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In 2.10.200 version of game, the characters that become your allies in Symphony: Complex Dream don't have any style but instead can wear special equipment called Elements. The number of Elements a character can equpped increases with their level, maxing out at four.

  • Serge has a unique passive that allows him to change all of his skill board skill to the element equipped in his first slot.
  • Harle is the only character capable of getting to Power Level 12 which allows for her skills to gain a higher percentage for stack effects.

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How to collect[edit]

Elements drop from golden chests that are refreshed on each New Game+ of the collab. Element type-skill is fixed in same chest. Elemental types are randomized each time.

List of Element types and Locations:

Disclaimer: Due to random drops expect data inside type-groups of Elements to not be full for some Chests, they may drop or may not drop some specific elements of that group. Data requires further testing, but mostly valid inside groups
Skill types of Elements
Locations Fire Water Earth Wind Crystal Shade Thunder
Recharge (Restore MP 15+), Purify (Restore statuses, remove buffs\debuffs, -MP consumption)
Dreamslip Tower of Time 3F Recharge Purify
Dreamslip Tower of Time 7F Room 1
Healing Wind (Restore L+ and Regen L+), Holy Wind (Restore L+, Restore statuses)
Moonlight Forest (behind Horror) Healing Wind Holy Wind
Underground Fortress - Outdoor Passage 2 - (bottom left room)
Event once: The Battle for Mig. Castle (Harle)
Eagle Eye(+ 50%-100% Crit Rate, 3-5 moves), Magnify (+25%...), Diminish (-25%...) PWR and INT of all enemies and party
Dreamslip Tower of Time 2F (bottom right) Eagle Eye Magnify Diminish
Dreamslip Tower of Time 6F (top)
Skills with debuffs of all enemies
Rinde, House (bottom right) Weaken Numble Low Res Imbecile
Underground Fortress 1F (right room on left side)
Skills with Party buffs: Strengthen (PWR+), Genius (INT+), High Res (Phys. Res.+), Nimble (Preemptive SPD+)
Nuaru Uplands (center) Strengthen Nimble High Res
Rinde (Day) - House (right of shop) Genius
Underground Fortress 1F (left room on left side)
<element> Resistance of party members +40%+
Underground Fortress - Outdoor Passage 2 (center) Anti-fire Anti-water
Serena Coast (right from Lokido) Anti-earth Anti-wind
Burning Miglance Castle Anex 4F West Room Anti-dark
Rinde (Night) - House (right of Inn) Anti-crystal Anti-thunder
Underground Fortress 3F (top left)
<element> Magic attack on all enemies (XL+) and <element> resistance -30% (3 turns) (max stack: x3: -60%)
Dreamslip Tower of Time - Area (Forest) Inferno Deluge Earthquake Tornado
Dreamslip Tower of Time 7F - Room 4
Dreamslip Tower of Time 7F - Room 6 Meteor Shower Black Hole Thunda Storm
<element> Magic attack on a single enemy (L+) and <element> attacks of all party members +30% (3 turns)
Karek Swampland (top right chest) Photon Beam Electro Bolt
Karek swampland (bottom center chest) Ice Blast Upheaval Aero Blaster
Serena Coast (Left from bottom path bridge event) Hell Bound
Event once: Injured Rookie (neutral) once
Serena Coast (behind right horror) Magma Burst
Event once: Memorial Pendant (Kid)
<element> Magic attack on a single enemy (M+) and inflict Poison and Pain
Nuaru Uplands (left) Uplift Bushwhacker
Serena Coast (center, hidden path under western horror path) Aqua Ball
Underground Fortress - Outdoor Passage1 (bottom right) Fireball
Event once: Meeting Serge