Hidden Village Itoise

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Hidden Village Itoise Present
Era Present
Continent Garulea
Chapter Unlocked 69

Food Lunch item.pngAngel Snow Mochi
Sparkles Location Sparkles:

Left side: to Demon Sea Caverns. Right side: to Kunlun Mountains (Hidden Path). Sparkle #2: Well. Middle: customizable snowman.



Circled numbers represent chests, stars represent sparkle locations


Id Name Gender Personality Type Skill Effect Valor Chant Home Unique Gift Common Gift Liked Gifts Loved Gifts
105 411003028 l.pngBota Male Docile Pounce type.png ATK-10% DEF+30% Hidden Village Itoise - -
106 411003029 l.pngCamlee Male Naughty Pounce type.png Regen SPD+30% Hidden Village Itoise - -
107 411005027 l.pngNagori Female Sleepy Scratch type.png LCK+50% ATK-30% Hidden Village Itoise - -


Name Type Sell Price Obtain
Golden Paper Lantern Common Wood/Board Gold.png840 Hidden Village Itoise
Snow Umbrella Common Wood/Board Gold.png840 Hidden Village Itoise


Name Recommended Level Summary
The Blacksmith's Care Quality of Life Update for applying Grasta Enhancements using ores from the menu.
Where are you, Old Friend? A specter in Itoise village hasn't seen their best friend for a long time. Could there be clues to the friend's whereabouts?
What does the Snow Need? There's a cry for help in Itoise. But the one needing help is a...snowman?
Long Roads of Commerce A young specter is about to set out on an ambitious journey. His goal is to become a great merchant who can make deals with humans.
Itoise: The Feast of Drifting Snow Aldo and the others now know about Himika and Madoka's pasts. But now a new trouble has arisen with the sudden appearance of giant structure from the ocean floor and the chapel sinks into a dimension of darkness. Seeking answers to these mysteries, the group goes to the hidden village of Itoise to look for information on Phantom hiding out in a specter hideout.
The Closed Specter Citadel: An Icy Sneer Following the mystery of the structure, Aldo and the others search for the Specter Citadel. Before continuing on with their journey, the group takes a short rest in Itoise. There they meet Tem Tem again after running into him up in the mountains. He introduces the group to Nekomasa, the master swordsmith. They also get the chance to meet the snow-girl Yukino...