Catqueen's Chain

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Type Name Level Defense Magic Defense
216000003 icon.png Catqueen's Chain 1 114 114

How to Obtain[edit]

Material Quantity Obtain Locations Enemy Drops
2 Cat Scratchbook x10-30
  • No Monster Drop (Location Sparkles/Dungeon Chest Only)


Exp+ Lv16 Maxed
DEF 186
MDEF 186
EXP obtained +35%

Upgrade Ingredients
Key item.png  Majestic Furball 56 Cat Scratchbook x10-30


While not mentioned as a material, the previous version of the armor is a required material for the next upgraded version of the armor.

Upgrade Level DEF MDEF EXP Obtained Materials
1 1114114+20%Majestic Furball x2
2 1118118+20%Majestic Furball x3
3 1122122+20%Majestic Furball x3
4 1126126+20%Majestic Furball x3
5 1130130+20%Majestic Furball x3
6 1135135+25%Majestic Furball x3
7 1140140+25%Majestic Furball x4
8 1145145+25%Majestic Furball x4
9 1150150+25%Majestic Furball x4
10 1155155+25%Majestic Furball x4
11 1160160+30%Majestic Furball x4
12 1165165+30%Majestic Furball x4
13 1170170+30%Majestic Furball x4
14 1175175+30%Majestic Furball x4
15 1180180+30%Majestic Furball x4
16 1186186+35%Majestic Furball x5