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Ambush Tactics & Falcon Badge/Grasta Explanation[edit]

This covers the Mechani Weapons Set, Falcon Badges, and Falcon Grastas If equipped by a character, Ambush Tactics and Falcon effects allows the first move by the character in battle to be Preemptive

  • Effect not consumed in Another Force (AF)
    • End-of-turn (EoT) moves after Turn 1 AF ends will consume this effect and become preemptive EoT moves
    • If no EoT move is used by a character, the first move in Turn 2 will consume this effect instead
  • Effect consumed by frontline character moving to reserve or switching with backline character
    • Effect not consumed by reserve character here
  • Effect not consumed if remaining in reserve
  • Effect consumed if moving to frontline without switching with another character
  • Effect consumed by skills with innate priority
  • Effect consumed by but does not have any effect on skills with reverse priority
  • St change action priority down.png Delay ignores the Preemptive effect given by equipment so moves would be considered Delayed