The Apex of Logic and Cardinal Scales/Wind Liberator

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Wind Liberator
Suggested Level 80
Start Location Cargo Station
Reward Sevyn Libero class (5★) unlock
Release Date May 27, 2022


This is the Chance Encounter for Sevyn's 5★.


Quest Step Destination Notes
Start Location Cargo Station-
Find the source of the voice. Elzion Gamma District-
Check on the Wind Spirit. Route 99Fight Lv ?? Angry Wind Spirit.
Look for the Wind Spirit's brothers. Industrial Ruins Upper FurnaceFight Lv ?? Warped Elder Dragon.
Follow the scientist. Former KMS HQ - Data CenterFight Lv ?? Mag-Mag Aqua and Terra Parasita.
Find the scientist. Former KMS HQ - PalisadeFight Lv ?? Deus Ex Rebuild.
Find the Wind Spirit. Nilva-
Find the Wind Spirit. Macminal MuseumFight Lv ?? Dying Sylph.
Apologize to the owner of the museum. Elzion Theta District-