Octolight Conductors: The Prisoner's Odyssey/Bonus

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Paupers' Mine[edit]

Reunite the Family[edit]

Allure the Laborer Man at the Paupers' Cave Sleep Area (needs Allure Lv. 9), then reunite him with his son, Young Watchman who's standing in front of the Saltore Mines entrance. You gain 1 Luring Shadow (Lance).

Bring a Lost Man to his Supervisor[edit]

Allure the Laborer Youth (needs Allure Lv. 6) in Saltore Mines East (1st map), then bring him to the Laborer Man in Saltore Mines West (1st map). You gain 1 Guiding Light (Hammer).

Atratt Manor[edit]

Help the Young Man Confess[edit]

In Atratt Manor Grounds lowest lane, purchase a bouquet of Pretty Flowers for 1 Coin from Flower Vendor, then hand them to the Young Man to the left of the central house. You gain 1 Luring Shadow (Fists).

Truth about Lucas[edit]

In Atratt Manor Grounds, scrutinize the Elder in the southeastern house at night (needs Scrutinize Lv. 15) to learn where Lucas goes in the evenings. Tell this to his wife in the southwestern house. You gain 2 Guiding Light (Fists).

Feed the Goblins[edit]

In Atratt Manor's 2F West map, collect Fish in southeastern room and purchase Meat and Small Meat from the Feedman for 1 Coin each. Feed the goblins, in order from left to right: Fish, Small Meat, Meat. You gain Obtained EXP+ Badge (50%).

Sigma District[edit]

Sigma District Quiz[edit]

Head to the house in the middle of lower road. Inside Local Boy comes up with a 2 question quiz with a multiple choice of 5 answers. You gain 2 Guiding Light (Bow).

  1. Q: What is the hunter SigmaTuber's follower count?
    A: 100,000 people
  2. Q: What floor of Sigma Tower does Sunny live on?
    A: 7F

Help with Troublesome SigmaTuber[edit]

In Sigma District, allure the Streamer Man who appears at night (needs Allure Lv. 15) and bring him to Streamer Lady dressed like a hunter. You gain 1 Luring Shadow (Hammer).


In Sigma Tower Dining Area (on 5F), allure the Cook (needs Allure Lv. 10) and bring him to the Cooking Streamer in second room (upper right) on 2F. You gain 1 Luring Shadow (Bow).

Get Master Key[edit]

Buy the Gold Synergy and Technobubble from the Shopkeeper Streamer at Sigma Tower 5F Dining Area. Give it to the Science Streamer in Sigma Tower Room 501. Go to the guard room and grab the Master Key

Symphony Character enhancement[edit]

Symphony Characters True Valor Chant Grasta and Weaponry[edit]

  • Partitio:
    • Visit Rickett Manor at night, and look in the upper floors to find the Traveler's Bow.
    • After completing the Symphony, enter Saltore Mines and Scrutinize the old man between both exits (needs Scrutinize Lv. 26). You gain knowledge of an unexplored area. Explore the western region to the Saltore Mines Link and a new "!" icon should be present. Follow it to his TVC Grasta.
  • Cyrus Albright:
    • After completing Some Small Power II, speak with the Butler at the Manor Foyer at night, then enter Atratt Manor 2F. You should see the faded ghost of a soldier. Interact with him and follow him up and to the right. In the next corridor, interact with him again to pick up the missing pages to a log. Enter the room next to him, handing the pages to the maid. She will hand you the Treasury Key. Return to the foyer and unlock the door that contains the Traveler's Rod.
    • Scrutinize the young lady in front of Atratt Manor to learn her name, Tesolo. Allure her (needs Allure Lv. 18) and then bring her home to the house at the center of the map. Scrutinize the old lady in that house (needs Scrutinize Lv. 28) to find the Vacant House Key. Unlock the Vacant House in the northeast region of the Manor Grounds, travel through the secret passageway, and find his TVC Grasta in the Atratt Manor Pantry. The door will lead to 2F Corridor East.
  • Tithi:
    • The Traveler's Plisse is located behind the Horror in Journey's End area 4.
    • Purchase the Mysterious Tower Key for 1 SigmaPay from the Occult Streamer at the Sigma Tower Ground Floor. This unlocks the ability to access 8F. Travel there and find Tithi's TVC Grasta.

Boss Rematches and Ring-Guided Starchart[edit]

After completing the Symphony, you unlock rematches with each area's end boss. Defeating each for the first time earns you a Ring-Guided Starchart.

  • Travel to Rickett Manor at night and enter to interact with Rickett. Purchase a Saltore Mine Depths Key. Return to the Saltore Mine Depths and unlock the door to start the rematch.
  • Enter Atratt Manor 2F in the day, and speak with the boy to get Atratt's Chamber Key. Travel to the end of 5F to unlock Atratt's private chambers to rematch with Transformed Guardy.
  • Return to Sigma Tower 7F to earn the ability to interact with Sunny. Purchase a Premium Key Card for 1 SigmaPay. The rematch with Transformed Sunny is behind the door in the back of her room.
  • Return to the end of the train station and kill the Inimical Travelers' Curse for 3 Ring-Guided Starchart. Notice that the boss is a lot harder now and you must break 3 sets of shields being Fire>Water>Lightning before you can kill the boss and each set of shields must be destroyed within 5 turns or boss resets. Once the boss is out of stacks, weaknesses change to all 3 of Fire, Water and Lightning, but you aren't required to break this set of shields.
  • You can get the last 3 Ring-Guided Starchart by defeating Book of Travelers' Curse STELLA Difficulty at the Astral Archive by doing all pledges.