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How to save and upload sprites[edit]

  • Category that shows enemy pages without sprite images
  • Where to get spine files for sprites and animations:
    • Google drive folder with latest (when its updated) datamined sprites from Another Eden JP version.
    • game file spines are located in:
      • Android: Root access on device is required. (as example use Emulator with enabled Root)
      • Android Global /data/data/games.wfs.anothereden/files/contents/1/files/spines
      • Android Japanese /data/data/net.wrightflyer.anothereden/files/contents/1/files/spines
        • and same place for other numbered folders 1-13
      • Steam: can't be used because files are encrypted.
  • Application to open and save spine files with:
    • SpineViewerWPF
      • do not forget to install listed on main page requirements
      • AE spine version is 2.1.25
      • don't add background to get transparent png (blue default bg = transparent)
  • Category to upload created png images
    • Category:Enemy sprite images
    • 200x200px or 300x300px size should be enough for generic enemy sprites, can be bigger for bosses, be
    • wiki has drag and drop function for mass upload on any edit page. Search "Drop Files Here" place above edit box.
      • when drag and drop files in edit of some category, this category will be attached to all uploaded files automatically.
  • after file is uploaded, set enemy |id=file_name without .png
  • New PNG format:
    • From game versions GL - 2.11.700 (2022.04.27) and JP 2.13.30 (2022.05.25), due to game size optimizations, game started to use the webp compressed format for sprite images or any other game graphics, instead of .png. (File extension are still .png). As of now, SpineViewerWPF does not support importing webp .png files and crashes. So you need to decompress\convert the images from webp .png to generic .png.
      • Wiki can't accept webp files so other game image files need to be converted from .png (hidden .webp file) to .png (generic .png file)/
      • Recommended method is to use pre-complied dwebp binaries that are available for download here. Some other standard methods of re-saving images through apps fail to produce correct .png and import still crashes.
      • How to: download binaries and use decompress tool on each of your files: ./bin/dwebp.exe picture_name.png -o output_name.png


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