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Elzion image.jpg
Era Future
Continent Migleina
Chapter Unlocked 4
Food Esta-Style Roast Beef, ROC Sandwich

Elzion is the second major city that is introduced and home to Amy and Riica. It is the largest floating island in the Future, founded around 1000 AD and levitated by Xeno Prisma.

The leaders of Elzion are chosen by Elzion's prized quantum computer with the current leader being The Administrator.

Elzion is home to three influential branch families, two of which include the Lunabright family and the San family. Notable members of these families are Hismena Lunabright and Leongrantze Figaro San, or Leo.


Personalities Era Release Date
101000071 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 0.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Future 2019-01-28
101000111 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 4.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Future 2019-01-28
101040031 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 4.png
202000004 icon.png216000002 icon.png
Future 2019-01-28
101000041 rank5 command.png
Guiding Light Icon.png
Skill Type 8 8.png
202000000 icon.png216000004 icon.png
Future 2019-01-28


Id Name Gender Personality Type Skill Effect Valor Chant Home Unique Gift Common Gift Liked Gifts Loved Gifts
6 411001019 l.pngGust Male Sleepy Swipe type.png LCK+50% ATK+30% Elzion Airport - East - -
7 411004003 l.pngKassy Male Timid Scratch type.png DEF-20% ATK+30% Elzion Airport - Center - -
8 411001002 l.pngMillie Female Docile Swipe type.png ATK-10% DEF-30% Elzion - Gamma, South - -
9 411001004 l.pngGear Unknown Spoiled Swipe type.png DEF+20% DEF+\-15% Elzion - Theta, West - -
10 411001020 l.pngChain Unknown Spoiled Swipe type.png DEF+20% DEF+\-15% Elzion - Gamma, North West - -


Name Recommended Level Summary
Luminous Ice Aldo learns from Jeeno that a particular material has unique properties. It seems it can be found in Xeno-Domain.
The Gourmet's Dilemma Aldo is looking for a terrific broker to get a high seeker rank. He takes his search to the tavern to see who he can find.
Machinery Rose Aldo goes to the airport looking for the Machinery Rose. He finds a man there who looks to be researching something.
Meowstet Idol After getting information about the legendary idol from Jeema, Aldo visits Suzanne in Iota district to talk about restoring the idol.
Choco Etoile Aldo goes to Gamma District in search of a sweet that is popular in Elzion. While looking, he happens to meet someone he did not expect.
The Path of the Animal Aldo and company visit a zoology broker in Iota District. However, he has a condition before he signs a contract.
That Which Needs Protecting Hinks from Elzion wants to go to the Elzion
Airport with a master hunter. There may be a
problem with that...
Welcome to IDA School! An IDA Schoolgirl wants to speak to Aldo.
A Game of Dreams and Magic A young lad is watching the children play from afar. As he leaves, he drops a magazine.
This quest is a collaboration event with Famitsu.
1/F Agitator Is it the end of the ordinary, or the beginning of the extraordinary?

A foreign intruder foretells the fall of a powerful syndicate.
Will they be able to save the young lady who will start it all?

The firing pin is set. The shell casings dance innocently.
The Auction City that Never Sleeps Aldo is followed by a strange young man in Elzion. Suddenly, the man speaks to Aldo, confusing him for a competitor.
Welcome to IDA City! Aldo bumps into the Occult Writer once again. Looks like he's going to be dragged around as a special reporter... again.
Ciel's Homecoming The group is invited to Ciel's house. Ciel is excited about introducing his family to everyone. But...
Hanging Garden Story Map Chapter One.png Hanging Garden Story Map Chapter One.png
Our High Performance Sensor Noya and Pirica of Elzion want someone to
get something for them.
A shadow approaching the city? Strange things are happening in IDA City. To start with, Aldo encounters the white-uniformed group again at the hospital...
Two People's Thinking Noya wants to take the High Performance
Sensor to the blacksmith.
Treasure Seeker The young woman, Cynthia, appears before Aldo who is trying to raise his Seeker Rank to win the tome in the auction. She seems to know someone that might help.
Tasty Soup Recipe Noya and Pirica's mother is ill and bedridden. Listen to what they have to say.
Elzion: Echoes in the Skies After confronting the Beast King in Moonlight Forest,
Aldo falls into a hole in spacetime and disappears
from this world. He reappears 800 years in the
future. There, he meets a girl known as Amy, who
invites him to the city of Elzion.
A Pure Prayer In order to save the people who have lost their sense of pain, the travelers from another world board a freighter...
Roar in the Ruins: Rise of the Synth Humans Something inexplicable has happened to Aldo and
he's found himself 800 years in the future. He is now
headed to the Industrial Ruins with his new friends
Amy and Riica in search of the source of the Synth
Humans who threaten the very existence of
Lamentations, Manifestations With the Sapient Complex: Midnight banished, it would appear matters are settled...until the Sapient Complex: Twilight appears at the same coordinates.
You're Gone?! Our Lost Future The future girl Amy and Aldo encounter the rebel
leader Synth Human Galliard and his ally, Helena, in
the Industrial Ruins. After defeating Galliard they
head back to Elzion.
Debt on the High Seas A man in Elzion suffers under huge debts. The one who racked them up was his great pirate ancestor, Alfread...
The Apex of Logic Midnight's plan has been thwarted, but the future is still under threat. Such is the fate of humanity, perhaps.
The Apex of Logic Midnight's plan has been thwarted, but the future is still under threat. Such is the fate of humanity, perhaps.
Return to Elzion: Reflections of Professor Chronos Aldo and the others are joined by Amy, and they all head together to Elzion. The city is now fully restored after being destroyed when history was changed. They go there to investigate Professor Chronos, who they think is the key to everything that had happened. With no other plan, they decide to try and talk to the Elzion Administrator.
I'll Build It! The Founding of Macminal Museum The villainous Zennon broke his word and transformed Altena into a sword. To get her back we must infiltrate Ogres Spike. The only problem is we can't get past their barrier. Can Sebastia help us?