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DMG Formula Parts
Phys (PWR/ATK)
Phys (SPD/ATK)
Phys (INT/M.AT)
Magical (PWR/ATK)

Other Multipliers of Damage Formula[edit]

Every multiplier applies to total damage.

[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{ \left( 1+\frac{SkillEffect\%1}{100\%}\right )\times...\times \left( 1+\frac{SkillEffect\%N}{100\%}\right ) }_{Skill\ DMG+\ Multipliers} }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{ \left( 1+\frac{Stance\ DMG\%(+/-)}{100\%} \right )}_{Stance(Zone)\ Multiplier} }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{\left(1+\frac{TypeDebuffsDiminished\%}{100\%}+\frac{PhysDebuffsDiminished\%}{100\%}\right) }_{Debuff\ Groups} }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{\overbrace{\left(1+\frac{BuffsDiminsished\%}{100\%}\right)}^{Group1}\times...\times \overbrace{\left(1+\frac{BuffsDiminished\%}{100\%}\right)}^{GroupN}}_{Buff\ Groups} }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{ \left( 1+\frac{Equip1\ Dmg\%+}{100\%}+ \frac{Equip2\ Dmg\%+}{100\%} + ... + \frac{EquipN\ Dmg\%+}{100\%} \right) }_{DMG+\ Weapons,Grasta,Armors\ with\ E-icons} }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ \times \underbrace{ \underbrace{\overbrace{1.3}^{Poison1}}_{Pain1}\times...\times \underbrace{\overbrace{1.3}^{Poison3}}_{Pain3} }_{Poison,Pain\ Grasta} }[/math]

Differentiation of effects[edit]

  • Buffs / Debuff effects from Skills and Valor Chants
    • Icon is present on target (character or enemy). Affects all target's skills that can be applied to case.
    1. Standard Buff / Debuff
    2. Stackable Buff / Debuff (only from skills)
      • Number of stacks present on icon. Description has level of current stacking "Stack 2/3".
  • Buffs / Debuff effects from Equipment
    • Icon with <E> is present on character. Affects all character's skills that can be applied to case.
  • Skill damage increasing effects
    • No icons are present.
    1. Built-in Skill damage increasing effect
      • Only skill description mentions this effect. Affects this specific skill only if conditions are met.
    2. Skill damage increasing effect from Equipment
      • Only grasta\weapon\armor\badge description mentions this effect. Affects all skills of character if conditions are met.
  • Named Stacks from Skills and Valor Chants
    • Round white or red orb icon is present on target. Named Stacks have unlimited duration until some skill with Named Stack remove effect is not used or target dies.

Types of stacking[edit]

  • Subtraction
    • Having both buffs and debuffs of the same group will always result in the net effect being the difference of buff% and debuff%. I.e. [math]\displaystyle{ Buff - Debuff }[/math]
  • Multiplication
    • This is Base of Damage formula. All parts of damage formula that can't affect each other are multipliers to base damage. Effects that affect each other grouped by some other type of stacking, and after calculation of max stack total value inside such group, Total value becomes multiplier to base damage.
    • Formula: DMG x (A%) x (Group1%) ... x (GroupX%)...
  • Stacking with diminished returns.
    • This type of stacking is used for Buffs / Debuffs from Skills and Valor Chants of the Same groups by effects.
    • Formula for Diminished returns is: 1 + (A)% + (A% x B%) + (A% x B% x C%) + ...
      • (where A is the highest effect value. Max value is capped at 100%. )
      • Example: 50% PWR + 30% PWR + 15% PWR = 1 + 0.5 + 0.5x0.3 + 0.5x0.3x0.15 = 1.67 multiplier to PWR (+67%)
  • Stacking with half effect value
    • This type of stacking is used specifically for Stackable Buffs / Debuffs from skills
    • Formula is 1 + A% + (A% x 0.5) + (A% x 0.5) (ex. 30%+15%+15%=60% or x1.6 multiplier)
    • There are exceptions - Lovely - (30%+10%+10%+10%=60%). Kikyo (30%+30%+30%=90%)
  • Additive stacking
    • This type of stacking is used for:
      • Buffs / Debuffs from Equipment, with <E> icon on character,
      • Critical rate and Critical Damage Buffs from skills or equipment.
    • Formula is: 1 + A% + B% + C%
    • This type of stacking is not hard-capped. But resists and rates over +100% have no effect value, unless its used for substraction from opposite effect (buff - debuff case)

Buffs and Debuffs, Groups By Effects[edit]

Groups with diminishing returns stacking (Skills / VC only)[edit]

  • Same group is Buffs / Debuffs with same name of effect or icon.
    • Fire resistance debuff of one character and Fire resistance debuff of another character
    • PWR Buff and another PWR Buff
    • Katana attack buff and another Katana attack buff
    • etc.
  • Additional groups of same type:
    • Type resistance group:
      • Type resistance+ and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Shade/Thunder/Crystal resistance+
        NOTE: this group also decreases Magic attacks without specific element
      • Type resistance- and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Shade/Thunder/Crystal resistance-
        NOTE: this group also increases Magic attacks without specific element
    • Physical resistance group:
      • Physical resistance+ + Pierce/Blunt/Slash resistance+
      • Physical resistance- + Pierce/Blunt/Slash resistance-
    • Type attack+ Buff
      NOTE: The general buff, with move-based limit (X moves), buffs non-type as well as all type damage. Groups with:
      • Type attack+ and Fire/Wind/Water/Earth/Shade/Thunder/Crystal attack+ for that element's physical and magical attacks.
      • Type attack+ and Non-Type attack+ for elementless physical attacks.
    • Combining "Stackable Buff\Debuff" with "Buff\Debuff" in the same group:
    1. "Stackable Buff\Debuff" Total is calculated using Stacking with half effect value Formula
    2. Then combines using Stacking with diminished returns formula.
    • Example: (30% max stack x3) buff + 50% buff = (30+15+15=60%) + (60% x 50%) = 90% = x1.9 multiplier
    • "Combining Named Stacks Total" with "Buff\Debuff" in the same group:
    1. Named stacks total calculated using Additive stacking formula.
    2. Then combines with other "Buff\Debuff" using Stacking with diminished returns formula.

Groups with additive stacking[edit]

  • Critical rate buffs from skills and equipment (Critical and magic critical do not interact with each other)
  • Critical damage increased buffs from skills (Critical and magic critical do not interact with each other)
  • Equipment buffs with visible <E> icon (Type Attack+ and Damage+ when Max/Low HP)
    • Enhance Normal Attack Damage does not have an icon but stacks additively with Type Attack+ and Damage+ when Max/Low HP
  • Named stacks with white \ red round icons Total E.g. Lokido (Another Style)'s 3 stacks of Fearless Fortitude give total of -15% intelligence on enemy
  • Weakness Modifier buffs Buffs to Weakness modifier are additive to each other, which is then added to Weakness modifier. Note that weakness buffs with the same icon cannot be applied more than once


Everything else that is not included in Additive and Diminishing stacking groups - multiplies total damage, mostly things that are invisible in a fight, without icons. Effects are only readable from inventory or skill descriptions.

  • Stances base effect that changes damage values of elements and damage types.
  • Skill damage increasing effects without icons specifically. Skills\Weapons\Grasta. These can be considered as direct skill modifier increases.
    • Increase when target affected with poison or pain
    • Increase when some HP value is met of skills.
    • Increase damage when Named stacks present\consumed.
  • Anything else that does not have any icons in battle

Summary of Calculations[edit]

Assuming respective conditions apply. Numbers 1 to 7 all multiply with each other, where applicable

  1. All pain/poison dependent damage increases always multiply with each other regardless of number of instances or source. So 1 pain grasta + 1 poison grasta + Miaki's Katana (15%) gives 1.3x1.3x1.15
  2. Max hp/type attack/low hp/normal attack (equipment): add all instances together, no maximum
    • 10% Wind type atk + 10% type atk + 10% max hp + 50% normal atk + 50% normal atk = 130% buff on normal wind-type atk
  3. Max hp/type attack/low hp (in battle):
  4. PWR buffs, INT buffs
    • 70% PWR + 50% PWR + 50% PWR = 122.5% (capped at 100%)
    • An additional debuff of -35% PWR results in a net +87.5% buff
  5. Critical rate/damage/magic: individually add all instances (no cap nor differentiation between skill and battle)
    • 10% dmg (equip) + 10% dmg(skill) +30% crit rate + 30% crit rate (skill) + 50% mcrit dmg = 20% cdmg, 60%c rate, 50% mcrit dmg
  6. Mental Focus, Eagle Eyes, Overthrow: see here
  7. Everything else: see below:

Everything else, and most effects without icons: usually only one instance per type. If multiple instances of the same type, take the highest value that is applicable (if more than one). Multiply this to all other types and all the other numbers.
Eg. Non-fully upgraded Keseph Weapons Set (<30% enemy numbers dmg+) and Last stand Grasta Ores (enemy numbers dmg +30%), will take the 30% value. This value then multiplies with everything else, e.g. Pain Enhance Ore, Rose with Thorns, Zone Effects, etc.

Some exceptions from this list include weakness multiplier+

Example of calculation[edit]

    • Water Zone in Effect +50% water damage.
    • Myunfa uses Crit DMG +50% VC
    • Dewey with manifest uses Mist Blast which has innate Crit DMG +50%.
    • Shanie (Another Style) uses Wasserfall with one stack, that increases her Normal damage +100%, and Crit damage +100% from normal. Also she has Water Type damage Buff +30% on her. She Crits with this attack.
      • Damage Calculation here is only for Multipliers, doesn't include Base formula, elemental mod, etc.
      • 200%(XL ST) x ~2.25 (critical) x 2 (skill effect: normal damage) x2 (skill effect: critical damage) x 2 (buffs:
        critical damage  50% +50% 
        ) x 1.5 (zone) x 1.3 (buffs: water damage) = ~7020% damage

Mental Focus, Eagle Eyes, Overthrow[edit]

Collectively, Mental Focus, Eagle Eyes and Overthrow buffs stack diminishingly up to a cap of +350% (x4.5) while Multi-upgrade buff stands in a separate buff category.

Status Mental Focus.png Mental Focus[edit]

Mental Focus increases magic damage based on character max MP. Calculated individually by each character with the buff. This buff caps at +250% (Multiplier x3.5).

  • Is considered a buff rather than a status (can be Testamented, buff-cleared, and count to Distinct Buffs)
  • Mental Focus from different characters overwrite each other
  • Exception: Dunarith (Another Style) VC can coexist with another instance of Mental Focus, with diminishing stacking.
    • Example: Dunarith AS with 575 max MP uses VC (+0.2% per MP) then Rosetta casts Prayer of Judgement (+0.23% per MP).
    • Total: MP × (A%) + [ (MP × (A%)) × ((MP × (B%)) ] = 575 × 0.23% + [ (575 × 0.23%) × ((575 × (0.2%)) = 284%, which caps at +250%

Action order127 el up.png Eagle Eyes[edit]

Eagle Eyes increases any damage if acting after enemy.

  • Is considered a buff rather than a status (can be Testamented, buff-cleared, and count to Distinct Buffs)
  • Eagle Eyes from different characters overwrite each other
  • Works with EoT attacks
  • For AoE/random attacks, only enemies who moved before character will take more damage
  • Enemy counters or HP stopper actions are counted as actions
  • Enemy "Does Nothing" or "checking things out" is counted as actions
    • Also works on Nagsham 1 Bag Baddie, but not on Nagsham 4 Bag Baddies
  • If enemy does not act within the turn, no bonus damage
  • Order is affected by order of actions, not the speed of character/enemies

Enemy level127 el up.png Overthrow[edit]

  • Increase damage based on enemy level, increase damage (%) = Enemy_level^2/k, max +100%. Coefficient k depends on whom / where the buff comes from.
    • Enemy level displayed as ?? have hidden levels.
    • Most enemies follow standard PDEF/MDEF/SPD values which allow estimation of enemy levels (see here for table)
    • Overthrow effect from Mujima and Elpis weapons is multiplicative to Mental Focus, Eagle Eyes, Overthrow buff from skill

Attack hit count127 el up.png Multi-upgrade[edit]

Multi-hit skills for all party members increase damage with each next hit (Max Multiplier x3 for 5th hit)

hits count x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6
Nth. hit DMG+ x1 x1.25 x1.5 x2 x3 x3
Generic average +0% +12.5% +25% +43.75% +75% +95,8%
  • Counted: Multihits, Multipart moves, number of hits increases for same move.
    • Not counted, but affected by damage+: Charge extras, EoT attacks, Counters
    • Repeat moves from Copy status or alike resets hit count
  • All hits become calculated separately, this will not change number of status/debuffs inflict chances
  • Later Multi-upgrade skill buff overwrites former one.
  • Average total damage % assumes all hits of the attack have equal multipliers.
  • Hit count increases for: all hits and parts of "1 move" skills (consume 1 move buffs)
  • Hit count resets for: each next "move" of multi move skills (consume 2+ move buffs) including EoT attacks, and also Counters (does not consumes a "move", but is separate move anyway)
  • Each Lunatic - Charge addon-hit copies %-increase to damage from hit that caused adddon, but does not increase total hit count.
  • Damage of affected skills is calculated individually before each hit, instead of before first hit.
    • Example: % of AF combo after 1st hit will increase 2nd hit damage and so on.
    • Does not increase amount of chances to inflicting debuffs/statuses

Type Resistance and Physical Resistance [1][edit]

  • Against enemies, increase in damage for party's elemental physical attacks can be seen as be the net physical buffs added to net type debuffs, and vice versa.
  • Physical and Type resistances for party are slightly more complicated. In essence, the most effective way to boost resistance is to stack equipment (additive with each other), and use buffs with higher numbers.
  • Calculation of total resistance for party:
    • Physical Resistance: Sum all equipment buffs\debuffs. Then stack with diminished returns with all skill buffs\debuffs. Then subtract debuffs from buffs, to a maximum of ±100%
    • Type Resistance: Sum all equipment buffs\debuffs. Then stack with diminished returns with all innate buffs and skill buffs\debuffs. Then subtract debuffs from buffs, to a maximum of ±100%
    • The total resistance to a physical type attack is the sum of Physical and Type Resistance, to a maximum of ±200%. (Although there is no effect for total buff beyond +100% for physical elemental attacks.)


  • Stacks:
  • Innate:
    • Innate 20% Wind Type Res (with not all nodes unlocked)
  • Equipment:
    • Water Type Resistance Badge (Wind Type Res -50%)
    • Crafted Excellence (20% Type Res, 20% Phys Res)
  • Skills:
  • Physical (specifically Slash): [35% (Mana)] + [35% x 30% (Aldo)] + [35% x 30% x 20% (Equipment)] + [35% x 30% x 20% x 15% (Stacks)] - [10% (Enemy)] = 37.915% ≈ 37.92%
  • Type (specifically Wind): [50% (Mariel)] + [50% x 30% (Hardy)] + [50% x 30% x 20% (Innate)] + [50% x 30% x 20% x 15% (Stacks)] - [ [50% (Enemy) + [50% x 30% (Equipment 20%-50%)] ] = 3.45%
  • Total: 37.92 + 3.45 = 41.37% UP against Wind Type Slash attacks

Example 2[edit]

  • 60% Type Res Buff + 70% Fire Res Buff
  • 50% Fire Res debuff
    • Result: 70% + 42% - 50% = 62% buff

Hits Calculated Separately[edit]

Hits calculated separately of a multihit skill means that damage of each individual hit is calculated using modifiers (i.e. PWR buffs, AF combo%, etc) from before each hit, rather than using modifiers before the very first hit of the skill. Whether a move is calculated separately or together is not stated in game and can only be derived through manual testing.

Most multihit attacks are calculated with modifiers and AF combo% based on the very first hit. Additionally, only one hit has the chance to apply debuffs/statuses. For most skills, only the last hit has this chance, with rare exceptions.

  • Example:
    • May's I'll Crush You! is used. The first hit lands at 75% AF combo and the second hit lands at 80% AF Combo. But both hits are calculated using the AF combo of 75%, regardless of how the AF combo% changes in between the two hits.
    • May is equipped with 1x pain grasta with dormant ore. The first hit inflicts pain. The remaining hit does not receive the 1.3x damage boost from pain grasta. May can only benefit from the pain grasta the next move onwards.

Certain moves have "hits calculated separately". Modifiers and AF combo% are based upon each hit. Each hit also has an independent chance to apply debuffs/statuses.

  • Skills which target random enemies are always calculated separately
  • Each part in a multi-part skill is always calculated separately e.g. damage on Cetie AS's Force Assault is calculated on the ST skill, and again on the AoE skill.
  • Example:
    • Milla's Cloud Pierce is used. The first hit lands at 75% AF Combo and the second hit lands at 80% AF Combo. The second hit uses the higher AF Combo to calculate damage.
    • Milla is equipped with 1x pain grasta with dormant ore. The first hit inflicts pain. The second hit does 1.3x damage due to pain grasta.

Distinct Debuffs[edit]

Skills of some characters have "Damage increases from number of distinct debuffs on target" Some examples of such characters are: Hozuki,Isuka,Ciel AS, Shannon AS, Ewan AS.

  • Counts toward distinct number:
    • All effects marked by Debuff icons with red arrow down.
    • Each Debuff with different icon counts once
  • Does not counts toward distinct number:
    • Named stacks with orb icons with debuff effects.
    • Status Effects are not debuffs.
  • Stacking skill debuff and non-stacking skill debuff with same icon count only once
  • Growth debuffs from Uquaji are treated the same as their non-growth versions and only one of them will count
  • For some of these skills: when there are multiple enemies, the enemy with the highest number of debuffs is used to calculate the skill multiplier, and this skill multiplier is used against all enemies.

Distinct Buffs[edit]

Skill of some characters have "Damage increases from number of distinct buffs on user" which increase damage multiplier. Essentially the reverse of Distinct Debuffs. Examples of such characters are: Yukino,Miyu AS Simplified descriptions of this mechanic is - game counts distinctive buff icons

  • Buffs with the exact same icon are counted once, with the two buff types below independent of each other:
    • Skill buffs (marked with green arrow up)
    • Grasta\Weapons\Armor\Badge effects (marked with a small E)
  • Named stacks with icons do not count
  • Stacking skill buff and non-stacking skill buff with same icon count only once
  • Growth buffs from Uquaji are treated the same as their non-growth versions and only one of them will count


  • Status Mental Focus.png Mental Focus and Action order127 el up.png Eagle Eyes count towards Distinct Buffs
  • Power of Benefic grasta does not count toward Distinct Buffs
  • Badges generally do not count towards Distinct Buffs. Only ability badges which provide Buff Icons in battle count. These badges can be identified via Filter>Ability in the equipment screen.

Attack Again[edit]

While not a direct multiplier, this is an effect present on some skills of some characters that can serve to increase their total damage. Some skills can "attack again" when fulfilling their specified condition. This repeats the entirety of the move that triggered it (except the part that triggers "attack again"), resulting in 2 immediate consecutive moves from a single skill use. This is similar to the effects of Lunatic - Copy but with the distinction that the second move can still increase the Another Force gauge, even when in Zones.

Some examples of characters with skills like this are Eva and Moonlight Flower.