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Lunatic is a type of state applied to character and all skills or stats of character. "Lunatic" is a group name that further differentiates into differently named effect types, such as: Sacrifice, Risktaker, Copy, Charge and others. Named in this wiki like Lunatic - Copy.

There are few ways to activate Lunatic state in Another Eden. Characters may grant various Lunatic states to themselves or all their allies with valor chants, skills, songs, prayers and stack effects, as well as Sidekicks may have ability to grant them, etc.

Lunatics type (by source)

There are 2 ways to gain Lunatic state, both work exactly the same, only visual indications differ:

  • Lunatic (Innate). Сharacters' own state which is activated for themselves. It is indicated in battle: by a purple status icon on character image, described in status, and have visual effect on character sprite.
    • This same type of lunatic with visual indicator can also be received from some skills (notably from sidekicks).
  • Lunatics (Buff Effects) state granted by characters' different abilities to other characters. Without visual indications of this effect in battle..

Lunatics stacking

Characters may hold multiple Lunatic states simultaneously only by receiving them from a few different sources* in any combinations.

  • Different sources meaning: Sources that do not activate lunatic state Awaken.png icons on character portrait, like Songs, Prayers, Blood Contract, may be in combination with 1 source with Awaken.png icon.
  • When receiving lunatic state from several skills with lunatic state Awaken.png icons, latter lunatic type status overrides former from this type of source. Standard same status effects interaction.

When conditions of having few different sources are true, then:

  • Same named Lunatic states - do not stack.
  • Named differently Lunatic states - stack.

Lunatic effects vs Skill effects

  • Lunatic state grants Effects of Lunatic State, when its active, they apply on character as a whole, on all skills or stats of character.
    • In this wiki: These effects are not included in skill properties and descriptions.
  • Specific skills have Conditional skill effects, that only work when there is active lunatic state on this character, these only work for specific skill that mentions them
    • In this wiki: These skill effects are present in skill properties and descriptions and considered as a part of skill.
    • Such conditional skill effects do not care which type of Lunatic is active on character.


Below are some examples illustrating how this status works. Stacking example

Lunatic effects and skill effects examples

  • Clarte (Another Style) has innate Lunatic - Mind's Eye with Awaken weakness boost.png Mind's Eye status that increases damage and healing +50% (multiplier x1.5), plus increases the Weakness Multiplier +1. (For simplicity this Weakness modifier is ignored in these examples)
    • If activated, Clarte icon in battle will show descriptions in status, and two status icons: Awaken.png Lunatic state, Awaken weakness boost.png Mind's Eye status.
  • Milsha (Another Style)'s with a song Tragoudi Aspida: grants the effects of Awaken risky attack.png Lunatic - Risktaker on all allies: +70% damage and healing (multiplier x1.7), crit & magic crit rate +100% (continuous), and damage on self 20% of current HP before any move. Song can be activated several times per battle.
    • If activated and granted to Clarte, there will not be any additional icons or descriptive text in battle.
  • Both Lunatic effects if activated affect Clarte as a whole and all of Clarte's skills, even ones that don't mention any lunatic conditions in them, e.g. Soul Etoile. And not indicated by skill modifiers in wiki or multipliers in-game in skill descriptions.
    • Any damage/healing from any Clarte's skills are increased:
      • With Innate Mind's Eye - by x1.5
      • With Risktaker from song - by x1.75
      • With both innate Mind's Eye and Risktaker from song - by x1.5x1.75=x2.625
  • Specific Clarte's skills Managarmr and Vedrfolnir - have skill effects that only work when Clarte has any active Lunatic state, these skills change by tripling the damage modifier and guaranteeing a critical attack. This skill effect is indicated by skill modifiers in wiki, and in-game in skill descriptions.
    • These conditioned skill effects are separate and are the property of specific skills that have them. And they act in addition to the boost offered from any Lunatic status above. As example in different conditions Vedrfolnir will have such properties:
      • Without lunatics - [150% x mod] multiplier and no guaranteed crits
      • With innate Mind's Eye - tripped [450% x mod] multiplier, crits and x1.5 damage boost
      • With Risktaker from song - tripped [450% x mod] multiplier, crits and x1.75 damage boost
      • With both innate Mind's Eye and Risktaker from song - tripped [450% x mod] multiplier, crits and x1.5x1.75=x2.625 damage boost