Heroes of Bygone Days and the Engraved Oath/Chapter 1

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Heroes of Bygone Days and the Engraved Oath
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Suggested Level 60
  • Completed Chapter 25
  • App must be updated to Ver. 2.9.300
Start Location
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Release Date Sept 17, 2021


Aldo is consulted with about strange things happening in the abandoned house in Baruoki. What awaits him and his friends when they visit the house...


Quest Step Destination Notes
Go to May's house to get the keys to the abandoned house. Baruoki Blacksmith-
Investigate the abandoned house. Baruoki-
Explore what's beyond the hole in spacetime. Hero's GraveyardCombat with invulnerable "???"
Collect a moon fragment. Hero's GraveyardYou can hide behind rocks to avoid fighting the Spearbreaker.
Lure the Spearbreaker to smash open rock barricades.
Obtain three moon fragments from the Graveyard to continue.
Note: Once you obtain all the moon fragments, the Spearbreaker will freely roam the map.
Hurry towards the Spearbreaker. Hero's Graveyard-
Meet up with Maisie. Maisie's houseReceive Sword of Bond.
Settle things with the Spearbreaker. Hero's GraveyardBoss battle with the Spearbreaker.
Return to Baruoki Hero's Graveyard EntranceUnlock May's 5★ class and receive 30x Blacksmith Psalms and Hammer of Bond.
The Hero's Graveyard has been added to the Spacetime Rift Records Room (#019)