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This category contains characters that have overworld dialogue, meaning that they appear in various places throughout the world and can be spoken to as long as they are not in your current party.

Some characters appear only after you did their quests, as example Deirdre and Nagi. Characters can have different placements, depending on current story chapter. For example, Prai will shift from Derismo Highroad to Old Church Domain: Merlot Ward after completion of Song of Sword and Wings of Lost Paradise. There are some characters who can be at 2 locations like the present eastern characters who are both in Migleina and Garulea.

Game Location Characters
Angal Settlement
Arat: Maze Village
Arcadia Base Camp
Baruoki: Blacksmith
Baruoki: The Mayor's House
Cat Shrine
Cat Shrine Main Building
Charol Plains
Cochlea Kingdom - Beach
Cochlea Kingdom - Nona's Room
Corinda Plains
Derismo Highroad
Dragon Palace - Central Keep
Dragon Palace - Inner Wall: Captain's Room
Dust City - Dynamic DC Division
Elzion Airport
Elzion Cargo Station
Elzion Gamma District
Elzion Gamma District - Shop
Elzion Theta District
Gewuerz Church HQ
Gewuerz Church HQ 2F
IDA School - H Block - Sky Terrace
IDA School - H Block 1F Infirmary
IDA School - H Block 2F
IDA School - H Block 3F
IDA School - H Block IDEA Operation Room
IDA School - L Block 2F
Inanari Plateau
Inanari Plateau: Fugen Itto-Ryu Dojo
Karek Swampland
Keruri Highroad
KMS City
La Vie En Rose
Lake Tiilen
Memhelba - Melpiphia's Home
Miglance Castle Guardroom
Miglance Castle Throne Room
Mining Village Horai
Moonlight Forest Heart
Nadara Volcano
Nagsham: Tavern
Nameless Gorge
Nilva: Tavern
Old Church Domain: Merlot Ward
Parallel Miglance Castle Guardroom
Port Lezona - Dormitory 3F: Hismena's Guest Room
Route 99
Serena Coast
Siren's Village
Sky Fortress Eeza
The Tower of Argentari - Aurum Rooms
Thundering Fortress - Central Base
Unigan: Tavern
Vasu Mountains
Vermilion Road
Wicked Meadow
Winged People's Village

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