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OOPArts are received from Time Twisted Maze in Arat. You need to appraise them in Arat to use them as equipment. OOPArts come in different grades, Stone/Bronze/Silver/Gold/Jewelled. Higher rarity OOPArts have a higher chance of being appraised as better equipment. Still, even the medium-quality equipment stands out for having a level requirement of 1 but stats on par with level 50+ weaponry, making them great for players who are still progressing through earlier story arcs.

You gain three OOPArts after defeating the boss on the 4th/8th/12th/16th/20th floor of the Maze. Deeper floors have a higher chance of yielding high-rarity OOPArts. You must escape the labyrinth properly at the prompts before or after the boss room to get them added to your inventory. If you get wiped out at any point in the Maze you lose all OOPArts you had on hand.

Each unique equipment obtained from appraising OOPArts has a few static passive abilities and a few randomized ones drawn from a small pool of possibilities. The best randomized passive for weapons by far is the "Enhance When Max Hp +10%" passive. However, equipment stats are always random. They have 4 grades - Moderate/Advanced/Artifact/Relic, with Relic-grade stats being near-max stats. At best, Maze equipment can outclass even the strongest weapons you can obtain from beating superbosses.

Note that Maze equipment do not count towards Records completion so you cannot advance any Collection Awards with them.

OOPArts Drops,Equip Levels and Grades[edit]

OOPArt Lv 1 Equips Chance Min Grade Max Grade Lv 60 Equips Chance Min Grade Max Grade Floors Drop
Stone Very High Moderate Artifact Very Low Moderate Moderate 4-12
Bronze High Moderate Artifact Low Moderate Advanced 4-16
Silver Medium Moderate Relic Medium Moderate Relic 8-20
Gold Low Advanced Relic High Advanced Relic 12-20
Jewel Very Low ??? Relic Very High Advanced Relic 16-20

Level 60 OOPArts Max Stats[edit]

Sword 195 41
Katana 202 50
Ax 209 28
Lance 195 41
Bow 178 64
Fist 196 49
Hammer 178 135
Staff 41 195
Armor Type PDEF MDEF
Bracelet 195 177
Necklace 177 177
Ring 162 195

OOPArts Effects[edit]

Weapons Attr 1 Attr 2 Attr 3 Attr 4 Random Attribute
Level 60 Moonshade Enhanced Combo Rate Random PWR/INT +10 MP Consumption -5% / No effect Enhance when max HP(10%)
SPD +15
MP regen 5
Spinal Critical Damage 10%
(Magic critical damage for staff)
Enduring Type Attack 15%
Level 1 Vital HP +300 Random - - Git +20%
EXP +20%
MP +30
Swift SPD+10
Crush PWR/INT +10
Stable Physical Resist 10% MP Consumption -5% Random - Prof.Debuff Resist 25%
Type Debuff Resist 25%
Phy. debuff Resist 25%
Medical Continual HP regen (35%) HP restore 10% after battle
Status resist 20%
Restoration effect 30%
Deepfang 30% critical rate
(Magic critical for staff)
Random Elemental +25%
(i.e. Wind 25%/Fire 25%)

Armors Attr 1 Attr 2 Attr 3 Attr 4 Random Attribute
Level 60 Glimmer Critical Damage 10% Random Type debuff resist 15% Continual Regen / No effect HP +200
SPD +10
Glorious Type resist 10%
Level 1 Greenleaf Status resist +30% SPD +10 Random - HP restore after battle 10%
MP Regen 5
Hero's PWR/INT/SPD debuff resist 25% PWR+10
Feather SPD +10 Random - - Restore increase 30%
MP +30
Solid HP+300