Wandering Blacksmith

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In the tavern of Fileria or the topmost house of Egarim, you can find the Wandering Blacksmith who can reforge specific weapons to improve their stats, enhance their effects, and even introduce new ones.

Materials for weapons marked to be found in "Vaporia", or "Miu World" this just means they are scattered around the Hollow Time Layer:

If weapon is upgradable it must be maxed out (to Lv10) at the Nopaew Emporium for reforge to become available.

Added in v3.3.100 is a new robot NPC in the Egarim hut that can recycle reforged weaponry. You regain all the reforge materials used on it and the weapon is reverted to its base form at +10; the only thing you lose is the reforging fee. Currently, only reforged Cherry Blossom weapons can be recycled.

Into the Hollow 1 release materials for the following weapons set:

Into the Hollow 2 release materials for the following weapons set: