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Introduction Dialog[edit]


Where am I... Did I put in the wrong coordinates? ...I mean, well aren't you just a sweet li'l snack, now aren't you? Aldo, is it? You can call me... Shannon. How's that? Anywho, I'm a secretary over at KMS. Nothin' special. Can't wait to hear more 'bout you, though!


ここは いったい・・・・・・ 入力する座標を 間違えたのかしら。 ・・・・・・って あらぁ? とっても かわいい 男の子がいるわね。 ふ〜ん。 アルドくんっていうの。 私のことは・・・・・・ そうねぇ・・・・・・ シャノンって 呼んでちょうだい。 普段はKMS社で 秘書をしているの。 あなたのことも いろいろ教えてね。 是非 お近づきになりたいわぁ♡

Koko wa ittai... nyūryoku suru zahyō o machigaeta no kashira. ...Tte ara ~a? Tottemo kawaī otokonoko ga iru wa ne. Fu 〜n. Arudo-kun tte iu no. Watashi no koto wa... sō nē... shanon tte yonde chōdai. Fudan wa KMS-sha de hisho o shite iru no. Anata no koto mo iroiro oshiete ne. Zehi o chikadzuki ni naritai wa~a ♡

(Translation) What is this place... Perhaps I entered the wrong coordinates. ...Oh? There's a cute boy here. Hmmm. Your name is Aldo, then. As for me... well... you can call me Shannon. I usually work at KMS as a secretary. Tell me various things about yourself. I'd love to become closer with you♡



A brilliant and accomplished woman working at KMS. Her good looks and understanding nature make her highly popular. She never talks about her personal life at work, so speculation abounds about her home circumstances. She has little sense for fashion and lets the KMS fashion app decide how she dresses day-to-day.


秘書としてKMS社に勤める才色兼備な女性。その美貌と包容力のある笑みに 魅了される者が後を絶たない。同僚にプライベートなことをいっさい話さないため 実は名家の令嬢であるとか 覆面デザイナーであるとか 様々な憶測を呼んでいる。華やかな外見とは裏腹に流行に疎く 毎日のコーディネートはKMS社で開発されたファッションアプリに任せている。

(Translation) A talented and beautiful woman who works as a secretary at KMS. There is no end to those attracted to her looks and smile. Due to her never talking about private matters, there are speculations that she is the daughter of a famous family or that she is an undercover designer. Contrary to her glamorous appearance, she leaves her daily coordination to a fashion app developed by KMS.

Other Info[edit]

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    • Does not appear in other quests

Character Quests[edit]

Character Quest 1: Secrets, Lies, Forgotten Things[edit]

Aldo notices an old woman walking back and forth. She explains that her granddaughter has been missing for a while, so Aldo offers to help. The old woman gives him details of the granddaughter, and Aldo realizes that the granddaughter is from the future. The old woman adds that the granddaughter is likely to be at Lake Tiilen, so Aldo heads there.

At Lake Tiilen, Aldo finds Beautiful Stranger Shannon. He questions why she is there, to which she answers that she was looking for someone and ended up there. Aldo explains that he is looking for a girl from the future, and offers to give Beautiful Stranger Shannon a ride on Synth Hydra back to the future. Suddenly, a girl from the future appears, and runs away upon seeing Beautiful Stranger Shannon. Beautiful Stranger Shannon and Aldo decide to give chase.

Pursuing the girl to Ratle, Aldo and Beautiful Stranger Shannon corner her. The girl states that she is actually not the old woman's granddaughter, and that she is attempting to find the real one. She suspects the two to be "hounds", trackers and enemies of liberty, but Beautiful Stranger Shannon convinces her to trust Aldo. Beautiful Stranger Shannon offers to help, and invites her to tea after the problem is resolved.

Back at Lake Tiilen, the girl from the future explains that the granddaughter is a perfumer who uses monsters as ingredients for her perfumes. Hearing a scream, the three investigate and find the granddaughter facing a monster. Aldo and Beautiful Stranger Shannon subdue the monster, and the granddaughter tears off its leg to use as an ingredient. Aldo explains the situation, and the granddaughter decides to visit the old woman. Beautiful Stranger Shannon remarks that she lost someone important without realizing.

Back at Acteul, the granddaughter, the old woman and the girl from the future have a heartwarming reunion, the old woman revealing that she knew about the situation all along. The girl from the future, Beautiful Stranger Shannon and Aldo then go to the future. The girl thanks the two, and Aldo leaves.

Leading the girl to Route 99, Beautiful Stranger Shannon reveals that she is, in fact, a "hound", and swiftly wipes the girl's memories before reporting to her superiors.

Character Quest 2: Truth Hidden in the Leaves[edit]

While talking to Aldo in his room, Beautiful Stranger Shannon hints to him that she "likes" him, but Aldo misinteprets it as friendship. Beautiful Stranger Shannon decides to put the topic aside and asks Aldo why he is on his world-saving adventure. Aldo gives his answer, and Feinne brings moonberry tea for the two to enjoy. However, Pepori and Mobecha rush in to inform Aldo that Synth Hydra is in trouble, and the two go to Nuaru Uplands to help.

Boarding Synth Hydra, Aldo and Beautiful Stranger Shannon find that the invaders are actually fugitives from the future. On the way to the deck, the are blocked by some fugitives who surround Aldo and Beautiful Stranger Shannon by using Synth Humans that had their memories tampered with. Beautiful Stranger Shannon attacks Aldo, declaring herself an ally to the fugitives. The fugitives reveal that they want to "take back the present they should be living in", with Beautiful Stranger Shannon explaining that their world is one where history has been altered a lot of times, and that there is a law that makes time-travelling illegal. Beautiful Stranger Shannon negotiates with the fugitives to keep Aldo alive, and helps Aldo recover after the fugitives leave. They relocate into a room in order to talk.

As it turns out, Beautiful Stranger Shannon allying herself with the fugitives was a ruse, and she was just collecting proof. Beautiful Stranger Shannon admits that she is a "hound" that belongs to Dicé, an organization that maintains order. She explains that they watch the changes of time layers with an observation device named Astral. After hearing an announcement that the fugitives are starting the plan, Beautiful Stranger Shannon and Aldo head out to stop them.

They find the fugitive on the deck, and he attacks using Synth Hydra who also had his memories tampered with. Subduing Synth Hydra, Beautiful Stranger Shannon takes the fugitive down as well, and wipes his memory. Aldo says that she can rely on him, leading to Beautiful Stranger Shannon kisses Aldo and wiping his memories of the day as she does not want to be a burden to him.

Aldo wakes up in his room, Beautiful Stranger Shannon sitting next to him. Aldo apologizes for not showing her around as he promised, and decides to get Feinne to make more tea, mentioning that Beautiful Stranger Shannon liked the moonberry tea. Beautiful Stranger Shannon is surprised as his memory of that should be gone, and Aldo becomes confused as well. Beautiful Stranger Shannon accepts the offer anyways, and after Aldo goes downstairs, says that she alone will remember, forever.

Character Quest 3: Beautiful Stranger[edit]

Beautiful Stranger Shannon walks around Nilva after hearing that Shannon lives somewhere near that part. She notices a figure similar to herself and gives chase, but loses sight of her. Looking around, Beautiful Stranger Shannon finds Shannon and Ciel talking with a girl named Lily, who is going be a singer in an upcoming mini concert. Shortly after Beautiful Stranger Shannon introduces herself as a "fan" of Shannon, Beautiful Stranger Shannon, Shannon and Ciel notice history changing. Beautiful Stranger Shannon finds the figure from earlier going through a time portal, manages to get the time coordinates of the destination, and decides to investigate.

Opening a time portal near the museum, Beautiful Stranger Shannon goes in but is unexpectedly followed by Shannon, who has decided to follow. Arriving in Unigan, the two decide to team up. They walk around and find the figure, a third Shannon, getting information from Macminal. The third Shannon, referring to herself as DW-981, says that she is trying to alter history in order to get the original "Shannon" back, and leaves for the Ancient Battlefield. Beautiful Stranger Shannon and Shannon follow to stop DW-981.

At the Ancient Battlefield, Shannon inquires about Beautiful Stranger Shannon and DW-981's identities. Beautiful Stranger Shannon explains that they are both Shannons who were born in altered history. In a flashback, she is seen looking through Astral's records of a Shannon from another history protecting the Ciel of that history from pursuers. Beautiful Stranger Shannon laments that she is unable to understand the feelings of that Shannon as Ciel does not exist in Beautiful Stranger Shannon's history. Back to the present, the two find a time portal DW-981 used and goes through it.

On the other side of the portal, the two find Aldo and Amy dead, having been killed by DW-981. History changes into one where ogres rule the world. Beautiful Stranger Shannon states that this is an alteration of history and not a correction of history, giving her solid justification to intervene. She opens another time portal to the time before DW-981 arrives, and the two go through it.

After a bit of conversation between Beautiful Stranger Shannon and DW-981, they fight. Following DW-981's defeat, history is corrected, but DW-981 opens another time portal in an attempt to change history again. However, Shannon appears and destroys DW-981's device, which closes the portal and marks DW-981's true defeat as she can neither get "Shannon" back nor go back as a "hound" again. Beautiful Stranger Shannon reveals that she has tried the exact same thing once and got her memories wiped. Shannon invites DW-981 to go to Nilva wiith her.

Back in Nilva, the three witness the corrected future. Shannon invites DW-981 to stay at her home, and Beautiful Stranger Shannon for tea. Beautiful Stranger Shannon accepts, leaves to report back, then prays for the other two that their "present" is never destroyed.