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Introduction Dialog[edit]

Wait, what is going on here? Our positioning system isn’t working? For something like this to happen… I want to ask you about the details later. My name is Cetie. For now, please allow me to accompany you.


An agent working for the Elzion Judiciary. He’s smart with a strong sense of justice and self-confidence, using his skills in data analysis to help his investigations. He’s often seen with two pods. Clock, the black pod, is for processing information. Retro, the white pod, is for… Special tasks.

Other Info[edit]


Character Quests[edit]

Cetie was an orphan who lost his father because he was framed for corruption. Vowing to bring those involved to justice, he quickly rose through the ranks of COA and answers directly to the administrator. He is accompanied by his two trusty companions, Clock and Retro.

It is later revealed Cetie actually works as a double agent for the Cardinal Vestige, a shadowy organization that is above the law and only concerned with making profits in the most efficient way, with no regard for morals. Cetie is stationed in Elzion to supervise the Administrator, who publicly holds the highest command in Elzion.

In his own investigation, he manages to uncover an orphan trafficking incident run by the Cardinal Vestige, which is untouchable. However, he successfully convinces the Cardinal Vestige to halt their sales of brainwashed orphans by arguing the loss of their future potential, for Cetie himself was also once an orphan but is now a valuable asset. Cetie closes the investigation by bringing the orphans under his care, with the help of other trusted people he enlists.

Cetie, as a member of COA, also cooperates with his colleagues to arrest those running afoul of the law. In one task assigned to Renri, he helps to corner the suspect leading to a successful arrest.

In his Another Style quest, it is revealed that Cetie is in fact Hardy's brother.