Melancholy Aspid

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Part of the Explorations of Vaporia, in the Main Story Part 3 Into the Hollow. The Chronos Empire Strikes Back. Volume 1


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Gold Rank Badge.pngBeyond Rushing WavesDefeat Melancholy Aspid.Gem.png x50

Vande Ocean [1]

Vande Ocean
Change.png to image to stats
923.789M 923,788,992 
Hidden Boss

Skills: Melancholy Aspid (Hidden Boss)

Invalid.png to all elements at start of battle. Obtain the Thunder Toothpick to remove this immunity.
W time layer storm.png Time Distortion is the active Environmental Effects
Held Aura 1: Aura1.png Heat Cascade
  • Activates with 8 or more buff/debuffs; Single enemy/party member that met activation conditions: Damage -50%
  • Activates with 8 or more buff/debuffs: Single enemy/party member that met activation conditions: Physical/Magic resistance -100%
Held Aura 2: Aura1.png Supercritical
  • Activates with 12 or more buff/debuffs: Damage -50%
  • Activates with 12 or more buff/debuffs: Physical/Magic resistance -100%
HP Stoppers at 50%HP
Restart skill rotation, Cleanse all statuses.
0 Legcutter WallStatus Barrier.png Damage below 100 million (5 with Thunder Toothpick) reduced to 0
1 Call of the Abyss
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Decreases all enemies' PWR/INT/SPD (M, 8 turns) and apply Status Darkness.png Darkness on all enemies
2 2xTentacle Whip
Skill Type 4 0.png Blunt 
Blunt attack on a single enemy and decreases physical/magical resistance (M,8 turn)
3 Deadly TideFixed 99% current HP damage + Sleep
4 2xRaging tentacleDrain MP and knockback single enemy
5 Fatal spearFixed 5000 (7500 after 50% HP stopper) damage on single enemy
6 Bolt From The Black
Skill Type 8 16.png Thunder 
Thunder-type magic attack on all enemies
7 Aspid is storing power
8 Ship breaker spikeFixed 8888 damage on all enemies.


  • Legcutter Wall is a blessing in disguise for Azami AS, as it stops weak setup/support/buff moves from dealing any actual damage, ensuring that Petalfall hits at full power. With buffs and the Elpis Dagger, she can serve as the lone DPS.
  • A full set of 7 tier 1, shareable Proficiency Debuff Resistance grastas will prevent Call of the Abyss from applying any debuffs.
  • Be careful with shareable offense grastas like Enhance at Max HP, Power of [element] or Almighty Power. They count as buffs for the held auras. The same applies for equipment that produces buff icons.
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