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Cat Scratchbook

A gathering place for cats across space and time:
The Cats' Saucer.
Here Aldo meets a cat overflowing with majesty,
and receives a dream journal from her queenly paw.

This journal details the locations of capricious cats
who have left the Saucer to see the world,
and who show no sign of coming home soon.

With only the journal to rely on,
Aldo's cat-finding journey begins anew
across the reaches of space and time...


This mechanic was added in version 3.7.100.

  • Chapter 25 of the Main Story (Part 1) must be cleared.

Start the Cat Scratchbook unlock event by visiting the Spacetime Rift after updating to version 3.7.10. Use the entries in the Cat Scratchbook to find cats out on walks around the world.

Depending on your scratchbook's level, one to three cats will show up and resets every day during daily reset. A cat may need to be found up to 4 times in a single day. Campaigns may add an additional findable cat to your diary.

When a cat can no longer be found and returns to the Cat's Saucer, the portrait will have a stamp on it and the location will be replaced by some text as follows:

Times Found Message
1 Time So, you have returned! I chose my assistant well!
2 Times Nya! I did think you would be returning home shortly, yes!
3 Times You took so long! I was worried! I won't let you go again, you hear me!
4 Times I've been beside myself with worry! But you finally made it back home!

Every time a cat is found, 1 stamp is awarded. If a cats runs away, an additional clue is given, and finding them will award another stamp. Up to 21 weekly stamps can be collected in a week, and every 7th stamp awards 10 Majestic Furballs. Max amount of weekly stamp rewards is dependent on your scratchbook level. Any stamps collected after reaching stamp reward weekly limit still count towards achievement progress and weekly stamps, and are applied if weekly limit is increased.

Depending on main story progress and how many stamps you have cleared, the scratchbook can level up and cats can appear in areas from later parts of the story.


Level Main Story Requirement Cat Stamps Needed Cat Areas Unlocked Daily Cats Background Max Weekly Stamps
1 Ch.25 0 Main Story 1.0 Maps 1 Leaf in corners 7
2 Ch.44 5 Main Story 1.5 Maps 2 Vines and Pawprints 14
3 Ch.84 20 Main Story 2.0 Maps 3 Catqueen 21


Clue Location Era
Main Story 1.0 Maps
A peaceful and lovely seaside. I guess it's fine if this is the last place ever! Last IslandFuture
A stone road over a lake! How long did that take to build? Lake TiilenAntiquity
A whole city atop a lake?! I want to ride a boat around. ActeulAntiquity
All this grass is so soothing! Is that a castle in the distance? Nuaru UplandsPresent
All this magma around... Be careful not to be roasted! Nadara Volcano – Caldera EdgeAntiquity
Big mushrooms, big lizards! These fields are just...big! Zol PlainsAntiquity
Books and vases in the swamp... Does someone live here ? Man-eating Marsh (Enter from Acteul)Antiquity
Colorful cloth on a round door. What a nice find in the plains. SarupaAntiquity
Glowing spores in the sky... This meadow is very pretty! Corinda PlainsAntiquity
How fashionable the capital is! With lovely flowers in front of palace! UniganPresent
I saw a big waterfall in the plains! It seems like a fine place for a bath. Charol PlainsAntiquity
Iron boxes flying here and there... Humans are always so busy. Elzion AirportFuture
It gets hotter the higher you go... My throat feels so dry... Vasu MountainsAntiquity
It's so sandy here...but... The windmills are so fun! ZarboPresent
Lots of machines, but no people... These ruins are so lonely. Industrial Ruins (Link Hall)Future
Nothing but sand, sand, sand...Do watch out for quicksand. Rucyana SandsPresent
Nya!?The road crumbles away here... Do be careful not to fall! Route 99 (Enter from Industrial Ruins)Future
Oh no, the poor castle... War is such a terrible thing... Miglance Castle 2FPresent
So this is the village of flame! Eveything's burning hot! RatleAntiquity
The full moon reflected in this pond is always so pretty! Moonlight Forest (Forest Edge)Present
The road is lined with candles. Something's creepy about them... Keruri HighroadAntiquity
The tower's walls open and closes. Does that pole do something? Tower of StarsAntiquity
There are purple plant monsters here. Swamplands are so humid! Karek Swampland (Enter from Baruoki)Present
This city is on the cutting edge! What kind of things are sold here? Elzion Gamma DistrictFuture
This palace has so many flowers. Will they get mad if you sleep in them? Palsifal PalaceAntiquity
What a fancy statue this village has! It does seem quite heroic. BaruokiPresent
What a splendid town. And such a view of that big floating tree. NilvaFuture
What an awful clock this is. I want to knock it over. Tower of Time 7FAntiquity
What could they be researching this high up, even above the city. Xeno-Domain 3F Research SectorFuture
What lovely golden wheatfields. It would be fun to hide here. Laula DomeFuture
Main Story 1.5 Maps
A ruined amewsment's a little sad it's all broken. Toto Dreamland ("Toto Dreamland" quick destination)Future
A stone arch on a big snakes neck, doesn't ever fall over. Snake Neck IgomaPresent
Boars run up and down the snake, be careful not to be trampled. Snake Spine GabarakiPresent
Hehe. They're all so tired after losing in tag. KoniumPresent
Hurry and bring them home! I don't think living creatures should be here! PurgatoryAntiquity
Nyaa! What a sunset! Snake Skull MescitaPresent
Ooh, stained glass! I like this throne! It's mine now. Bring it to me. Beast King’s Castle, Throne RoomPresent
There are so many books in this big Museum! I love it here! Museum - LibraryFuture
Was there a battle here? I sense the wandering spirits of warriors... Ancient BattlefieldPresent
What a weird jewel this is. Nyanya?! The scenary changed! Snake Liver DamakuPresent
Main Story 2.0 Maps
Down, Down, beneath the pollution. What an awful place! Contaminated PitFuture
I feel like this is a good shrine! For kitties, obviously! Cat ShrinePresent
I heard there was a gate somewhere in this cave. Where is it, though? Demon's Den Lv 1Antiquity
I saw a wrecked ship near the inlet. It gives me the creeps. Kurochi Cove (Enter from Ship Graveyard)Antiquity
It's nice and shady under this big Tree. Good place for a nap. Valley of the AncientsAntiquity
It's too cold in this village! Hurry inside a snow hut! Hidden Village ItoisePresent
Look at all that food in the village! What a harvest! IkargaPresent
Look what happened to that shrine. The flow of time is so cruel. Cat Shrine RemnantsFuture
Nya! A bird took off and the road closed up! What a weird lake. Dragon God's SwampAntiquity
Nya?! Is that an eyeball?! This island is weird. Light's Fading, GaruleaPresent
Nyaa! this cave is dark and gross and there are weird dogu everywhere Funeral CavernAntiquity
Sit on a bench and you can see the whole town from the air! Sky Fortress EezaFuture
So there are people living on the surface even in this time...? Angal SettlementFuture
Strange decorations on the rocks here. I suppose that's Eastern culture. Talgana Mountain TrailAntiquity
Straw dummies everywhere... This port town is weird... ZamiAntiquity
Such brilliant red leaves! I want to play with some! Vermillion Road (Enter from Nagsham)Present
The mountain breeze is so nice. And the windmills make a lovely sound. GadaroAntiquity
The tall grass waving in the wind is so pretty here! Inanari PlateauPresent
The temple is in ruins... I don't like it here! Temple Ruins - Main Hall FrontPresent
There are lots of BIG people atop these trees here. A whole village! PadorAntiquity
There's so much energy here. And it's a BIG Stadium! Satellite StadiumFuture
This country is so colorful. And they even have races for us! NagshamPresent
This palace is frozen all over! Do you think it ever melts? Specter CitadelPresent
This place is all ruined... The air is stagnant and gross. WastelandFuture
This ship is pretty old... I hope the deck doesn't give out! Ship Graveyard - First: Ship BilgeAntiquity
Unparalleled snowy scenery... Just don't fall asleep in the mountains! Kunlun Mountains (Enter from Specter Palace)Present
Wandering this plain makes me wonder what it was like when it was in bloom. Wicked MeadowPresent
What a bath... This is heavenly... Hot SpringsPresent
What a sleepy little town. What are these blue and red mists? Nazrik, City of Shadows???
What a strange place. Is that building in the distance a chapel? Zero Point - West???
What a strange place. Is this shiny stuff falling down snow? Zero Point - East???
What a vibrant forest this is. Anything tasty for me to eat? Hokishi ForestAntiquity
What pretty paper lanterns. Have a rest looking out over the canal. IzanaPresent
Who built this mansion all the way up here atop this mountain?! Specter PalacePresent


You will get rewards for finding the cats each time. You get better rewards for finding the same cat in one day multiple times.

Times Found Reward
1-2 Times Exp item.png Medium Class Scroll x1-x5
Exp item.png High Class Scroll x1-x5
Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Attack* Stacks of 10, x1-x15
Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Life* Stacks of 10, x1-x15
Ability orb 1.png Frag. of Support* Stacks of 10, x1-x15
Gold.pngStacks of 1k, x1-x220
Job rank item.png Murmur Script x1-x3
Job rank item.png Prayer Script x1-x3
282000001 icon.png282000002 icon.png282000003 icon.png Various Stat Badges
3 Times 564000003.png Red Keys x2
564000001.png Green Keys x2
564003001.png Cat Express Tickets x6
4 Times Gem.png200 (Guaranteed)

* Only unlocked after reaching scratchbook level 3

Exchange with Cat Queen[edit]

You can exchange Majestic Furballs for exp armor from the Cat Queen, which give +35% EXP boost when fully upgraded. You can purchase multiple copies of these armors.

Name Stats Obtain / EffectsMaterials
216000002 icon.png
127 - Def
115 - MDef
1 - LVL
Purchase from Cat Queen.
  • Exp+ Lv16 (⁜)
    • DEF (205)
    • MDEF (186)
    • EXP obtained (+35%)
216000003 icon.png
114 - Def
114 - MDef
1 - LVL
Purchase from Cat Queen.
  • Exp+ Lv16 (⁜)
    • DEF (186)
    • MDEF (186)
    • EXP obtained (+35%)
216000004 icon.png
103 - Def
127 - MDef
1 - LVL
Purchase from Cat Queen.
  • Exp+ Lv16 (⁜)
    • DEF (170)
    • MDEF (205)
    • EXP obtained (+35%)


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Copper Rank Badge.pngRookie Cat FinderFind 5 cats in the Cat Scratchbook.Gem.png x5
Copper Rank Badge.pngVeteran Cat FinderFind 20 cats in the Cat Scratchbook.Gem.png x10
Copper Rank Badge.pngMaster Cat FinderFind 50 cats in the Cat Scratchbook.Gem.png x20