Side Quests/The Road to Mokepontas!

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The Road to Mokepontas!
Suggested Level 77
Start Location Winged People's Village
Gem.png x304 q.png
Release Date Jan 16, 2024


Moke has lived a pretty cozy life since his search with Thillelille ended. But one day, she says something shocking...


Note: This quest can not be started during The 3000 Realm Ark and the Sea Abyss Chapter 3-4.

  • Share the teachings to become Mokepontas.
    • You will be unable to switch maps and party for a while
  • Talk to Johann to become Mokepontas.
  • Teach your Moke friends how to fight.
  • Find clues to bust your friends out of jail.
  • Look for a way to break out of the room.
  • Call your scattered friends together.
  • Bring the Moke Clan back to Verdot.
    • You can now switch between maps