Roaring Bash Stance

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A Zone or Stance is a mechanic that adds a variety of environmental effects to the battlefield, that affect both teammates and enemies. These effects most commonly change the damage and AF gain of certain skills. When a zone is active, it may strengthen certain types of damage, and weaken certain other types of damage. The AF gain of certain types of skills may also be increased or decreased.

Zones can be deployed by specific Valor Chants (like Gariyu (Another Style)) or skills (like Aegir Saber). For Fire, Water, Wind, Slash, and Pierce zones that includes skills available via some Support Grasta available through clearing specific Extreme Stages in the Battle Simulator.

Only one zone can be active at a time. Zones have no turn limits, and last for the entire duration of the battle. However they can still be overwritten by deploying a different zone, or removed by using specific zone-cancelling skills. The only exception to this rule is Flash Strike Stance which is automatically deployed at the start of battle and lasts for only one turn.

Zones can be broadly divided into 3 categories: Elemental Zones (boost one element, punish the opposite element), Attack Type Zones (boost one attack type, punish all other attack types) and Hybrid Zones (boost multiple types of attacks, may or may not punish other types).

The damage increasing effect from a zone is a separate multiplier that stacks multiplicatively with other parts of the Damage Formula.

Environmental Effects and Support Effects can be active at the same time as Zone and share the same placement in the Battle Screen.

Another Zone[edit]

Elemental or Attack Type Zones also can be Awakened to Another Zone using certain skills from characters like Curio. Awakening a zone doubles the damage increasing effects of Zones and prevents them from being overwritten, at the cost of adding a 2 turn limit to the awakened zone, after which it will automatically be removed. Note that an awakened zone is still vulnerable to zone removal effects from certain skills.

Another Sense[edit]

While Another Zone is activated, various effects that vary from character to characters, such as strengthening the user and allies or weakening the enemies, will occur. The character needs to be in the frontline while Another Zone is active to have the passive take effect (except Another Sense add x turns to Another Zone duration, those need to be in the frontline when activating Another Zone only). Multiple Another Sense passives can be enabled.

  • Only AC characters have this passive

Zone Abilities[edit]

If you have a character with a Zone Ability in your party, when a specific Zone is active, they will enhance the Zone with various beneficial effects.

Changes damage in battle with multiplicators. Can be (awakened) to Another Zone.
  • +30%(+60%) for all Blunt moves.
  • -30% for all Slash, Piercing, Magic moves. Also Healing.
Another Force (AF) gauge is charged per move when Zone is active, in place of normal per hit charge.
  • 7.5% - AF gain from Blunt moves.
  • 0% - AF gain from Slash, Piercing, Magic moves.
  • 1.5% - AF gain from fixed and self-damage moves.
Zone stays in effect until the end of battle, unless overwritten with another Zone. Another Zone Awakening disables overwriting but removes Zone after duration.
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