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Status Effects
Status Effects
Buffs and Debuffs
Buffs and Debuffs

Some of the information below is taken from CSDN. [1]

Some skills may inflict negative status effects. A successful infliction is indicated by a purple status icon, and sometimes an accompanying sprite (i.e. a "zzz" above an enemy when given sleep). There are also positive status effects.

Skills will not always successfully inflict its status effect, and some targets are immune to certain status effects. Certain skills which indicate "ignores target resistance" will always successfully inflict its status effect, if the target can be afflicted with the respective status.

  • In the wiki, the following icons are used indicate that pain/poison/rage is one that ignore target resistance. Pain ignore.pngPoison ignore.pngRage ignore.png

In general, status effects are distinct from Buffs and Debuffs.

Playable 5★ characters will have the opportunity to increase resistance to all negative status effects by 10-20% via the ability board.

List of Status Effects[edit]

Name Icon Description
List of Status Effects
Mode Change St crisis.png
St crisis light.png
St crisis dark.png
A state activated by meeting certain conditions, effects vary from character to character.
AF Gauge Restore+ Additional force charging.png When the Another Force Gauge is increased by 1 or more, increase the amount of restore.
Barrier Status Barrier.png Reduce specific damage amount, can be hit based, turn based or damage threshold based. Consumed by but does not reduce fixed or percentage-based damage. Not consumed by and does not reduce MP damage. If a hit would remove the barrier, successive hits from the same attack (including random hits) will still deal reduced damage; but Lunatic - Copy is not affected. Not consumed by attacks that ignore barrier.
Barrier Pierce St ignore barrier.png Allows user to ignore enemy's Barrier
Bind Status Bind.png Unable to use certain skills. Affects 1 skill of character randomly. Multiple binds can be inflicted on a single character to shut off more skills.
Brace Status Nullify.png Negates "Cyclone Wind"-type attacks that would force a party member to the reserves.
Break Status Break.png Damage of next hit is doubled (multiplier x2). Break is removed when the target receives damage. Absorbed attacks, fixed damage, AF/EX finishers do not consume break. Profane Medicine can consume break if enemy absorbs magic, but does not deal increased damage.
Elemental Break (element) / Weapon Break (attack type) St elemental break16.png
St elemental break128.png
St elemental break64.png
St elemental break32.png
St elemental break256.png
St elemental break512.png
St elemental break1024.png
St elemental break8.png
St elemental break1.png
St elemental break2.png
St elemental break4.png
Damage of next matching hit is doubled. (Multiplier x2). Elemental/Weapon Break is stackable and consumed when the target receives matching damage (matching by elements or attack type). Absorbed attacks, fixed damage, AF/EX finishers do not consume break. Profane Medicine can consume Weapon Break (Magic) if enemy absorbs magic, but does not deal increased damage. Elemental/Weapon Break takes priority over Break and does not stack with Break. If both exists, only x2 damage, the matching hit consumes Elemental Break, Break remains or the unmatching hit consumes Break and Elemental Break remains. Different Elemental Breaks or Elemental Break and Weapon Break do not coexist, the later overwrites the former.
Charge Status Charge.png Prepare for the next action. Force to perform certain action next turn. Can be interrupted by other status ailments which prevent action.
Confuse Status Confuse.png Act randomly. Character uses a random skill on a random target, including allies or self. This effect is cancelled if the character is attacked. Skills which "attack all enemies" cannot target party.
Counter Status Counter.png Able to counter certain attacks. Character or enemy gains ability to counter specific types of attacks listed in description of counter. Enemy counters/EoT attacks/stopper attacks do not trigger counter. New instances overwrite previous instances.
Cover St target focus.png Attacks that would hit all allies instead only hit the user. In exchange, the user take double damage.
    • Attacks that would hit all allies instead only hit the user. In exchange, the user takes double damage.
      • Physical, Magic, Fixed and MP attacks are affected
      • Self-damage, Pain and Poison damage of party members are not affected
      • Enemy end-of-turn attacks take place after this status ends and so are not affected
      • Applies even if user is inflicted with Stun/Confusion/Sleep
Critical Guard St critical guard.png When taking damage, the target has chance to critical guard equals to physical critical rate. When critical guard, damage taken is reduced according to user's LCK, max reduction 75%
Curse Status Curse.png Become unable to use the same skill continuously. The status effect cannot be removed except by defeating the curse user.
Darkness Status Darkness.png Physical attacks miss sometimes. Magic attacks, self-damage and non-attacks are not affected. If a hit misses, any debuffs/statuses from that hit will not be applied (exceptions exist), and AF gauge will not be charged.
Delay St change action priority down.png Makes all moves aside from Preemptive moves Delayed
Eagle Eyes Action order127 el up.png Increases any damage if acting after enemy. See here for details.
Expose St extra weak.png Adds the stated Type or weapon to the target's Weakness.png. This does not affect enemies with Invalid.png or Absorption.png
Extend AZ Turns Evolve weather turn extension.png Extend number of Another Zone turns.
First Strike St change action priority up.png Makes all moves Preemptive. This does not override skills with Delayed priority
Flexible (attack type) Magic
Change all attacks of users (include normal attack, attack skill from grasta or weapon or armor) to specified attack type
Frozen Status Freeze.png Unable to act. Not removed by damage. If all members in frontline are afflicted with Frozen, the party is not considered defeated.
Guard St protection.png The character receives damage in place of other party members. It also prevents them from getting knocked out. All damage, MP drain, knockback effects from enemy received by party redirected to user. Activates constant Status Status Hold Ground.png Hold Ground on user until end of turn. Does not redirect self-damage from other users. Effect ends before pain/poison damage or EoT attacks. Takes priority over Rage.png Rage. If afflicted by stun/sleep/confuse/petrify, effect will be canceled.
Hold Ground Status Hold Ground.png When HP is reduced to 0, stop at 1 HP instead. If character would reach 0 HP with a single hit, survive at 1HP instead. If Hold Ground is consumed, successive hits in the same attack will reduce HP to 0. Only 1 instance of Hold Ground can be received via passive, skill and equipment respectively. Order of usage: Passive > Skill > Equipment
Invert St resist change.png Swap of Resistance.png and Weakness.png. Resistance becomes Weak Point; Weak Point becomes Resistance
Kaleido (element) Fire
Change all attacks of users (include normal attack, attack skill from grasta or weapon or armor) to specified element.
  • do note that this wiki re-uses kaleido icons to also show elements in some places like enemies and filters
Link St cooperation attack.png Special additional effects trigger when you act Elemental add-on attack after each attacking move (including attack again moves) where the element is defined by the skill that gives Link
Lunatic Awaken.png Character is in Lunatic state
Lunatic - Charge Awaken thunder.png Activate Lunatic status Charge on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken thunder.png Charge: For each hit (including damage to self), add Thunder-type attack (XS)
    • Attack type is determined by the original attack
    • Regardless of whether there is an active Stance or not, each additional attack increases AF bar by 0.5% and combo multiplier in AF by 1%
    • If the original attack was absorbed, extra attacks will not hit but will still increase AF bar and combo multiplier
    • Not affected by Kaleido
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Lunatic - Copy Awaken crystal.png Activate Lunatic status Copy on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken crystal.png Copy: Skills execute twice.
    • Copy has 0 MP cost and no AF gain.
    • Copy increases Combo multiplier in AF normally.
    • Copy counts as another move for move-based buffs.
    • Copy animation happens after the original skill use and plays out fully.
    • Copy will move on to the next enemy if the original target dies from the first attack.
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Lunatic - Mind's Eye Awaken weakness boost.png Activate Lunatic with Status Mind's Eye on user (3 turns).
  • Awaken weakness boost.png Mind's Eye:
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Lunatic -Risktaker Awaken risky attack.png Activate Lunatic with Status Awaken risky attack.png Risktaker on user (3 turns).
    • +70% damage and healing (Multiplier: x1.7)
    • Guaranteed physical and magical critical (continuous)
    • Damage on self 20% of current HP before any attack move.
      • 20% self-damage only triggers once on Copy
      • No self-damage on EoT moves, but Critical rate & x1.7 damage boost applies
      • Counterattack moves doesn't get this effect.
      • 20% self-damage does not additionally apply to innate self-damage part of moves
      • 20% self-damage is rounded down for HP not divisible by 5. i.e. new HP its slightly more than 80%
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Lunatic - Sacrifice Awaken abyss.png Activate Lunatic status Sacrifice on user (3 turns)
  • Awaken abyss.png Sacrifice: Exempt END and SPR stat values from P.DEF and M.DEF and convert them into PWR and INT respectively.
    • Pre-battle values of END and SPR, including stat+ effects from equipment, are used.
    • Damage Formula details:
      • The parts to change are PWR_stacks and INT_stacks only.
      • increase in INT_stacks affects Weakness Modifier, but does not Elemental Modifier.
    • Healing Formula details: only INT part changes
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Lunatic - Static / Lunatic - Discharge Awaken spark combo boost.png Activate Lunatic with Status StaticAwaken spark combo boost.png on user (3 turns)
  • 50% SPD up on self, diminishing with other SPD buffs.
  • Inflict ShockSt electric shock.png on enemies when attacking (5 turns, 100% chance).
    • When enemies have Shock: each attack from any party member increases AF combo% by additional 4% per hit per target. Lunatic - Charge additional attacks are not counted.
  • Replaces the basic attack until used (1 activation)
Mental Focus Status Mental Focus.png The higher the max MP value, the more the magic damage increases.
MP Regen RecoverMP.png Recover fixed amount of MP each turn, at the end of turn. All sources of MP Regen (equipment, skills) are added together to calculate final regen amount. If a single character uses different MP regen skills, take the newest duration and highest multiplier.
MP Use Reduction MP cost down.png Required MP to use skills is reduced. Order of calculation: equipment reduction (additive with each other) > skills (additive with each other) > stacks
MP Shield St mp shield.png Reduce damage taken and consumes MP equal to the damage reduced
Multi-Upgrade Attack hit count127 el up.png Increase the strength of skills according to the number of skill's hits (4 stages) See here for details.
Nullify Status Nullify.png Prevents specific status effects. (# Moves) duration is reduced in place of successful application of bad status. Does not prevent conditional or self-inflicted statuses from own skills of character. Like stun of Nikeh AS or self sleep of Mighty AS. New instances overwrite previous instances. Does not nullify statuses from Profane Medicine
Overthrow Enemy level127 el up.png The higher the enemies' level, the higher the damage inflicted. Note that enemies' level displayed as ?? have hidden levels. See here for details.
Pain Pain.png Damages character or enemy at the end of all actions in a turn. Damage based on PWR and enemy's END.
Poison / Megapoison Poison.png Damages character or enemy at the end of all actions in a turn. Damage based on INT and enemy's SPR. Megapoison functions identically as poison with a higher end of turn damage modifier.
Praying St prayer.png While this effect persists, party members have the Praying effect. Removed upon taking HP Damage. Categorized under Support Effects.
Rage Rage.png Only able to attack a specific enemy. Character or enemy can only attack the target that inflicted the rage. Note that this does not prevent an AoE attack from being performed.
Regen / HP Regen Regen.png Recover HP each turn. At end of turn. All sources of Regen (equipment, skills) are added together to calculate final regen amount. If a single character uses different regen skills, take the newest duration and highest regen amount. Fixed regen from skill and int-based regen from skill can coexist from the same source.
Reversal St Reversal.png Buffs are inverted becoming debuff. Applies on the following buff types
  • Stat Increase (expect HP/MP)
  • Type Resistance Up
  • Type Attack Up
  • Non-Type Attack Up
  • Equipped Character's Damage Up
  • Critical Damage Up
Shield St blocker1.png
St blocker2.png
St blocker3.png
With a few exceptions, this effect allows the shield to negate damage. If the damage exceed the shield's HP, it will break and the remaining damage will hit the character. If a skill requires the users to lose HP, damage done to shield will not count toward that requirement.
Singing Status Singing.png While in this state, in exchange for being unable to act, grant the singing effect to your allies. Categorized under Support Effects.
Singular Focus Mp physical127 el up.png The higher the max MP value, the more the physical damage increases.
Skill Hits+ Skill Attacks.png Skill hit count +1 Add an extra hit for a skill. If skill does 1 hit, it will now be 2 hit, or if skill is 2 hits, it will now hit for 3 hits. Added hit is same base modifier as 1st hit from original skill.
Shock St electric shock.png When a character is attacked, the combo multiplier is easier to increase.
Sleep Status Sleep.png Unable to act If inflicted before an action is taken in a turn, character or enemy falls asleep and skips the current turn. This skip effect then persists for up to 3 subsequent turns or until non-poison/pain damage is taken.
Stone / Petrified Status Stone.png Unable to act or receive damage. Only way to end this status is skill with status clear effect. If all members in frontline are afflicted with Stone, the party is defeated.
Stun Status Stun.png Unable to act for one turn. If inflicted before an action is taken in a turn, character or enemy becomes stunned and skips the current turn. This skip effect does not persist beyond the current turn.

Status Ailment Duration and Cure Rates[edit]

1. Skills: Game has standard status ailments removal mechanic with randomized cure rates that progress with turns passed: Increasing chance that status ailments applied from skills (such as poison, pain, rage, bind, darkness, etc.) will be removed after each turn. This affects both allies and enemies. This mechanic is used on all characters' skills that don't explicitly have turn duration mentioned.

Turn 1 2 3 4 5
Probability of Removal 0.0% 37.5% 62.5% 87.5% 100.0%
※Turn 1 is turn where status is inflicted.
Meaning at start of Turn 5, status will be not be present if status is not further renewed.

2. Equipment: Standard for all equipment such as, but may not be limited to Weapons, Grasta, Armor, Sidekick Equipment is to always have a duration of 3 turns.

3. When skill or equipment have exact turn duration or (persistent) property: mentioned in description, it means that standard rules are ignored and status inflicted by this method will have fixed turn duration or will never end in current battle in case of (persistent) .

  • ※ Note that (persistent) Statuses can still be cleansed with Status clear effects or overridden with newer infliction with different duration. (see #Duplicated Status Affliction)

4. Exceptions: Certain status effects are treated differently from above.

  • Status Curse.pngCurse: If a character is inflicted by curse, no form of status clear will remove the status effect. You must defeat the caster to remove the effect. In addition, curse will ignore Status Nullify.png Status Immunity.
  • Status Stone.pngStone: If a character is inflicted by stone, the character can not recover naturally over turns passed. You must use a form of status clear from another character to remove stone.
  • Status Stun.pngStun: If a character/enemy is inflicted by stun, they will be unable to move for 1 turn only. If in Another Force, and a character is Stun, another character can use a status clear move to allow for the Stun character to move within Another Force.

Status Affliction Chance[edit]

This section also applies to debuff affliction, except enemies do not have debuff resistances.

  • Enemies have status resistances. Therefore status-inflicting skills with 100% chance does not guarantee status affliction. Only skills with ignore target resistance will guarantee status affliction.

[math]\displaystyle{ \textrm{Effective Chance = Inflict Chance} \times \textrm{(1-Enemy Status Resistance)} }[/math]

  • If a skill without "ignore target resistance" has a 100% chance of applying pain and enemy has 50% status resistance, pain is only applied 50% of the time
  • If an enemy has 100% resistance to a status, only skills with "ignore target resistance" can inflict the status
  • In general, mobs have 0% status resistance, Bag Baddies have 50% status resistance, and bosses have 100% stun and sleep resistance.
  • Some enemies, such as Delusional Fungi are immune to all statuses, including pain and poison, and there is no way to inflict statuses.
  • Status barriers can be bypassed by certain skills, such as Pom's Profane Medicine or skills with Barrier Pierce property or by effect from St ignore barrier.png Barrier Pierce buff.
  • With equipment that afflict statuses (e.g. Miaki's Katana, or Power of Pain with Dormant enhancement), skills may inflict statuses. Most skills only have 1 chance to roll in the whole move (usually on the last hit), but skills which target random enemies or which have hits calculated separately will roll per hit instead.


The chance of applying statuses per skill use, depends on the number of hits in the skill which can apply status, as well as the RNG chance of the equipment. Most skills only have one hit which can apply. The following formulas apply to an individual hit. In short, the more equipment which offers infliction, on more hits which can inflict, allow higher chance of infliction.

The chance of applying statuses can be calculated via probabilities, with equipment, grasta and skill inflict chance independent of each other.
E.g. For an enemy with no status resistance, the chance of applying on individual hits is:
[math]\displaystyle{ 1 - (1 - a\%) \times (1 - b\%)^c \times (1 - d\%) }[/math]
For an enemy with status resistance, the chance is:
[math]\displaystyle{ 1 - [1 - a\% \times (1 - e\%)] \times [1 - b\% \times (1 - e\%)]^c\times [1 - d\% \times (1 - e\%)] }[/math]
Where a% is chance from skill, b% is chance from grasta/ore, c is number of grasta ore, d% is chance from weapon, and e% is enemy status resistance

Duplicated Status Affliction[edit]

[2]When multiple poison/pain statuses are inflicted on the same target there are rules of how properties of resulting effect are combined:

1. From different sources or in different moments:

  • Duration: Latest infliction overrides earlier.
  • Damage over Time number: Biggest number takes priority

2. From same source in same moment (Character with skill and equipment that both inflict same status, successfully inflicts status with both with same hit)

  • Duration: Number of turns from skill takes priority
  • Damage over Time number: Biggest number takes priority

Example for Rule #1:

  • Character A with high intelligence poisoned the enemy (permanent, damage ~3000, strength: [80%]), and after character B with low intelligence poisoned the enemy (3 turns, damage ~1000, strength: [160%]).
    • Poison that remains on the enemy: 3 turns with damage ~3000 strength: [80%]
      • Duration: later inflicted 3 turns overrides permanent
      • Greater damage is taken regardless of pain [strength]

Example for Rule #2:

  • Same character with same attack inflicts Pain from skill (standard random cure rate, damage ~3000, strength: [90%]), and from Weapon (3 turns, damage ~1500, strength: [45%]).
    • Pain that remains on the enemy: 2-4 random turns duration, with damage ~3000 strength: [90%]
      • Duration: Skill duration takes priority, so it may end in 2 turn randomly
      • Greater damage is taken with bigger strength (Both are calculated from PWR stat of character)


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