The Cliffs of Wyrmrest - Wryz Saga I/Bonus

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Wryz Saga[edit]

The minstrel at the Base Camp will give rewards upon being provided stories about Wryz. The rope is a key item for the Ingredient Subquest.

No Name Story Reward
01 Wryz Saga: The Swordsman Chapter 1 Gold Lump x1
02 Wryz Saga: The Meeting Chapter 1 Blazing Scale x5
03 Wryz Saga: The Front Chapter 1 Rope x1
04 Wryz Saga: The Past Chapter 1 Flooded Bone x5
05 Wryz Saga: The Sorrow Chapter 2 Gold Lump x1
06 Wryz Saga: The Curse Chapter 2 Whirl Drake Gem x5
07 Wryz Saga: The Vow Chapter 2 Rope x1
08 Wryz Saga: The Enemy Chapter 3 Quaked Stone x5
09 Wryz Saga: The Feast Complete Ingredient Subquest Robust Body (Cooking)
10 Wryz Saga: The Sea Arcadia Port at the top right after Chapter 1 Rope x1

Buried Treasure[edit]

Talk 3 times to the NPC in the bottom left of the lower Arcadia Base Camp. After that, go to the pier and dig up the chest in the upper left corner of the location, which will reward the Wyrmkiller Badge that provides Critical Strength +20%(?)

Blacksmith Apprentice =[edit]

There is a hidden vertical path next to the Blacksmith at the Base Camp. When trying to access the chest behind the blacksmith, the blacksmith will request your help. He wants you to organize the weapons he got from the eastern continent.

  • Left: Ax & Lance
  • Center: Sword & Katana
  • Right: Sword & Katana

After organizing the weapons, you can access the chest which contains Prayer Script x5. To the left of the blacksmith, there is a pile of firewood which will reveal a secret staircase which contains 200000 Git, Stone Resistance Badge and a note from the blacksmith.

Tavern Campfire Events[edit]

Upon unlocking Vanward Camp, you will be able to unlock special cutscene however there are some procedure you need to do to unlock the cutscene. All of the cutscenes can be unlocked at Vanward Camp. Need to select the shiny object in the area to start a small cutscene which will unlock the corresponding event cutscene by the campfire.

Event Steps
Naming Way Select the shiny watchtower next to the cat Tenten
Verbal Medicine Select the shiny object on the bottom path on the right tent
Expressive Iteration Select the shiny object in the tent next to the path to Windfang Plains
Science of Survival Select the shiny plant next to the path to Flameclaw Valley Depths

Catapult Shortcut[edit]

Upon unlocking Vanward Camp, you will able to unlock a shortcut to the deeper areas of Aquatail Wilds, Windfang Plains, Terrawing Plateau. Talk to the man right of the campfire.

  1. He will request that you find a dragon femur which can be found as a golden sparkle at Aquatail Wilds or Windfang Plains.
    1. Depending on the area you will fight Aqua Cuélebre or Gust Cuélebre with Difficulty Setting applied.
  2. At Arcadia Port, you can find the cloth needed to make the landing at the docks
  3. Return to man and he will allow you to catapult to places where you have setup the cloth
    1. Need to set the cloth in Aquatail Wilds Depths, Windfang Plains Depths, Terrawing Plateau Depths

Ingredient Subquest[edit]

Upon unlocking Vanward Camp, you will see a teal marker near the entrance to Terrawing Plateau. Wryz will mentioned that they may not have enough food for the expedition and it be decided to get some cooking ingredients.

  • Suspicious Sage; After clearing Myriad Paths subquest and obtaining Dragontear Weapon - Blunt, you go past where you fought Water Ruler and proceed into the cave. On the northeast side, you use 1 of the 3 rope obtained from Wryz Saga to unlock a new path. There you find the Dragon's Bangle as well as the sage
  • Vaguely Transparent Egg: After obtaining Dragontear Weapon - Blunt, in Terrawing Plateau, you go into the cave and use 1 of the 3 rope obtained from Wryz Saga to unlock a new path. You can obtain Dragon's Necklace as well as the egg. There is a hidden path in the cave for a Git+ Badge
  • Festive Looking Mushroom: After starting Gentle Avenger, and clearing the wind producing crystal, on the same path as the entrance from Vanward Camp, you can access Windfang Plains Cave by using the Dragontear Weapon - Ranged. This cave is at the begining of the area blocked by a windstorm, not the cave near the boss[1]. On the northeast side, you use 1 of the 3 rope obtained from Wryz Saga to unlock a new path. There you find the Dragon's Ring as well as the mushroom. Note there is a hidden path to the left from the entrance to get Dragon Pierce Badge
  • Go to Terrawing Plateau Cave between the regular and depth map to find a cutscene available there.
  • After collecting all 3 ingredients and viewing the cutscene at Terrawing Plateau Cave, go to Vanward Camp, and there will be a cutscene available next to the entrance to Windfang Plains

Dragontear Collection[edit]

Depending on the difficulty, you are able to collect Dragontear material. The higher the Difficulty Setting, the more rewards you can collect.

  • Only Story Bosses and Ruler Horrors after complete Episode
Task Difficulty Reward
Defeating Rulers Horrors Beginner 206000008 2.png Dragontear (S) x 1
Defeating Rulers Horrors Standard 206000008 2.png Dragontear (S) x 1
Defeating Rulers Horrors Veteran 206000008 2.png Dragontear (S) x 2
Defeating Rulers Horrors Expert 206000008 2.png Dragontear (L) x 1
Defeating Rulers Horrors Master 206000008 2.png Dragontear (L) x 2