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Unigan Present
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Era Present
Continent Miglenia
Chapter Unlocked 12

Food Lunch item.pngImperial Bean Soup
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The human capital of Miglance.


Personalities Era Release Date
101000031 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 0.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Present 2019-01-28
101060111 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 2.png
202000006 icon.png216000003 icon.png
Present 2019-12-05
101070101 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 4.png
202000007 icon.png216000002 icon.png
Present 2020-10-14
101000301 rank5 command.png
Luring Shadow Icon.png
Skill Type 8 1.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Present 2022-08-12
101010161 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 8.png
202000001 icon.png216000002 icon.png
Present 2023-08-25
101000361 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 2.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Present 2023-10-25


Id Name Gender Personality Type Skill Effect Valor Chant Home Unique Gift Common Gift Liked Gifts Loved Gifts
28 411001015 l.pngVeego Female Carefree Swipe type.png DEF-20% ATK-30% Unigan - South East Cat's Claw Cat Ore Decent Small Fish, Winged Fish Yummy Small Fish, Dwelling Crab
29 411003007 l.pngLemeks Female Sleepy Pounce type.png LCK+50% ATK-30% Unigan - South West Kitty Gold Flecks Cat Ore Decent Small Fish, Cute Butterfly Yummy Small Fish, Winged Fish
30 411004004 l.pngEepan Female Docile Scratch type.png ATK-10% DEF-30% Unigan - West Feather Present Squishy Furball Decent Small Fish, Dwelling Crab Yummy Small Fish, Winged Fish
31 411005004 l.pngBalu Female Gourmand Scratch type.png ATK+10% ATK-30% Unigan - East Dirty Fabric Clean Scrap Decent Small Fish, Dwelling Crab Yummy Small Fish, Cute Butterfly


Name Type Sell Price Obtain
Carnerion Common Stone Gold.png284 Karek Swampland, Unigan
Cat Ore Common Ore/Metal Gold.png147 Rinde (x3), Serena Coast (x1), Unigan - Lemeks (Bottom Left), Unigan - Veego (Bottom Right), Serena Coast - Penne (Top Middle)
Cat's Claw Uncommon Ore/Metal Gold.png214 Unigan — Veego
Clean Scrap Common Cloth Gold.png141 Unigan (x3), Karek Swampland (x1), Unigan - Balu (Top Right), Rinde - Dora (Top), Rinde - Meloe (Middle)
Dirty Fabric Uncommon Cloth Gold.png314 Balu - Unigan
Feather Present Uncommon Feather Gold.png290 Eepan - Unigan
Kitty Gold Flecks Uncommon Ore/Metal Gold.png417 Lemeks - Unigan
Lotus Common Plant Gold.png231 Karek Swampland, Unigan
Squishy Furball Common Thread Gold.png135 Baruoki (x2), Karek Swampland (x2), Nuaru Uplands - Leale (Top), Unigan - Eepan (Top Left), Serena Coast - Kolone (Bottom), Serena Coast - Brom (Left)


Name Recommended Level Summary
Noble Necklace Aldo and company go to Unigan to gather information about a necklace made by abbetos which is popular amongst nobles.
The Painting Split At Hardy's suggestion, Aldo decides to get his hands on a painting done by the famous Unigan painter, Leonardo.
Commander's Ax and Armored Sheep Aldo looks for Benedict to return a lost item. The woman he meets has the same goal... or maybe not..
Awaken: Gariyu This is the series of battles that are required to unlock Gariyu's Another Style. Gariyu must be in your party for all of the battles.
A Black Cat Emergency! As Varuo hangs about in Unigan, someone he's never met approaches him. The person is apparently mistaking him for another cat.
Where Stories Meet Aldo and friends notice strange things are afoot at the Unigan Tavern. Then suddenly, a boy appears with a problem. His once gentle parents have begun doing evil.
Sword Hunter: Dark Wings While walking through Unigan, Aldo encounters three suspicious people. Apparently, they are all after one thing -- Ogre Rancorem.
Worries of a Carpenter The Carpenter in Unigan has hurt his foot and can no longer work. Find some medicine for him.
The Truth Entrusted to the Dead A widow in Unigan wants her husband's belongings returned from Miglance Castle.
Shocking Super Energy? A scholar in Unigan is researching alternative energy sources to Prisma. Lightning is apparently the key.
Rumors of a Hero A rumor is spreading in Unigan about a hero. When you hear the particulars of the rumor...
But Wait, There's More Deirdre remembers that she was summoned by the Knight Commander. Despite some hesitation, Deirdre decides to respond.
Tails of Time The gang discovers beastfolk are responsible for the not so noble nobles. With one mystery down, the big one remains. How do our new friends get back home?
Hooded Woman Deirdre asks Aldo to meet with her. With her memories regained, she realises that the mysterious hooded woman is the key.
Tails of Time The gang discovers beastfolk are responsible for the not so noble nobles. With one mystery down, the big one remains. How do our new friends get back home?
No Return The Carpenter in Unigan wants someone to find his son. Listen to what he has to say.
This quest is not immediately available after completing the previous quest.
Until We Meet Again... So Long Deirdre has restored the demon sword to full power, but there seems to be something on her mind still...
Signs of a Revival The Carpenter Ketchem has something he wants to say to you. Listen to him.
Last Day of Miglance King Miglance has been staying at an inn since the castle was attacked by the beastfolk. On the outside, he is a symbol of strength and resilience for his people. On the inside, things are more complicated.
Mirror o' Mirror: Recount the Ancient Truth An ogre fortress dropped out of a space-time rift at the ancient battlefield! Together with it came the Thunder King of legend, Palsifal in hand! Aldo will need the magic mirror's help to make sense of this.
Down with the Barrier and out with the Ogres We delivered a blow to Mildy and Clughorn’s ambitions of neohuman dominance, and retrieved the key. We'll now need to assemble our forces before beginning the assault on Ogres Spike.
To the East! Something Awaits Across the Sea One morning as Aldo wakes up in his room in Baruoki, he realizes that somebody had altered the course of history: The Kingdom of Miglance was now under rule of the Eastern Alliance! Just what is The Church of the Time Goddess? Aldo and the party sail the seas to head to the eastern continent.