Side Quests/Beast Reincarnate! Throne of Prayer

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Beast Reincarnate! Throne of Prayer
Suggested Level 80

Clear Main Story Chapter 66
Clear Rebirth of the Beast King
Guildna at 5★
App v2.3.300 or later

Start Location Time's Forgotten Stop
Gem.png x1004 q.png

Guildna VC Lv3

Release Date Aug 20, 2020


Guildna is relaxing at Time's Forgotten Stop. While speaking to Master, he begins to feel a longing to return to Konium.


  • Convene with Vares in Konium.
  • Search for Vares in Angal Settlement.
  • Gather monster meat in the Wasteland. (3 encounters)
  • Give meat to the children of Angal.
  • Sit on the Beast King's throne in the Beast King's Castle.
    • Boss fight with Beast Vita Vares. Your frontline's MP gets halved from the get-go.
    • Immediate boss fight with Synchronous Phantom afterwards. Any dead characters will be revived at 1 HP.
  • Go to Snake Tail Corabel.
  • Talk to Master at Time's Forgotten Stop.
    • You also gain an already-Awakened "Beast King's Secret" Grasta for Guildna. It gives MP Consumption -30% and +30% Crit rate.