Toil and Trouble[edit]

At the bottom-left room of Burning Beast King's Castle 4F (Parallel Time Layer), speak to the beast inside to obtain a Chemical Base. Bring it to the cauldron room in the Beast King's Castle 3F Lodgings (Present), and you will obtain Chemistry Intellect. It is used for creating Alchemic Pinnacle.

Second Adamantine Weapon[edit]

A Second Adamantine Weapon is obtainable after doing the First Knight and the Holy Sword Side story. After finishing the Episode, investigate the second floor of Parallel Miglance Castle, and check behind the bookcase in Deirdre's Quarters. You will get another Geo Metal Lock Box, and create a second Adamantine Weapon like you did with your first.

Deirdre's Grastas and Verweil[edit]

After completing the episode, bring Deirdre to the mirror where you unlock manifest weapons. While the Demon Grandpa will initially decline a manifest battle for Deirdre, a prompt for different cutscene appears right next to the mirror, and trigger the fight for Demon Sword Verweil. After obtaining Verweil, you will need to unlock its full power like any other manifest.

There are a total of three Unified Knight Proofs for Deirdre. The first is obtained from the Resistance Battle, which can be revisited in the Spacetime Rift (choose Parallel Serena Coast). You need to finish within 8 turns to earn the Grasta.

The other two Unified Knight Proofs are obtained by trading in The Port City of Rinde at night. Speak with the man at the base of the lighthouse. You will need to exchange ten Tempered Cores and ten Rippling Mushrooms from the Berserk Tempered Hound and Celestial Mushroom respectively.

Bria's 5★ Upgrade[edit]

You first need to complete the Episode, and upgrade her to her 4★ form with a Griffin Lance Tome. The Episode will grant you a guaranteed Griffin Lance Tome at 37,500 Ethereal Dewdrops.

Bring Bria to the normal Serena Coast to commence her 5★ upgrade quest. Complete it at Karek Swampland. This will unlock the 5★ board, but Bria will require an Areth's Diamond Tome and 5 Chant Scripts to fully upgrade.

Guildna's Personal Armor[edit]

In Burning Beast King's Castle 3F (first accessed from 4F terrace), if you bring 3 lunchboxes to the Nopaew you'll receive Guildna's personal armor Bracelet of Despair. To find out what kind of lunchbox the Nopaew wants, you need to have Poporo in your party to translate.

The Nopaew will ask for a random food item from the Miglenia Continent in any of the three time periods. The hint always corresponds to the message you get after eating a food item. You may also be asked for a food that you have not eaten before.


Description Item Location
So spicy it'll knock your socks off Spicy Sorjan Ratle
Cold and jiggly Chilled Sphere Cotta Acteul
Refreshingly Salty Soup Chilled Dragon Soba Dragon Palace Inn
Spiced jerky Ultra Jerky Palsifal Palace
Meat that'll melt in your mouth Slow-Cooked Piggle Sarupa
He is so full Kasumi Lunch Box Purgatory


Description Item Location
Sweet yet bitter Vermillion Road Dango The Port City of Rinde (Stall Market - left merchant)
Fluffy Crackle Corn The Port City of Rinde (Stall Market - right merchant)
Meaty and juicy Demille Kebab The Port City of Rinde (Stall Market - middle merchant)
Stringy cheese Quattro Fritt'malle The Port City of Rinde Inn
Sour with a good taste Aigre Saint-Jacques The Port City of Rinde (The Resistance Base Below Deck - Crew Quarters)
Sweet and chewy Roasted Shelter Crab The Port City of Rinde (The Resistance Base Below Deck - recruited chef)
Meat with an exciting texture Imperial Meat Soup Parallel Unigan
Well-cooked stew Urualish Stew Uruala
With a superb taste Feinne’s Sandwiches Baruoki
Simple dish Imperial Bean Soup Unigan
Tasty salted fish Delish Fish Dish Rinde
Perfectly spiced Wrap Do Zalsa Zarbo
Saltiness that spreads through your body Wild Veggie Pickle Set Mining Village Horai Inn
I miss the taste of home Po Po! Paew-koo Rucyana Sands - Underground Village


Description Item Location
Condensed beef stock Esta-Style Roast Beef Elzion Gamma District
True culinary masterpiece Tarte Supreme Nilva
Simple and healthy Lauly Bread and Salad Laula Dome
Fresh with spicy sauce Rift Crew Sandwiches The Riftbreaker
Filled with enthusiasm Red Cap P IDA School H Block
Medicine for a sickness Ruonamo Denna Mayu's Dream World - Hospital 1F
Unique flavor Omnipop Elzion Medical University Hospital 1F
Taste that he's had before but couldn't remember Promised Fruit Spacetime Rift

Lost Puppet[edit]

At the Port City of Rinde at night, head to the upper platform and speak with the girl by the benches. She'll tell you to look for her puppet.

  • Talk with the Elder in the house to the right of the inn.
  • Travel to the roof of the lighthouse and speak with the guy. He'll muse about the lone girl.
  • Check back between the girl and the above two NPCs. Their dialogue should change.
    • The Elder should warn you to stay in lit areas or be lost like his daughter.
    • The man on the lighthouse should advise you to speak directly to the girl to go home, and be surprised at her disappearance.
  • The girl disappears from the upper square. No information is known about how to continue from here.


  • You can find a free MP (sword) grasta in Uruala if you go to the well and follow the underground path to another well, exit and speak to the man sitting on the bench there