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Part of the Miaki's Weapons Set Quest


Rank Name Requirement Reward
Gold Rank Badge.pngOvercoming the EnenraBeat the EnenraGem.png x50

Dragon God's Swamp [1]

Dragon God's Swamp
Change.png to image to stats
10.293M 10,293,135 
Hidden Boss
Weakness.png Overrides:
  • Resist
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
Resistance.png Overrides:
  • Nullify
  • Absorb
  • Normal 
  • Water

    Skills: Enenra (Hidden Boss)

    1 Repellent Fire
    Skill Type 8 1.png Fire 
    Fire-type magic attack on all enemies + Confuse + Self PWR Up M (3 turns)
    2 Silk Smoke
    Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
    Self INT Up (3 turns)
    3 Silk Gate
    Skill Type 8 1.png Fire 
    Magic attack on all enemies (50% max HP) + Fire RES Down M (3 turns)
    4 Smoke and Fire
    Skill Type 8 1.png Fire 
    Fire-type magic attack on all enemies + Self INT Up 3 turns
    5 Smoke Plume
    Skill Type 8 0.png Null 
    Magic attack on one enemy (90% current HP) + Poison + force into reserve

    Whenever the Enenra receives water damage, it releases steam that gives a stacking Water resistance (M) buff (max 3 stacks) and makes it immune to all physical attacks (You can still hit it using Water physical attack), lasting for 3 turns. At the end of the turn, if it took any Water damage, it will also perform a fire-type magic attack on the whole party.

    Dogu Riddle[edit]

    The password is somewhere in the Hokishi Forest.
    The password location can be found using a cipher and a message. I'll tell you both and you can figure it out.
    Use the cipher and message together. The cipher is: First, Third, Sixth. The message is as follows...
    Dogu are famously created in Gadaro. They live among the people in their homes. They are as popular as flowers and pinwheels.

    Hint Match the cipher with each of the three sentences. 
    Answer Dogu among flowers, east from the cat in Hokishi Forest 


    • Enenra doesn't have any wind resistance, so it's possible to fight it with a wind team. You'll still need damage mitigation for overall survival.
    • If you're fighting with a water team, you need not worry about the confusion from Repellent Fire since its end-of-turn fire attack will erase confusion from your frontline.
    • If fighting with a wind team and using Claude (Another Style), his Freikugel will render Enenra's status conditions ineffective by providing status immunity. Just remember to keep reapplying status immunity by using Freikugel.
    • Mana can reduce its magic attack with Queen of Hearts, and purge its buffs with Midnight Cendrillon. The Silk Gate turn is the best time to erase buffs since it won't affect that percentage-based attack.
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