Large White Lie Bug

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Part of the Persona Five Royale Symphony: Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteer, inside the Mementos_(Another_Dungeon), which is unlocked after completing Persona 5R part 2: Promises, Vows, and Rings

Mementos (Very Hard) (Lv.80)[1]

(Very Hard)
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80  Levels 
Quest Boss
Weakness.png Overrides:
  • Resist
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 

Skills: Large White Lie Bug (Quest Boss)

0, then every 3 turns Wall of RepressionImmune to hits 15 times
1 Mega Gatling
Skill Type 2 0.png Pierce 
Pierce attack x3 (L) on one target, inflict bind
2 Press of Despair
Skill Type 4 0.png Blunt 
Blunt attack (M) on all targets, inflict poison (M)
3 Infinite Berserk
Skill Type 1 0.png Slash 
Slash attack (M) on all targets, inflict darkness
4 Endless GrudgeReduces MP (25%) of all targets
5 Rampaging Bomb
Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
Magic attack (XL) on all targets
50% HP Wall of Repression becomes Great Wall of RepressionImmune to hits 30 times


  • Has over 20 million HP with a 50% HP AF stopper.
  • The Rampaging Bomb is one of the deadliest attacks. The mixture of both physical and magical attacks may require both PWR and/or INT debuffing to survive.
  • Avoid using a Zone in this fight if having troubles. Hitting its weaknesses with multi-hitting attacks that strike three or more times per turn charges the AF gauge more than using an attack that matches a normal Zone.
  • Violet, Joker, Morgana, Azami, Yuri and Victor are all very useful in this fight. The Phantom Thieves can use their special Passive Skill 1 More to easily exploit its weaknesses for extra hits to tear through its damage negation shields while recharging AF at the same time.

Use Another Force in the first turn to the HP stopper, build AF in the 2nd turn, then defeat in the third turn. A first-turn AF can easily reach the HP stopper, then the next turn should be able to recharge AF back up to at least 50% where it can be initiated again, and then a third-turn AF again will finish off the remaining HP. With enough multi-hitters, the AF should be long enough to both clear the shields and defeat the boss.

Large White Lie Bug Location
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