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Grasta Enhancements[edit]

Upon starting Chapter 70, you gain the ability to enhance fully awakened Grastas with Nekomasa's assistance along with items called ores. Enhanced Grastas will appear orange, and each Grasta only has capacity for one enhancement. Enhancing an already enhanced Grasta will erase the old enhancement without any refunds - however, if you have Ability orb restoring item.png Reversion Ores, you can Revert an enhanced Grasta to regain the ore used on it. Valor Chant Grastas cannot be enhanced.

There are two types of Grasta enhancement and each uses its own type of ore: dormant and specialized (also known as augmented or add effect). Ability orb processing addition item.png Dormant Ores are more common and they will enhance the existing Grasta's effect or give it a new one - the effect is dependent on the Grasta (see 'Grastas' table linked below, specifically the 'Upgrade' lines). Ability orb processing reinforcement item.png Specialized ores grant a specific ability or effect to the Grasta.

After completing Chapter 70 and from v2.13.500 onwards, speak to Nekomasa in Itoise to unlock the ability to enhance your Grasta from the main menu without needing to travel to Itoise.

To view the collection of Grasta Ores, see the Grasta Ores page.

Personality Grastas[edit]

For some grastas, Ability orb processing addition item.pngDormant Ore introduces the ability to share with Personalities and allow the effect of grastas to affect characters outside of the the grasta holder in the party. These grasta can only be equipped by a character who has the personality defined on the grasta name. The community refers to characters holding 3 of the following grastas as "Grasta Mule" or "Grasta Slave".

  • Use the Shareable filter under the Grasta pages to identify which grasta fall under this category.
    • Currently only some T3 Attack Grastas, T3 Life Grastas, and all of the T1 Support Grastas fall under this category.
  • Under each Character page, under general information, Overlapping 2+* shareable Personality is shown so that you may understand who is the best character to act as supporting character.

See Personality Grasta Recommendations for more insight.