Palsifal Palace

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Palsifal Palace Antiquity
Era Antiquity
Continent Miglenia
Chapter Unlocked 8
Food Ultra Jerky
Sparkles Location Sparkles:


Id Name Gender Personality Type Skill Effect Valor Chant Home Unique Gift Common Gift Liked Gifts Loved Gifts
22 411003004 l.pngNoal Male Gourmand Pounce type.png ATK+10% ATK+30% Palsifal Palace - 1st Floor - -
23 411003009 l.pngNobel Male Cleanly Pounce type.png SPD+30% SPD+30% Palsifal Palace - 2nd Floor - -
24 411003013 l.pngOlco Male Timid Pounce type.png DEF-20% ATK+30% Palsifal Palace - Dungeon - -


Name Type Sell Price Obtain
Brick Fragment Common Stone Gold.png151 Derismo Highroad, Palsifal Palace
Round Stone Common Stone Gold.png198 Derismo Highroad, Palsifal Palace


Name Recommended Level Summary
Yugen Egg Aldo stops by Palsifal Palace searching for the Yugen Egg. The teacher in the magic classroom might know something about it.
Jet-black Mochi Pearls Aldo goes to Palsifal Palace following rumors about pearls that will make your skin beautiful. After speaking to a woman with smooth skin, he learns something interesting.
Issues with the Fortune Teller A man calling himself a Fortune Teller has appeared in Palsifal Palace... Something seems off about him.
The Greatest Love Letter A girl loitering at the Palsifal Palace entrance wants someone to take a letter to her lover. Deliver the love letter to the Keruri Highroad guard.
Mourning Flowers A palace maid has been sent out to buy flowers, but has forgotten what she needs to buy. Help her out.
This quest involves remembering key information given by NPCs to proceed.
The Problem Child in the Magic Classroom There's a problem child in the Palsifal Palace Magic Classroom. Talk to the teacher.
Song of Guidance Led by a song of remembrance, the traveler reunites with the Winged Child.

The lost memories, the one to be saved... A yet revealed truth brings them to the west.

They aim for the faraway Zerberiya Continent, but will it be where they end up?

The turbulent story of sword and wing begins to unfold...
The Secrets of the Dungeon There's a rumor going around that a ghost has appeared in the Palsifal Palace Dungeon.
The Great Mage Everyone in the Magic Classroom is getting worried that the Palsifal Palace Guard are getting out of hand.
Palsifal Palace: Heed the Wishes of the Oracle While in Antiquity, Aldo encounters an
unusual spirit in the city of Acteul. He
encounters a masked Oracle who tells him
that the Tower of Time was designed to
protect the stars. Could Aldo's arrival be
related to a dream he had about the birth of
a new star? And what is waiting for Aldo at
Palsifal Palace?
Tower of Time: Peering into the Embryo's Dream :In the depths of the abyss deep below Palsifal Palace, Aldo meets the Frog Warrior known as Cyrus. The party escapes that place and heads towards the Tower of Time in the hopes of stopping the King and the mysterious Oracle who are attempting to use the power of Visus to change history.