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Part of the Miaki's Weapons Set Quest


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Gold Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the YasuzumeBeat the YasuzumeGem.png x50

Gadaro [1]

Change.png to image to stats
20.586M 20,586,270 
Hidden Boss
Weakness.png Overrides:
  • Resist
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
Resistance.png Overrides:
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
  • Invalid.png Overrides:
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
  • Fire

    Skills: Yasuzume (Hidden Boss)

    EoT Yasuzume's PowderInflicts poison to all enemies (20% Of max HP)
    1 Destruction - EmptinessDepletes all enemies MP by 999
    2 Night's Wind
    Skill Type 8 4.png Wind 
    Wind-type magic attack on all enemies + Wind RES down M (3 turns)
    3 Night Fairy Powder x2
    Skill Type 8 4.png Wind 
    Wind-type magic attack on one enemy + stun
    4 Destruction - Withdraw
    Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
    Non-type magic attack on all enemies (33.3% Of max HP)
    5 Shadow Storm
    Skill Type 8 4.png Wind 
    Wind-type magic attack on all enemies

    Dogu Riddle[edit]

    You must discern a word that I seek, for your wish to be granted.
    Those who know the word are in a hidden path right of the Funeral Cavern's entrance.
    Question them to reveal what word it is that I seek.

    Funeral Cavern Questions[edit]

    After you receive your question, tap on the dogu who aren't already glowing, and then pick the right letter sequence to form your answer.

    What do children waste, adults need more of, and the old have little of?

    Answer T I ME 

    When outdoors on a journey, a home does this become. What is it?

    Answer TE NT 

    What is the place a ship calls home?

    Answer P OR T 

    Read the tall dogu from top to bottom, and then return to the dogu in Gadaro and give your answer.

    Answer MENTOR 


    • Yasuzume is almost guaranteed to outspeed your party. Its very first move will empty your front lines' MP, so your first course of action is to swap your frontline and reserves. A common start is to bring forth Mana for debuffs (using Queen of Hearts) and Gariyu (Another Style) to set up a Fire Zone.
      • If you have fully upgraded Prai, his Indulgence skill can redirect all the MP deduction to him, sparing your frontline's MP. He'll be stunned for the next turn, but once he has fully recovered, pull him back to replenish his MP for the next use of Indulgence.
    • Yasuzume will constantly poison the frontline, so curing or preventing it is an important part of the fight. Secret Recipe♡, Cure Leaf and Biblia are great assets for the fight. The Cooking Weapons and Armor Set can provide Poison immunity as well. Alternatively, Grastas with the Poison Enhance Ore will make your DPS units hit extra hard.
    • You may want to use MP Restore Grastas to speed up the rate where your frontliners can recover from Destruction - Emptiness.
    • VCs work even if you have no MP. Mariel (Another Style) and Sophia have VC heals, and Cetie (Another Style) has a VC attack. You can make use of them to bypass the MP drain.
    • Yasuzume exclusively uses magic attacks, so you really only need INT debuffs and healing for survival. SPD debuffs can also be used to let your team outspeed it.
    • The Fire Spirit's Sword can generate considerable amounts of AF even without MP. This can allow its holder to remain in the front line to help generate AF without having to be swapped out, then later contributing during AF since skills don't cost MP during AF.
      • Make sure its carrier selects their basic attack on turn 1, since any MP-consuming action will get canceled by the drain, and it's a lot more effective if they're generating AF on turn 1.
    1. Enemy stats research by @starry☆sky google doc