The Lost Tome and the Silver Unfading Flower/Jewel in Shade

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Jewel in Shade
Suggested Level 80
Start Location IDA School H Block Entrance.


A rare grimoire written in silver ink finds its way onto a mad stage.
It can create great wealth, transform one's eyes, and drive people insane desiring its power.
However, this treasured book of white silver... He hates it with all his heart.
The scars of Absolute Zero are engraved within its bindings.
Flames pour out of it like blood from an open wound.
Amidst the creeping shadows, rumors of an unknown origin circulate throughout the school.
As though invited by the smoldering frozen flames, there is a place he must go...

This series of Chance Encounter fights unlocks Jade's 5★ class.


  1. Investigate the rumors around the H Block of IDA School.
  2. Travel to the Cargo Station. You will be transported to the Graveyard.
  3. At the Graveyard, boss fight with a Silver Afterglow.
  4. Travel to Nilva, Laula Dome and the Last Island to defeat each different Silver Afterglow.
  5. Return to the Cargo Station and travel to the Graveyard. Boss fight with the Silver Illusion.
  6. Go to Jade friend's grave
  7. Go back to IDA School - H Block 1st Floor to unlock Jade's 5★ upgrade. His unique Tome will be awarded on completion as well; you'll find it under Records > Awards > Other > Shades of Silver.

Note that:

  • The Silver Afterglow at the Graveyard is weak to wind.
  • The Silver Afterglow at Laula Dome is weak to fire and you need to defeat only the middle one to complete the fight. The others two will regenerate at the start of the turn after the one in which you defeated them.
  • The Silver Afterglow at Last Island nullifies fire and is weak to water.

289000004 upgrade undividable.png Jade's unique Grasta

After unlocking Jade's 5★ class, head to IDA School Sky Terrace and trigger the next questline.

  1. Descend to 2F and hit the exclamation point in front of the billboard. The prompt should be "Jade will continue alone. Proceed?"
  2. Boss fight with the Grimoire Guardian - use one of Jade's new skills to end the fight immediately.
  3. After the cutscene concludes, you gain the Altridge's Resolution Grasta.

medal Name Description Reward
Silver Rank Badge.pngThe Unwanted VisitBeat the Silver AfterglowGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngDefeat and ConfusionBeat the Silver AfterglowGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngPervasive AnxietyBeat the Silver AfterglowGem.png x20
Silver Rank Badge.pngFlames Licking the EarthBeat the Silver AfterglowGem.png x20
Gold Rank Badge.pngThe Chosen FutureBeat the Silver IllusionGem.png x50
Copper Rank Badge.pngShades of SilverJade awakens KingpinJob rank item.pngKingpin Tome x1